RESTAURANT DASH MOD APK 2.9.5 (Unlimited Money)

RESTAURANT DASH MOD APK 2.9.5 (Unlimited Money)

Glu Unlimited Money

Play RESTAURANT DASH: GORDON RAMSAY and embark on preparing ingredients. You will cook and serve guests delicious dishes from many countries around the world. If Cooking Madness Frenzy and Cooking Diary are your favorite games, then add Restaurant DASH to your list of splendid games for weekend entertainment immediately.

In the game, you will become the king of a chef. It is a time management game that requires gamers to be quick with their eyes and have good reflexes. The game will test your cooking skills and speed while taking orders and preparing food.

General Information

Do you like cooking simulation games and dream of becoming a chef king? Make your dreams come true with Restaurant DASH. You will master your cooking skill in Tasty Hills, a paradise of lots of delicious food. Like every other capital city, many events are happening every day, and mixed comments about restaurants, chefs creating new dishes, and exciting cooking competitions.

This diverse culinary world is the place where you will write a new page of history for your restaurant empire. Customers are always hungry and in a hurry. They cannot wait too long when their stomachs boil and there is so much more to do. Therefore, you need to be more agile, choose the correct ingredients, cook the food properly, and serve it before they leave.

Practice cooking skills and time management in Restaurant DASH. Touch quickly and watch the total time. Cooking games have never been so fun and fun. You will make use of all the cooking utensils to improve your cooking skills. And do not forget to upgrade the dishes and the kitchen to experience more fun games. Download Restaurant DASH for free to conquer endless fun tables with challenging missions. During the game, you will unlock more new restaurants on the map. Cook deliciously and attract more and more diners to the restaurant in this fun cooking game.

How to Play Restaurant DASH?

Restaurant DASH is a game about restaurant management but is set in a quite special context. The town becomes chaotic because the restaurants are closed, accidents happen everywhere. And it will revive you in the town building. You will develop a restaurant to serve the needs of its diners. Enter the kitchens to cook and serve dinners by your way to make the restaurant more crowded.

In Restaurant DASH, you will help your character, Flo, as a hero when trying to return to his hometown to revive the frozen town, repair buildings, and develop a home restaurant to serve the hungry diners. Not only that, but you also have to deal with thugs with plans to destroy the town and believe that good will eventually overcome evil. If you are a fan of cooking games, download the game and start your favorite work.

Restaurant DASH is a journey to discover a touching story about the town’s revival where you have to go directly to the kitchens to cook the dishes to serve your customers. The game offers a lot of gameplay and interesting challenges. You will create your dishes, choose the furniture to decorate and beautify the town. Also, make friends with honest people. These things help you have a passion for cooking and a clearer soul.

Key Features

Restaurant DASH is a new simulation business game with chefs as the theme launched by Glu. Together with Flo, the god of hell chefs, we will go to the culinary star! In the game, you must first understand the customer’s needs. Then, choose the food for the chef to cook and deliver the cooked food to the customer. After the customer finishes eating, they can collect the money. As the game progresses, the dishes will become more challenging. The more complicated you come, the more customers you will deal with. You must be careful. Otherwise, you will not pass the barrier. If you fail, the chef is going to get angry. Players who like this kind of game come to download and experience it now!

Restaurant DASH is a fun simulated business mobile game. The game combines multiple experiences of plot and construction elements. The evil big villain and his small Luo Luo plan to destroy the peaceful town.

It is a restaurant-themed business game that the protagonist Flo is used to launching a new simulation business journey. It allows you to find more ways to restore prosperity in your way so that the town or restaurant can become better.

The game offers rich and exciting simulation plots and various random accidents. It integrates the elements of construction to create a warm town. You will collect ingredients to make delicious dishes to attract customers. Then rebuild the warm atmosphere of the town and defeat the evil forces. Start cooking and taking part in competitions to serve customers and harvest sweet fruits of victory.

There are countless interesting levels, unique challenges, enhancements, and puzzles of all kinds. Repair and transform every corner of the delicious town from the town square to Pupu Park, hotel gardens, and grandma’s Victorian residence. Choose one of the thousands of combinations of designs and decorations to decorate the town and give it your exclusive mark. Get acquainted with and help residents recreate the past glory of the delicious town.

Overall Assessments

The gameplay is very simple. Calculate the time to cook the food according to the God of Cook. Make sure that the same batch of food is available at the same time as possible, otherwise, the God of Cook will lower your star rating. The rhythm of the game is relatively tight, stay calm, otherwise, you will be eliminated by the show, and the God of Cooking will scold you. It is a sad experience.

Recommended Alternative: Cooking Dash

Cooking Dash is great for girls who love to eat and cook. You will become a true chef when you have to race against time to make beautiful dishes. Gamers will take turns performing operations such as swiping the screen, shaking, rotating to complete the cooking process.

Cooking Dash will dedicate players to a ticket visit in the culinary world with hundreds of other dishes and challenges in the work as a chef, restaurant manager, and server. You will play through different restaurant management games. Entering Cooking Dash will not be a problem for you. Gamers will quickly realize the fascinating things in the game that other players do not have.

Taking part in Cooking Dash initially, players will have to get used to the service, collect money every time customers visit and order, serve the gods with a friendly and professional attitude to earn more from their hearts, and exhibit levels of satisfaction. The faster the heart-collecting vessel is filled, the more money the restaurant owner can afford. The quality of service and an attractive menu will help the restaurant’s reputation spread far and wide for guests of all floors. Different classes and even famous stars will come and enjoy the food.

Final Words

Restaurant DASH is a familiar restaurant management game on the computer now available on Android and iOS devices. Join the game as the principal character, arrange seats, pick up menus, serve food, and pay bills to customers before customers wait too long. The faster you do it, the more money you will get. With more bonus points and the cost of purchasing items, you can upgrade the restaurant.

Besides, each level is an interesting place with many types of customers with requirements ranging from simple levels to complex. These will be challenges that are difficult to overcome. But it is a great opportunity to help you turn a small restaurant into a world-class restaurant.

Additional Information

  • Version 2.9.5
  • Requires Android 4.1+
  • Update December 22, 2020
  • Developed by Glu
  • Google Play ID com.glu.gordondashx


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