Dragon Chronicles MOD APK (Enemy 0 Attack)

Dragon Chronicles MOD APK (Enemy 0 Attack)

October 27, 2023


Additional Information
Nyou Inc.
90.36 MB
MOD Features
x100 Attack/Enemy 0 Attack

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If you love the card & strategy genre, “Dragon Chronicles” is a great choice for hours of exciting entertainment.

Dragon Chronicles is a great combination of card elements and role-playing strategy. Players collect hero cards, build squads with different tactics, and win fierce battles.

Exciting card game genre

Dragon Chronicles is one of the great titles of the new generation card genre. The game is a great product like famous brands like Clash Royale or Plants vs Zombies. Dragon Chronicles brings a breath of fresh air to the card genre and is the brightest rookie of Nyou Inc. The game was first released in the Korean market.

Dragon Chronicles is an upgrade to Monster Cry (2012). Compared to the first version, Dragon Chronicles has many upgrades in graphics and gameplay. The game also has many attractive and interesting elements such as the real-time turn-based battle system (Active Time Battle). Therefore, players will participate in amazing and challenging matches.

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The great storyline from the kingdom of Kerkin

Dragon Chronicles has high-quality 3D graphics and belongs to the RPG card genre. The game has a fantasy theme and is a product of the company Nyou Inc. (Korea). The game is a fun choice for adventurers, and you can go on adventures in the vast Kerkin Kingdom.

Dragon Chronicles offers a fresh and exciting start. Players can see great changes through the new title- Dragon Chronicles. The game still retains the great gameplay of the combination of card duels and RPG genres. In addition, the game also introduces many interesting things such as fantasy worlds, intense battles, upgraded role-playing elements, and many interesting strategies.

The player’s task is to recruit different heroes in the Kerkin Kingdom. Each hero is a card. You can build decks of cards with different strategies. In addition, you can upgrade cards to enhance their strength and create a suitable fighting style. You will enjoy exciting and fierce battles with online opponents.

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Many unique cards and different fighting styles

Dragon Chronicles impresses with its unique collection of cards and many interesting fighting styles. The game features over 300 unique warriors, and each card is meticulously designed. The warriors are all great and strong. You need time to explore the unique collection of cards. Each card has a unique skill.

Dragon Chronicles allows players to assemble decks through hundreds of unique cards. The game introduces many different races, classes, and skills to the cards. Thus, you can build your favorite strategy from the mighty deck of cards. Create the right strategy to dominate the battles with your unique strategy.

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Experience real-time battles

Dragon Chronicles introduces real-time battles. The element of time is very important in the game. You can experience the thrill through fast-paced battles. If you are familiar with the real-time combat system, then the game will not be too difficult for you. The real-time combat system brings drama to the battle. If you make the right decision, then you can also win in the end.

Dragon Chronicles delivers epic battles through the depth of strategy. You need to create a reasonable strategy because of the time measure of each card. If you give smart actions, then you can win the most difficult challenge.

Dragon Chronicles introduces a world of fantasy and wonder. Players will explore dozens of dungeons and hundreds of levels in an engaging adventure story. Players will have many interesting things in the adventures of the fantasy world. However, the world falls into chaos by the greed of evil forces.

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Lots of cool upgrades and amazing 3D graphics

Dragon Chronicles introduces many exciting game modes such as single player, real-time PvP arena, boss raid. Also, the game has cool upgrades like the Christmas upgrade. The game also features special SSS+ cards like the elves Rosetta. Players can check the damage stats after each fight.

In addition, the game also has appropriate changes in special Dungeons. This helps players have more fun exploring special dungeons. Each update brings improvements and bug fixes. The game stands out from the traditional card games.

Dragon Chronicles brings modern 3D graphics. Players will enjoy the skill animations of each card. Players participate in breathtaking matches with attractive graphics. Each match is epic thanks to the 3D graphics platform. Players will participate in many exciting matches and use flexible tactics. The game realistically simulates the mythical world of Europe through dark, cold buildings and dungeons.

You can download “Legend of Solgard” to join the exciting battle in the legendary world of Solgard. The game introduces a variety of strategies, and the player will fight various unique enemies. You collect bonuses through battles with legendary villains, or epic bosses.

You can download “Warlords of Aternum” to participate in amazing epic battles. You recruit, train, and build your style army. The game is a turn-based strategy genre and has many interesting tactics in diverse terrain.

Take part in a real-time card battle

In short, Dragon Chronicles is a great game in the card genre. The game introduces a diverse collection of cards. Players will discover and choose the right deck of cards for their favorite strategy. The game introduces many different challenges such as singles, PvP arenas, or large dungeons with large capacities.

If you love the combination of card elements and role-playing, then download “Dragon Chronicles” for amazing real-time card battles!

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