Home Design 3D MOD APK v5.3.2 (Unlocked)

Home Design 3D MOD APK v5.3.2 (Unlocked)

January 13, 2024

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Home Design 3D is an extremely useful housing design application for novices or design students. The app supports design capabilities in both 3D and 2D formats. The application is developed by Anuman, and supports multiple platforms for PC (such as Windows, Mac, Linux, …), as well as operating on mobile devices (iOS and Android). The app is designed to maximize the experience with everyone. You can design and remodel your house in 3D quickly and intuitively. The app allows everyone to access it in free mode. Get ready to use the software for interior design, and produce the most professional results you can get.

Home design application for amateurs

Home Design 3D allows you to create designs and interior décor with ease. You can initiate floor designs in 2D, or 3D mode if you prefer. You start by shaping the right lot. You then create rooms with partitions. The application is not limited to partitions, so you can do a lot of things. You can change the height or thickness of the walls as desired. Then, you create the corners of the wall to match the drawing. Next, you add doors, and windows with different pieces of the puzzle. Each room has its function, so you can change the size completely as you like.

Home Design 3D sympathizes with the excellent interior design capabilities. You can design and decorate the crib-exterior of the house. The variety of apps makes it possible to create almost any home of your dreams, and in a variety of styles. The app offers over 1600 furniture pieces and accessories. Therefore, you can be creative when using decorations to express your style (from classical to modern, and also trendy). Also, you can edit any decorative object, and change it in many aspects such as the size, color, position, and height of the object on the wall. Besides, the application has extremely useful supporting functions. You use the convenient copy/paste feature to repeat your favorites, and duplicate the fun. You use the Undo/Redo feature at any time to return to the previous operation. This is useful if you have just made a design mistake. You use the Eyedropper to find the color already on the drawing, and this keeps the overall design in harmony. Also, you can import images to texture objects, and apply them in any desired position. Creativity is not limited to this home design software.

Many great features for quality 3D drawings

Home Design 3D provides a holistic view of your creativity, as it lets you show off your design in real-time 3D. This helps you to have real-world experiences like you are visiting a future home. Realistic 3D rendering feels fun, and you have a lot to explore. You dive into every corner of your home, the open air, and even the surrounding areas (like gardens, car parks). The game also supports the rendering of images day and night. The compass function will help you locate the direction of light at different times of the day. If you can view everything in 3D, the more valuable your blueprint will be. The latest upgrade also offers an augmented reality (AR) experience.

Home Design 3D makes you have a great experience and more excitement in home design. You can build your own multi-story house as desired with the GOLD PLUS version (depends on the capacity of your device). This will further expand your creativity with large and modern villas. Because of the usability and quality of the app, the app received a lot of attention. Currently, the app has produced thousands of quality home drawings and is used by nearly 40 million users globally. While the app has many useful functions for creating a dream home, it still has some limitations. For example, you can’t create a basement or lack extensive features like a professional garden design.

Alternatively, you can try “Planner 5D” – another popular home design app. The app is very easy to use, and you can easily create the right interior and exterior designs. The app also assists in designing and viewing your house in 2D and 3D.


Home Design 3D is a great app if you love home design. The application interface is intuitive and supports 3D mode (at various timelines such as day/night). So it’s easy to design and remodel your home so quickly and intuitively. Anyone can use the app, and become a good exterior designer step by step. Also, the application is always updated and improved over time. You have easy access to video tutorials on how to use the app and connect with home design enthusiasts (from students to professionals). Get ready to use the app to create the best quality, professional design.

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