Deer Hunter 2018 v5.2.4 (MOD Unlimited Ammo)

Deer Hunter 2018 v5.2.4 (MOD Unlimited Ammo)

November 8, 2020


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Are you interested in taking down the most epic wild animals as you unleash your breathtaking shoots? Enjoy learning about the different creatures across the various habitats across the globe? Then you’ll surely find this awesome game from Glu enjoyable.

More than a simple hunting game, Deer Hunter 2018 will allow Android gamers to truly enjoy themselves in the epic wildlife experiences. Enjoy yourself through various hunting activates that you can even think of.

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The game introduces Android gamers to the massive deer hunting event where you’ll have the chances to explore all the aspects of hunting. Find yourself traveling to various locations, catching all kind of wild animal at the savanna, diving deep into the ocean for a shark hunt, or just enjoy yourself while fishing.

Here, you’ll be able to learn more about the world of animals and their habitats. Discover some of the most exotic and incredible living species that you could ever think of. Challenge the mother nature with your awesome hunting skills.

Have yourself introduced to the awesome equipment collections of a hunter as you learn to use each of them more and more effectively. Make uses of their unique abilities and even customize them to catch the specific wild animals that you want.

Enjoy the game in exciting and thrilling competition with the best hunters in the championships, compete and win against online gamers from all over the world as you challenge them in the leaderboards. Collect awesome trophies so you can brag with your friends. You’ll never find yourself having any dull moment in Deer Hunter 2018.

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Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Find yourself hunting all kinds of animals from all over the world

For the first time, Android gamers will have the chances to experience such an immersive and enjoyable hunting game that everyone could relate to. That being said, the game will take you for your ultimate hunt around the world.

That’s right, you can now join others in the simple deer hunting in the forests, travel the seas for a fishing, look for the dangerous predators at the Africa savannas, search for the king of the jungle at the Asia forests, and so on. The choices are virtually unlimited and you can let the game take you anywhere you want to be, from Alaska to Zimbabwe.

Various hunting activities for you to enjoy

In addition, the game also features a variety of different hunting activities for you to enjoy:

  • Hunt predators – Participate in breathtaking hunts as you knock down the giant predators with your powerful gunshots.
  • Hunt deer – Find yourself taking on the classic deer hunting activities. Learn to become a true hunter as you track down your prey and follow its every movement. Choose the perfect time to strike and collect awesome rewards.
  • Hunt with dog – And if you wish to enjoy the hunting game even more, you’re also allowed to have your dog assist you in the hunts. Learn how to make uses of their tracking skills to lead you to the preys.
  • Hunt underwater – In addition, for those who wish to enjoy the extreme hunting activities, Deer Hunter also allows gamers to dive into the ocean depths and challenge the large sea creatures like sharks, whales, octopus, and many others.
  • Historical hunts – Lastly, if you wish to take the hunts back in time, you might find the Historical hunts quite enjoyable. Learn the old hunting techniques as you become a great hunter.

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Collect a variety of different weapons and accessories

To assist your hunters in their epic journey, the game also features a huge collection of different firearms that you can make uses of. This includes multiple types of rifles, shotguns, and so on. With each of them having their own unique powers and abilities, you’ll have to use them effectively to deal with certain targets.

In addition, you’re also allowed to customize your weapons with all kinds of accessories like scopes, magazines, barrels, and stocks. Feel free to pick them up and put on your weapon as you prepare for your great hunts. Make uses of the plenty upgrade options the game to power up your weapons. Therefore, making them a lot more useful.

Enjoy the exciting FPS shooter gameplay in a completely different situation

And for those who’re interested, FPS shooter also features the exciting features that allow you to dive into the epic shooting experiences. That being said, you’ll find yourself being introduced to every hunting and shooting steps, from master the grips, have a steady hand, control your aim, to the moment you make your shots. Combine all of them in order to take perfect shots.

Intense hunting game that features breathtaking actions

Unlike many boring hunting games, Deer Hunter 2018 will offer Android gamers the epic hunting experiences where you could make uses of the awesome hunting moves to take down the predators before you become their own preys. Experience thrilling and exciting hunts where you’ll go to the end of the Earth to pick up the extreme challenges.

Plus, the game also features the slow-motion shots which allow you to fully observe your bullets before they hit and effectively take down your prey, which is quite cool.

A variety of different events to participate in

Along with the main game modes, gamers in Deer Hunter 2018 will have their chances to participate in unique hunting events that only take place every once in a while. Enjoy yourself in the exciting events in Deer Hunter 2018 as you pick up some of the most unique and enjoyable hunting experiences. And of course, don’t forget about the awesome rewards that are reserved for only you.

Complete multiple achievements and challenges in the game

In addition, if you wish to earn the most desirable trophies in Deer Hunter 2018, you might want to have your Google Play Services account linked to the game. This will enable the achievements on your devices, and therefore, allowing you to participate in an entirely new challenge. Feel free to complete those epic achievements and earn your bragging rights with friends. In addition, you can also join other online gamers in the exciting ranked challenges, which will allow you to name yourself on the awesome leaderboards.

Free to play

And despite all the amazing features, the game is currently free for all Android gamers to enjoy. That being said, you can still have it easily installed on your mobile devices from the Google Play Store without having to pay anything.

Enjoy the fully unlocked gameplay with our mod

However, the free gameplay still features in-app purchases and advertisements that you might find annoying. Not to mention that you’ll have to unlock the monthly subscriptions to have access to the entire in-game contents.

That being said, for those who’re interested, you might want to enjoy the modified version of the game from our website instead. With it, you’re now allowed to enjoy the ad-free gameplay, purchase whatever you want with unlimited money, and of course, enjoy the fully-unlocked gameplay with the enabled subscriptions.

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Visual and sound quality


Find yourself being introduced to the vast hunting gameplay in Deer Hunter 2018. Discover the various maps featuring new terrains, hunting conditions, and mostly new animals. With well-designed creatures and immersive environments, the game is undoubtedly one of the best Android games that are currently available in terms of graphics. Not to mention that the smooth and satisfying gameplay will surely allow you to enjoy your epic hunts to the max.


Find yourself completely hooked to the game as you dive into the realistic hunts through the authentic and accurate sound effects. It feels like you’re standing in a savanna while hearing the slight wind breeze and prepare to make your shoots. Or dive into the deep oceans and hunt the great white sharks with just a spear. The realistic sound effects will deceive even your own ears.

Download Deer Hunter 2018 Mod latest 5.2.4 Android APK

Fans of the famous hunting games such as Dino Hunter: Deadly Shores, Deer Hunter Classic and a few others will definitely find themselves enjoying their latest adventure in Deer Hunter 2018.

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