Contract Killer: Sniper MOD APK 6.1.1 (Unlimited Money)

Contract Killer: Sniper MOD APK 6.1.1 (Unlimited Money)

November 2, 2020


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You are a guardian of justice and want to make the world better. Contract Killer Sniper helps you to that in virtual world. You will have an assignment – you have to push back the invasion at all costs. Because there is an organization that is invading cities around the world. The organization is very strong, you need to have many plans and skills to defeat them.

The world of fierce battles

Contract Killer: Sniper is an action game, published and developed by Glu Company – a leading developer and publisher of mobile games. The players just can play the game on smart mobile devices that run on Android Operating System. They can install free on Google Play. But the game needs to have the Internet connection to play.

In Contract Killer – Sniper, the buildings and the street are the place where the battles take place. These places were designed to resemble the real buildings and streets. Besides, weapons are an indispensable item in the battles. In the game, you will use the modern weapons that is guns to fight. Competitors were also described clear – a robot soldiery with the weapon on hand and armor. With sharp graphic, the game has attracted many players.

In addition, sound of the battles is very lively. Shots, the sound of the enemy’s footsteps make the game more interesting and dramatic. They help you to be more vigilant about the enemy. Effects is very truthful from gunshots to the bomb explosions.


Begin to fight against the secret military organization

In Contract Killer – Sniper, you will be a master assassin, are hired. You have to penetrate into secure locations and eliminate targets. You also need to carry out strikes but you have to comply with your rule. This is “Honor The Contract”. Cyborgs and Mechanized Combat Units are your targets. But behind them, there is the military organization. They have been kidnapping scientists for use in developing their once-secret nanocrystal technology. They are smart people and have a large force, so you have to be very careful and have your own strategy.
You need to find bulletproof locations to penetrate into their base without being noticed. It may be an oil barrel or shields.


Start with a choice of the contract, you can choose your own contract. The first contract, you have to eliminate a crowd of the enemies. The second contract, you have to destroy entire bases. The third contract, you have to take out the single target that matters most. But when you completed those three contracts, the next targets are up to you. In Contract Killer: Sniper, there are over 250 duties and campaigns with unique goals so that you perform. For example: take out the targets from long – range; take them down with well – placed shots; attack the enemy bases head on or infiltrate the enemy lines without compromising your identity; … This helps you to feel interesting whenever you play the game. After you have completed the duty, you will be received money. The amount of money is used to buy and upgrade the weapons. But you will receive a variety of gold bars and the lives if you overcome a level. The duties are harder and harder. They demand the skills from you and you need to practice more to finish them.

Besides, you also need to collect and upgrade your weapons and base defenses to protect your stash. The good weapons help you to defeat the enemy more easily. Contract Killer: Sniper has a diversified armory so that you are free to choose. You won’t feel bored because you can change the weapons when you perform the duty. For example: sniper rifles, assault rifles, heavy guns, tesla guns, rocket launchers, throwing knives, med kits, armor, and so on. Let’s try to collect a lot of weapons to fight better.


The outstanding points in Contract Killer: Sniper

In Contract Killer: Sniper, the publisher has organized the fiery PvP arena where you meet other players and show them your talent. You can interact with them because the game supported chat room, messaging, … This helps you to make friend with many players that have the same hobbies with you. Besides, you can attack other players’ bases, steal their resources and become the undisputed champion of the PvP arena. But be careful, other players also can attack your base anytime.

In addition, the game allows you to move very quickly from one location to the next that no one see. You can sign many big contracts that bring you much money to upgrade your weapons and bases. But your ability has to be very professional to perform those contracts. You will have an opportunity to become the global assassin and travel the world.


The interesting action game

Contract Killer: Sniper MOD APK is the attractive shooting game because of the dramatic and fascinating gameplay with the fiery battles. You will be the assassin and you need to annihilate the highest tycoon in the secret military organization. To do that, you need lots of weapons. Cooking Killer: Sniper provided the modern and multiform weapon system with the powerful upgrade. You can easily choose and upgrade them. But if you don't have enough bonus to buy the weapons, you can use the real money to buy them. In addition, the huge duty system with the valuable contract, you will be absorbed in the battles and contracts. You need to have many skills to complete your contracts. On the other hand, you also will improve your skills, agility and carefulness.

With sharp 3D graphics and smooth swings, Contract Killer: Killer will take you the real battles. You will experience the fighting, the shooting to bring the rewards. Besides, the PvP arena is the place where you can meet, fight with other players. You won’t feel bored when you have to the bots all the time. Let’s prove your abilities. Vivid sound with the gun battles will satisfy the players that love action film.

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