GunBird 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

GunBird 2 MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

May 9, 2023


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GunBird 2 poster

A new adventure in the sky has begun in GunBird 2. Your mission is to control the fighter jet and destroy all enemies, dodge bullets from them. The game has unique gameplay similar to the shooting game Chicken Invaders. GunBird 2 is very simple to play. You just need to touch your finger on the screen, move the plane to adjust the projectile to hit the opponent, and to dodge the bullets that the guys retaliate. The gun is fired automatically.

GunBird 2 belongs to the series of classic aircraft shooting games extremely unique. You will experience an adventure in the sky and search for magic mirror pieces. GunBird 2 provides different levels of difficulty to suit the player’s level, many items to support the player. Each character has its own story and a special ending. Gun Bird’s limitless appeal differs from other types of space shooters.

General Information

GunBird 2 recreates a fierce battle in the sky when enemies are constantly and rushing towards you, firing bullets at you. So, try to dodge and return shots to destroy them. The game offers many levels of gameplay with enemies with original powers. At the end of each level, there are brainstorming battles. You should collect items to increase the power of weapons to increase your firepower in the shooting game. This gun, besides the Power-ups, supports bombs for you.

GunBird 2 allows players to choose different difficulty levels including easy, normal, hard, and very difficult to suit their preferences. You can use bombs at the decisive moment to prevent enemies from attacking. Other cool features such as Super Shot to use special skills for each character that you can change the screen back to the original screen in settings.

GunBird 2 is a very classic and very shooting game. We believe many players are not unfamiliar with this game. It inherits the gameplay on the PC side. And the game screen of GunBird 2 is more high-definition, and the gameplay becomes more diverse. There are also more options for aircraft weapons. The nostalgic style of the 90s has a Pixelated feel. We were so touched when we saw the P. It was good and was still a familiar taste when we were a child. The game is easier to get started and you can keep playing.

The game is more delicate and not so blunt compared to ordinary airplane shooting games. GunBird 2 is the most retro and fun barrage mobile game played so far. It has regained the feeling of the previous arcade and added some elements of mobile games that are good.

Good game, retro style, lively rhythm, with the pleasure of old times, but it takes time to brush money. The restoration is good. Although it is a free game, there is not much deliberate krypton gold. You can play very well without spending money. As a very retro flying shooting game, we believe that only players who miss the pleasure of childhood in the arcade will download it. This game has not disappointed everyone. Although it is completely transplanted, it has enhanced the game in many details.

How to Play GunBird 2?

Mobirix announced that the smartphone game GunBird 2 adapted from the classic large-scale video game GunBird 2 has been officially launched on iOS and Android platforms. The game is free to download and includes lesson funds. GunBird 2 is a longitudinal scroll shooting game released by Caijing in 1994. Players can choose between the magical girl Marion or the adventure scientist Ash and other characters with different shooting performances to start an adventure of finding the magic mirror fragments. The game has four difficult options: easy, normal, hard, and very hard. Above normal, you need to pass the previous difficulty before you can challenge.

According to the recent news published on the Steam Mall, the classic shooting game GunBird 2of Caijing will be officially launched on the Steam platform on June 10, 2020. This game is the continuation of GunBird in 1998. At present, the official has released the trailer and game introduction of the game. The following are the relevant details.

GunBird 2 is a vertical shooting game, which is the sequel to the 1998 GunBird. This work allows players to adjust the level of difficulty, number of lives, display position, control, and other options. In the two-player mode, the player chooses original characters and will see different dialogues between the characters. Besides, the official also joined the online leaderboard.

Caijing’s classic shooting game GunBird 2 was officially launched on the Steam platform on June 10, 2020. The game does not currently support the Chinese. Interested players can click here to get the Steam mall link.

According to the official, the mobile version of GunBird 2 launched this time uses automatic shooting in combat, allowing players to focus on moving, and tap the screen to use special attacks or bombs. Also, using the game’s special currency Gold Coins, you can directly enter the full force state at the beginning.

In Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter, players will have to face an increasingly large number of enemies in dangerous environments. As the game progresses, you can upgrade your spaceship to take advantage of all the firepower it brings. The game has a main single-player campaign, comprising 60 missions and of which there will be several boss missions.

Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter has gameplay quite similar to the classic chicken shooting games, but instead of destroying chickens in succession and avoiding falling eggs like a chicken shooter. Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter requires you to face the Alien invasion with more modern and sophisticated weapon systems.

This is a game developed from the classic arcade game genre, old game but with new context, more vivid graphics, more modern fighting scene, and more charm. You must protect your spaceship from destructive firepower.

Overall Assessments

The player gate needs to find some props that help us well in the game, and the players need to use those props well when so they can eliminate the enemy more quickly and get a high score. Players sometimes encounter some bosses when advancing. These bosses will attack us. So, players have to use some more powerful attack methods to destroy the bosses. When advancing, you can get a better score.

Players need to control the character’s position well in the game because sometimes the enemy will launch some bullets to attack the character, so avoiding those bullets is also an essential aspect. Players must pay attention to avoiding well.

Players should pay attention to the good use of all the props in the game, and the types and attributes of these props are different. So, when the players should be able to have more skills and skills to help us pass the level. A method, this is still more important. Players must accurately use those props in the game to help us pass the level better, so we must pay attention to avoiding bullets to complete the task when we move forward.

Final Words

GunBird 2 is a new arcade shooting type of action-adventure independent game. The game uses a unique pixel style as the background of the game.

Version scrolling and clearing version shooting is the core gameplay of the latest mobile game. In the game, there are so many fighters waiting for players to experience, come download it on our website.

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