Hello Kitty Cafe MOD APK 1.7.3 (Unlimited Money)

Hello Kitty Cafe MOD APK 1.7.3 (Unlimited Money)

Sanrio Digital Unlimited Money

Get ready to engage yourself in one of the most adorable gameplay of casual simulation on your mobile devices, with Hello Kitty Café. Here in the awesome mobile game from Sanrio Digital, Android gamers will have their chances to freely interact with many adorable and iconic characters from the company’s famous Hello Kitty franchise.

Have interesting employees working to bring your customers many cute and relaxing experiences. Enjoy serving them many delicious sweets and tasty cups of coffee while making the most of your businesses. Earn profit and have access to many interesting in-game decorations. Engage yourself in the addictive management experiences while also freely interacting with the adorable Hello Kitty characters.

Learn more about this interesting game from Sanrio Digital and all of its features with our comprehensive reviews.


Here in Hello Kitty Café, Android gamers will have their chances to take full control of the adorable coffee shop, in which all their employees are from the famous Sanrio cute collections. Have Hello Kitty herself starting her own coffee establishments. Enjoy working with many adorable animal characters with amazing looks and interesting in-game interactions. And at the same time, the customers will also be surprisingly patient and relaxed. Thus, making the entire coffee shop experiences a lot more fun and enjoyable for all gamers.

Have fun working with the completely unlocked gameplay of simulation, in which you’re able to control multiple aspects of the coffee shop. Feel free to choose and run your businesses in your own ways. Try out multiple in-game customizations as you have fun decorating the coffee establishments in many unique styles and themes. Enjoy your daily business experiences, in which you are free to interact with the exciting customers, have fun working with the cute employees, and develop your businesses.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple and accessible gameplay for all gamers

To start with, Android gamers in Hello Kitty Café won’t have any troubles exploring the interesting simulation gameplay, thanks to its straightforward experiences. Here, all you need is to open your shop whenever you feel pleased and start gaining from your business. Interact with the customers, get the order, start making foods and drinks, then deliver orders to your customers within the sensible amount of time. Earn money and start expanding your businesses with new equipment, more rooms, more staff, and a better menu. All of which will be assisted by the intuitive and interactive touch controls, in which you only need to tap on the action bubble to execute the actions. Get orders, deliver them, and earn your money. It’s just that easy.

Friendly experiences for gamers of all ages

And to make sure that you can have fun playing the exciting gameplay of Hello Kitty Café, the awesome mobile title also offers its friendly in-game experiences, which will make sure that the gameplay is suitable to gamers of all ages. Here, you can enjoy many interactions with your adorable employees, each having their own unique animal adaptations. And at the same time, the customers are also extremely polite and patient. Thus, making the game more suitable for children.


Open and manage your coffee whenever you want

For those of you who are interested, you are free to enjoy the exciting gameplay of Hello Kitty Café at any time, thanks to its accessible natures. have fun opening up your businesses and finish the day with your best effort to earn money. Or you can only return to the game to pick up your daily rewards and make a few adjustments. Anything should be fine.

Have fun decorating and designing your coffee shop

Here in Hello Kitty Café, Android gamers are allowed to freely work with the in-game decoration and designing options, which will allow them to comfortably set up their shop. Feel free to pick up new furniture, wallpapers, floorings, and other ornaments to freely decorate your shop. And at the same time, you can easily move the items to match them with your certain designs.

Special equipment with unique perks to unlock

In addition, the game also features many special equipment and available upgrades on your old items, which will help you improve your businesses. Not to mention that certain equipment can provide unique perks to your businesses, making them a lot worthier.


Interesting staff to work with

Here in Hello Kitty Café, Android gamers are allowed to hire many different Hello Kitty characters to serve in their establishment. Feel free to have them talking orders, serving the coffee and sweets, working at the counter, and so on. Each staff will have their unique looks to make the game more interesting while still maintaining their universal cuteness.

Delicious coffee and sweet recipes to serve your customers

And much like My Café and Cooking Mama, gamers in Hello Kitty Café will have access to a variety of different choices in the menu, which they can easily serve their customers and make them happy. Feel free to unlock your new dishes and drinks so you can further satisfy the ever-demanding visitors to the café while also enjoying some of these delicious sweets yourself. Serve the best coffee and sweet while watching your customers react differently with each of them. Explore the various interactions between your customers and the staff while expanding your menu to unlock more in-game elements.

Many objectives and achievements to complete

For those of you who are interested, you can now have fun working with many interesting in-game objectives from Hello Kitty Café, each offering a unique quest to complete. Also choose to take on multiple achievements, which will provide you with certain special rewards.

Level up to unlock new features and gameplay

And to unlock the game even more, all you need is to spend time working on your coffee shop. Make sure that you’re earning well and are making progress. Earn experience points after each day and have your shop leveled up when the time comes. You can collect many rewards, unlock new upgrades and equipment. All of which should allow you to enjoy the awesome gameplay of Hello Kitty Café even more.

Enjoy the offline gameplay at any time

Here in Hello Kitty Café, Android gamers can now enjoy their favorite gameplay of casual simulation without having to connect to the Internet. Have fun exploring its features and the in-game experiences on the go, thanks to the offline gameplay.

Free to play

Despite all the exciting features, the game is still free for all Android gamers to enjoy on their mobile devices. As a result, you can easily pick it up from the Google Play Store without having to pay anything. However, since it’s still a freemium title, there are still ads and in-game purchases that might bother you.

Enjoy the unlocked game with our mod

And speaking of which, to make sure that you can enjoy the exciting gameplay of Hello Kitty Café to the fullest, Android gamers can go for the unlocked version of the game on our website instead. Here, we offer the unlocked game with removed ads and unlimited money. As a result, you are free to enjoy the full gameplay without being distracted. Simply download the Hello Kitty Cafe Mod APK, follow the given instructions, and you’re good to go.

Visual and sound quality


Here in Hello Kitty Café, Android gamers will have their chances to fully engage themselves in the awesome in-game graphics and make the most of their in-game experiences. Unlock adorable characters along with the cute visual elements, which help to improve the universal themes of cuteness during the gameplay. Plus, thanks to the undemanding graphics, you can always enjoy the smooth and satisfying gameplay of Hello Kitty Café on your mobile devices.

Sound & Music

Together with the interesting visuals, Hello Kitty Café also offers its amazing in-game experiences for all Android gamers, thanks to the immersive sound effects and exciting music. Have fun listening to the relaxing and cheerful Hello Kitty songs whenever you’re in the game. And unlock unique sound effects as you interact with the in-game elements.

Final thoughts

With simple yet extremely enjoyable gameplay, along with the unique Hello Kitty theme, the game will certainly impress many Android gamers who’re looking for a casual and relaxing experience of coffee simulation. Have fun working with your fully-interactive coffee shop and its adorable employees whenever you wish to relax. Explore the endless in-game elements with many available content in multiple aspects. Unlock the interesting decorations and tailored designs for your coffee establishment. Enjoy the relaxed bubble-popping shop management. And most importantly, Hello Kitty Café will offer its unique Hello Kitty experiences that you can’t find anywhere else.

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