Hi Cooking MOD APK 12.3.6000 (Unlimited Money)

Hi Cooking MOD APK 12.3.6000 (Unlimited Money)

November 25, 2023


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Unlimited Money

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Cooking games have never been out of date for their spectacular and unique gameplay, as well as amazing features. You may have tried and enjoyed “Cooking Mama”, “Cooking Madness” and many more, but maybe none of them is really your favorite. Since I have a lot of free time to try new and different games, I may have discovered one of the most addictive cooking games that you can try and enjoy by yourself, or with your family and friends.

Hi Cooking” was developed by Gameone, and the game is warmly welcomed. Players will dive into their own astounding cooking world with delicious-looking food and fantastic content to try. If you glance over the game, you may think that it is just a mediocre game without any special features. However, this review will prove that you are wrong.


As you enter the game, you will be overwhelmed with its astonishing graphics and colors. This is not an ordinary game because as you play, “Hi Cooking” will become more and more addictive. First, players will be guided through a short tutorial with full details that they need on their way to becoming the world-famous chef. All information is displayed on the screen with clear instructions. However, if you do not need a tutorial, you can skip it at any time.

Players’ objective is to serve and conquer the most fastidious customers in order to conquer the cooking world. The first few missions are easy enough for anyone to pass, yet the rest can occasionally be challenging with lots of tasks and additional quests. Are you curious yet? Let’s get started with the main features!


Understandable and fascinating gameplay

While you are playing this game, you may find that “Hi Cooking” has a concept that is similar to many other cooking games. But what makes it so special that most of the reviews are positive with a high-rating score? Personally, I will say it is because of the gameplay. As players start the game, they will go through a brief tutorial with full information on how to play it. Their only mission is to grow their business by serving customers day after day, upgrade necessary items, build a reputation and become the most popular chef of all time.

There are two main types of cooking games: the one where you make food and let your staff work and the other is that you have to do everything from cooking to serving. “Hi Cooking” is the second type. It may seem like a lot of work, but trust me, the more you do, the more excited you will be. In “Hi Cooking”, not only can you enjoy the game but you can also train your agility and accuracy.


There are in total over 480 levels for you to challenge. In the first few levels, things will go slow so that you can catch up and understand the concept better. After that, the game will be more challenging with different tasks and requirements.

Each customer has a timer above their head and their order on the side. Some will only order one type of food, but some can order more. Their facial expression will show how satisfied they are with your service. If you mix up the ingredients and give the customer the wrong order, they will get angry and storm away. Make sure to cook fast and make the right dish and drink so as not to disappoint the customers and lose money as well as stars.

The total number of customers left will be shown on the top left corner of the screen. The total time you have to open the restaurant or bar is on the top right of the screen. Your level bar will be displayed next to the total customers. Different tools and ingredients are neatly placed in front of you so as not to mix things up.

Dishes, ingredients, and restaurant themes

In “High Cooking”, players can make hundreds of famous dishes with multiple familiar ingredients. Since there are over twelve custom-designed restaurants of different nations and types, each dish will represent and belong to a certain restaurant in the game. Players will be able to work at different locations with a unique menu and distinctive food.

For example, pizzas and spaghetti will be served in the Italian restaurant. The Indian restaurant will have its traditional food such as curry. The bakery will serve customers donuts, cupcakes, cookies, etc.

Besides cooking, players can also become a bartender. In the bar, you will be working in a vibrant and bustling environment with trendy music. Become the greatest chef as well as a bartender and take over the cooking world.

Decorate and upgrade

The kitchen is where you are going to be at each level, so why don’t you beautify it with the game’s stunning and elegant decorations? Decorate your station with colorful kitchenware. You might also want to upgrade the ingredients, kitchenware, the shop in order to cook faster, serve more satisfied customers and earn more! A small tip for all players: Upgrading the kitchen appliances and interior will attract more customers.

The game is frequently updated with brand-new features, including decorations, cuisines, and so many more.

Unlimited money

What is better than playing your favorite cooking game with an unlimited money feature? “Hi Cooking MOD APK” has given players a vast amount of money so they will not have to worry about what to spend and what not. Feel free to use all your money because playing games is all about having fun and enjoying yourself, right?


“Hi Cooking” has a 3D look with smooth framerate and shining colors that can keep any player’s attention for a long time. Each detail of a dish, decoration, place, etc., is carefully designed, and I have to say that sometimes I even think the food is real.

The soundtracks and sound effects are fun and delightful. Each restaurant theme has its own playlist to fit the atmosphere. I have never had a bad time enjoying this game, thanks to the music.


All in all, “Hi Cooking” is such an enjoyable and fascinating game for you to play and relax after a long, hard day at school or at work. I have recommended this game to many of my friends, and they all agree that “Hi Cooking” will stick with them for a long time.

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