Wild Tamer MOD APK 2.42 (Speed Hack/Ad-Free)

Wild Tamer MOD APK 2.42 (Speed Hack/Ad-Free)

December 16, 2023

Role Playing

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Speed Hack/Ad-Free

Do you have any questions about your past lifetime? Would you like to come back to your past lifetime? If one day you come back to an ancient time, what will you do? And if you want to know how ancient time looks like, Wild Tamer will be a place where you can let you know that. Wild Tamer is a game of the role playing genre. In the game, you will become a Druid in ancient time. Not only that, you will do a lot of things here. Let’s take part in Wild Tamer and come back to an ancient time now.

Graphics and sound

Wild Tamer is one of the games that has been built and offered by 111%. 111% is a group of simple games. 111% is also a publisher in Seoul, Republic of Korea. Wild Tamer can run on two operating systems. Those are Android and iOS. And you can easily find the game on Google Play and App Store. Also, Wild Tamer is completely free to download and the game is just for single player.

Besides, 2D graphics are designed to be vivid and quite detailed. From small animals to dangerous animals or the scenery in the game. Moreover, the interface of the game is also very simple. This will make you easily play Wild Tamer. In addition, the sound of the game is very lively. You can hear footsteps or the cry of animals. Furthermore, an exciting soundtrack will always be turned on while you play. It will create a lively atmosphere around you. But if you don’t want to disturb others, you can turn off Sound and Music in the Settings of the game.

Tame animals in the mysterious world

In Wild Tamer, evil soul appeared in the world 1000 years ago. The soul tried to dominate the world by using the Dark magic. Therefore, ancient druids joined forces to project the world from the evil soul. After a fierce battle, the evil soul was sealed in a deep dungeon under the volcano. But when the mighty power of druids has been forgotten to trough the long peaceful age, the volcano eruption caused cracks in the dungeon. And the dark magic leaked out of dungeon slowly. Every beast lost their mind by the dark magic and the world fell into chaos. So now you will become a druid and save the world against the evil soul again.

And the first thing that you need to do to save the world is to tame animals. There are a lot of animals in the game. For example, mouse, rabbit, deer, hog, desert fox, rhino, mammoth, scarab, toad, … They will be divided into 4 types of beasts. Mammals, Reptiles, Insects, and Fish. Each type of beast will have its own symbol. For example, the symbol of mammals is a bone. But the insects will have the symbol of a wing. Besides, each animal will have two stats (Attack and HP). If these stats are too small, your animal will very easily be annihilated. But for the strong animal, you will need a lot of gold to buy it. So you need to balance on buying the animals. Moreover, each animal also has a Hero version that can accompany the druid. They are much stronger than their versions. However, you only can recruit the Hero animals when you have defeated at least 3 animals of the specific creature. You also can level up your animals by fighting other animals. Tame the animals and become their leader.

Collect weapons and artifacts

When playing Wild Tamer, you can go to many areas. For example, Wildland, Swamp, Mermaid island, Volcano Prison, … In each area, there will be many different animals. The stronger you are, the more animals you can tame and own. And in order to make you and your army stronger, you need to collect weapons. There will be a lot of weapons in Wild Tamer such as Bear Mace, Beetle Axe, Necro Hook, Saw Sword, Octopus Whip, … Besides, you also can upgrade your weapons in order to increase their Damage indicator.

Moreover, the Druid also is capable of equipping extra three different types of items. In addition, you also can wear armor to protect yourself from the animals’ attacks. Or the marks can increase the Attack/ HP stats or the chance of consecutive attack when the druid is attacking. Furthermore, the artifacts are objects that have very diverse effects. They can double damage to a specific animal or give buffs to the Druid. So collect or buy the equipment and artifacts.

Some special features in Wild Tamer

Each game will have its own special features. And Wild Tamer is the same. Leaderboard is the first special feature that we will find out about. In the game, the leaderboard has been supported. You can check your rank here. Besides, you also can recommend to your friends and compete your ranking with them. This will be very attractive. The second special feature that you should pay attention to is Languages. The publisher has provided 8 languages in Wild Tamer. Those languages are English, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, German, and Russian. They help a lot of players in the world to understand and complete the missions of the game more quickly. To change another language, you need to go to the Settings and select the language that you want to use.

In addition, you can play Wild Tamer whenever you want without worrying about Wi-Fi, 3G/ 4G. Because the game doesn’t require connecting to the Internet when playing. Furthermore, Wild Tamer also allows you to log in to your Facebook account to save your progress. This will help you to play the game on many different devices. This is the fourth feature in the game. Also, you can relax with Wild Tamer when you are free. Because the gameplay in Wild Tamer is quite simple. This also helps the game to attract over five million installs on Google Play. Let’s install Wild Tamer and create your special kingdom, become a king.

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