Evolution: Battle for Utopia MOD APK 4.0.0 (Unlimited Bullets)

Evolution: Battle for Utopia MOD APK 4.0.0 (Unlimited Bullets)

December 22, 2022


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Unlimited Bullets

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If you love science fiction films and games, Evolution: Battle for Utopia is a game that will satisfy you. There is a list of monster annihilation duties in the game for the player to fulfill. In addition, you will build and fight for your own land and experience the land development to become a paradise. And you also are a commanding office. Your assignment is to build and command a team to help you to create the new land.

The combination of shooter, RPG and strategy

Evolution: Battle for Utopia is an action game with modern context. The game was developed and published by a game company that comes from Netherland – My.com B.V. You can install free on mobile devices that run on Android and iOS Operating Systems. Evolution: Battle for Utopia combined shooter, RPG (Role-Playing Games) and strategy. The attractive content relates to science fiction.

In the game, you will meet a variety of monsters in planet Utopia. They have many size, shape and color. Besides, planet Utopia is a place where has many minerals. They will evoke your discovery. Perhaps you will want to discover the new land with new creatures. In addition, the game also provides a variety of weapon types and different warriors for the player. To own them, the player needs to have many minerals. They will make to delight in duties of the game to receive the new weapons and warriors.

Outstanding warriors image with 3D graphic will make you feel interested with the game. The grand battles with lively sound, they attract many players that like the action genre. The battles were described forcefully with guns, tanks, explosions, …

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Turn a wasteland back into the paradise

In Evolution: Battle for Utopia, you are a commanding officer of spaceship that was fell into planet Utopia. Here you start on face many monsters. To protect yourself, you will have to build a defensive base, look for companions in Utopia, buy the weapons ad protect equipment, solve puzzles to discover treasures. In your itinerary, there is always the aid of a robot dog. This dog also is the important weapon. In addition, the game offers some puzzles that has the moderate difficulty to hinder the players from looking for treasure.

Evolution Battle for Utopia screen 2

Planet Utopia where your spaceship is landing, before that, was ravaged by an apocalypse. Here you can build your own land. But you can’t easily build it because there are many monsters here. They can be alien spiders or killer robots, … So you have to defeat the monsters to bring resources and booty. Each monster requires you to have a certain knowledge so that you can find their weakness for the purpose of bearing down them. You should know when you use grenade or skill, … This helps you to earn more scores. You need to increase the strength of your base in order to protect you. In addition, you need to research and build new structures to add to your base. And you must finish the different duties to protect and expand your base. Build, upgrade the defensive base at reasonable position unless you want to your effect be destroyed.

Besides, you should found a team. You, and the member of the team will build the new land together. And you also need to level up hero, complete missions and uncover secrets. The player can recruit a truly warrior squad. Every warrior is a person with rich background and individualized skills. They can be raiders or snipers, … To have them, you must have many minerals. The game provided many crack warriors with good equipment, which will make you be delighted. Let’s consolidate your team.

Evolution Battle for Utopia screen 3

Friends in Evolution: Battle for Utopia

Unlike some games, you have to fight enemies alone. Evolution: Battle for Utopia will provide you with the robot dog to accompany you in planet Utopia. This planet is the land abundant in minerals. You and your dog need to exploit them to upgrade the weapons, material facilities at the base. With the valuable minerals, you need to perform a list of duties to receive them. But the quantity of minerals is small. The robot dog is also the weapons because it was equipped with the gun. You can use it to fight with your enemies. You also need to level up your dog so that it is stronger by researching for the treasure.

Besides, you can meet your new friends in Evolution: Battle for Utopia. Because the PvP battles were supported. But the battles are also the place where you meet your enemies. They also play Evolution: Battle for Utopia and want to win the battles. So be careful with greedy competitors. You can challenge order players to win, bring the resource and capture the high position in the ranking table. In the battles, they can be your enemies. But the real life, you can make friends with them.

Evolution Battle for Utopia screen 0

The game with many strategies and skills

Evolution: Battle for Utopia MOD APK will give you the newfangled experience. With original gameplay, you can perform the shooter and take the part of commander. You need to have your own strategies to finish the duties and bring the treasures and booty in order to buy and upgrade your weapons and warriors. The right strategy will affect big the result of the battles and help you to increase the score
if you win. Let’s try to choose the suitable strategy.

Besides, the diversity of the weapons and the warriors will attract many players. In Evolution: Battle for Utopia, background is the unfamiliar planet with many minerals and creatures. This will excite the players that are always curious about the new land. Eye – catching 3D graphic with vivid sound makes you feel enjoyable with the battles in the game. Moreover, you can play the game with your friends because the publisher built the PvP arena. You and your friends can meet and fight the battle. Let’s become the commander, step in, fight your way and win.

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