Turretz MOD APK 3.0.12 (Free shopping)

Turretz MOD APK 3.0.12 (Free shopping)

July 14, 2020


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Turretz Mod ẠPK is a war to protect the galaxy against evil aliens plotting to take over the planets in the galaxy. Play as a warrior who owns the spacecraft; you will join the flight, destroy the space fleet, and protect your planet, starting with the earth. This concept is an old concept, but it is also the most attractive and addictive concept.

Turretz offers you a new concept in shooter game in which you can do more than a horizontal or vertical shooter. Meanwhile, the graphic design of the game will bring you a classic and retro feeling. It’s going to be simple at first, but you will feel more challenging at the next level. Therefore, this game is the best retro game for killing time.

In this article, we will give you the complete reviews of Turretz Mod APK game. Come on, let’s explore the exciting, fascinating in this game right away!


Turretz Mod APK game is the best arcade game which is available on most Android phones or tablets. The whole game is a space flight combat game in the vast space. There are always non-negotiable forces that can attack on earth anytime. And your mission is to fight for them. And this game will bring you a space attack against aliens forces.

The Turretz Mod APK game is an outstanding space war game. In this game, it is your responsibility to control the fighters and joint the batter on each planet to save space attackers. In this game, you can change your gather jet and upgrade your plane’s power by collecting different coins to increase all enemies’ destruction.

So, what can you do to destroy all the space attackers? It would be best if you control your fighter and weapon smartly and effectively. If you can win the Turretz, you must be an experienced game in infinite shooting games like Galaxy Attack: Allien Shooter.

Well, although its graphic design is not as good as Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter, it can bring you back to childhood with its classic story.


New-style Shooter

Although this game has a retro style, it is still an innovation among shooter games. While the older version only allows you to make the vertical or horizontal shoot, Turretz lets you make multi-directional shots. And this game is not a hack slash game, but you need to have strategic thinking of improving your weapons. As a result, you can gain more scores to become the best player.

Suitable Difficulty Level

If you ask, this game is straightforward at the first waves. But after that, it could be more difficult and maybe a little bit boring until you unlock the 20 waves. Overall, Turretz offers users so many exciting challenges. For example, you need to make a clear plan throughout each level of how many weapons that you can beat.

Also, Turretz diverse their options to attract you with this game. And their diversity, including two playing modes of original and infinite. Moreover, they allow you to have more options in choosing weapon types. And it means that you will have more choice to combine them for attacking or defending. Hence, you will find the perfect combo for your target and get as much score as possible.

Okay Trial Version

Before paying money, we all want to take a try first. And luckily, Turretz offers users an excellent trial version, which allows you to experience almost all the game’s basic features.

With the trial version, you can use the “infinite” and “original modes. And if you reach wave 20, you can unlock it and activate more attractive functions. It also means that through the 20 first levels, you can only reuse the old turrets. You can’t activate the individual turrets or mine circle until you beat the game.

Many users are not patient enough to reach this level because it is too tedious. Therefore, it could be better if the developer allows users to unlocked more modes at the wave 10-15 instead of 20.

Optimization Mistakes – The Only Minus Point

It is a trouble for users to find the non-demolish weapons in this game. Also, sometimes the game lag and freezes. This situation often happens at the higher waves, and it is a shame. Lagging can rip the fun right out of the game because you can lose all past progress. And once you restart, you have to start from the beginning.

Too Much Advertising

Every time you die in the game, you have to watch an advertisement. And the point is, you cannot ignore or skip these ads. If you are new to this game, you have to die for million times before beating level one. And it means that you have to watch millions of ads.

Moreover, the only way you want to progress faster is to get more coins. And to get more coins, you must watch more ads. Of course, this problem does not appear in the paid version. But for trial, it is distracting.

Graphic and Sound Quality

Graphics – Retro Style

The game has beautiful 2D graphics and galaxy tones. The details in the game are varied, well-designed. All the fighters, fleets, and even the bullet lines are very lively.

Besides, at each level, the fighters can release bullet with different colors and directions. The visual effects are also carefully invested. For example, when the fighter emits, it releases a special light. Also, when the big fleet hits the bomb, it breaks into small pieces.

All the following graphics are designed in an ancient style. You will feel like you are in the Marino period. However, it turns out a strong point of this game because it is so nostalgic.

Moreover, since the graphic is simple, it does not require much memory storage. As a result, your phone will not be overloaded, and you can run the game smoother.

Sound Quality

Besides, the music background with a fast, steady rhythm also adds more authenticity to the game. The sound of fleets destroying, the sound of explosions, and the bullets firing are excellent. And it provides players with rich experiences like a real war outside the galaxy.

With a variety of game modes with beautiful graphics and dramatic sound, the Turretz can be an attractive Arcade game with many improvements compared to the previous arcade game. However, everything in this game shows a classic galaxy war game that makes people nostalgic.

But it is enormous trouble to turn off the sound effect. Therefore, you have only three choices: stop playing, playing with headphones, or turning off your mobile’s volume. No matter what option you choose, it isn’t enjoyable.

The Final Say

We think that Turretz Mod APK is an exciting and fun game. It comes with high concept and attractive mechanics. It is simple enough for every user to start with, and it is challenging enough for every user not to stop playing it. Simultaneously, the retro graphic and funny sound effects are two big plus that makes this game more attractive.

However, like any other game, this one has some minus points. Unfortunately, its minus points are annoying. Thirty-second advertisements and optimization mistakes are both severe shortcomings that can take users away from this game.

If you only want to find a fun game, you can choose this one. But if you want a professional game for gamers, it is not the one for you.

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