Deer Hunter Classic MOD APK 3.14.0 (Unlimited Money)

Deer Hunter Classic MOD APK 3.14.0 (Unlimited Money)

February 16, 2020


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Hunting fans will finally have their chances to experience the authentic hunting game with Deer Hunter Classic. Travel to the world’s most famous location and challenge all kind of exotic animals in this classic hunting game.

Make uses of the large weapon collect featuring all kinds of hunting equipment to take down animals from all over the world. Challenge epic animals in an awesome showdown where you’ll either hunt or be hunted.

Compete with gamers from all over the world in this amazing game from Glu. Find out everything you need to know about the game with our reviews.


The game introduces you to the massive hunting game where you’ll have the opportunities to set foot on the most exotic landscapes in the world. Test your hunting skills and knowledge on all kinds of different terrain and setups. Enjoy the most realistic hunting experiences ever in this awesome FPS shooter title.

It’s a wild game of hunting or being hunted. You’ll find yourself surrounded by a variety of different animals which might look calm, but they’ll all turn into deadly hunting machine if they sense danger. So be quick on your aim and shots if you don’t want to turn yourself into their juicy target.

Everything can happen and escalate relatively quick in this real-time hunting game. Make sure you spend time honing your skills as well as collecting the most useful weapons that it features.

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Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and addictive gameplay

The game features simple and intuitive touch controls that introduce gamers to an accessible and addictive hunting game. Find yourself navigating, targeting, pulling the trigger, and taking down the animals in a matter of seconds. Not to mention that the rich gameplay and rewarding loots will keep you hooked for hours on end.

Travel to multiple locations around the world

Gamers in Deer Hunter Classic will not find themselves being limited in certain locations. In facts, you’ll have the chances to pack up your bags and travel to over 60 different places across the globe. Enjoy hunting on multiple landscapes and terrains as you pick up your guns and rifles in this epic hunting season. Experience hunting in completely different environments and conditions with Deer Hunter Classic.

Confront all kinds of animals and species

And as you travel the world, you’ll be introduced to many exotic species that are only found on the most extreme conditions. With over 100 different animal species that’re scattered all over the world, you’re prompted to have many exciting experiences while going into wild and hunting. But be careful, in nature, not everything as friendly as the rabbits or deer that you’ve always seen. In facts, you can easily lose your lives if you miss shot any predators.

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Load up your arsenal with all kinds of weapons

Time to take hunting to the extreme with all kinds of weapons that’re featured in this game. Pick up your favorite guns, melee weapons, and the likes before going out for a hunting experience. Spend time and perfecting your techniques so you can become the best hunters.

In additions, the game also features multiple equipments that you might find useful when it comes to hunting. Pick up your scopes, stocks, barrels, magazines, and use them against the wild animals. Take your hunting experiences to the next levels.

And most importantly, all the weapons and equipment in the game are fully-customizable. Hence, you can feel free to create your favorite piece of guns using all kinds of customizing options. Or upgrade its firepower and effectiveness with the awesome buffs in the game.

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Collect different trophies to brag about your achievements

For those who wish to have something that they could use to brag with their friends, Deer Hunter Classic also features the Trophy Hunts where you can take on the ultimate hunting challenges. Compete with players from all over the world in a limited hunting challenge and see who can pick up the final prizes. Win yourself a wonderful trophy and have your name carved on it. Use it to brag with your friends.

Participate in different hunting activities

The game features all kinds of hunting activities that you could spend time and enjoy. That being said, you can join the Hunting Series and pick up all kinds of missions. Or have your skills and abilities tested on the competitive Challenger Series. And if you want to make some quick money, the game also offers the bountiful hunting contracts, which you can take up anytime and finish to collect awesome loots.

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Complete all kinds of hunting challenges and unlock awesome loots

The game features awesome challenges that you can take up and complete to unlock amazing loots. These challenges are varied in rules and regulations, so you’ll be sure to have a lot of fun with them. Not to mention the juicy prizes are definitely undeniable.

Join the online hunting community and hunt with friends

And if you wish to join the online hunting community, you can easily find yourself in the Club Hunts in Deer Hunter Classic. That being said, here is where you hunters will learn how to work with each other and explore the power of teamwork.

Work together and don’t just think for yourself. Complete the challenges and ready your team for much tougher ones. And of course, here is also where you can find the epic loots that aren’t available anywhere else.

Free to play

Despite all the amazing features, the game is currently free to play. Hence, you can easily have it available on your devices without having to pay anything. Just download and install the game on your mobile from Google Play Store to start enjoying. However, if you wish to progress further, the in-app purchases and ads might be a little bit bothersome.

Have the game unlocked with our mod

Of course, if you’re active and dedicated enough, then you can easily make up for this by the rewarding loots in the game as well as wonderful prizes that’re featured in multiple challenges. However, if you don’t have either the time or skills, it would take a lot of effort to become the best hunters. Or at least, having your guns properly upgraded so you can do it.

That being said, if that’s your problem then our Deer Hunter Mod APK will probably come handy for you. With our modifications, the game is completely unlocked so you may enjoy and access all the features without having to pay anything. Experience the ad-free gameplay and purchase whatever you want.

Visual and sound quality


Deer Hunter Classic is probably one of the best mobile games that’re available in terms of graphics quality. That being said, Android gamers will have their chances to experience realistic real-time shooting gameplay where they could completely immerse into the in-game environments. Experiences accurate and relatable visual effects with realistic blood effects, sparkling fired bullets, and so on. Feels like you’re completely lost in the world of Deer Hunter Classic.


Immerse yourself in the world of realistic hunting with the awesome sound experiences in Deer Hunter Classic. Everything will not just look but also feel extremely realistic with this game. So don’t you miss it.

Download Deer Hunter Classic Mod latest 3.14.0 Android APK

For hunting fans, Deer Hunter Classic is probably one of the greatest game that’re currently available for you to enjoy. Find yourself digging into its amazing features without ever feeling bored. Not to mention that your modified version will even make things much more comfortable.

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