Homicide Squad MOD APK 2.35.6601 (Unlimited Money)

Homicide Squad MOD APK 2.35.6601 (Unlimited Money)

November 30, 2023


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G5 Entertainment
146.10 MB
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Unlimited Money

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Homicide Squad: New York Cases offers a thrilling object-hunting experience. You play as an anonymous detective, and solve crime by doing awesome quests. You are ready to prove your detective skills and explore a world full of danger, betrayal, and mysterious murders. The game is fun when you try to find hidden objects, and an enjoyable match-3 experience. The game is great because of the fascinating gameplay, and the mystery of murderous mysteries.

About the gameplay

Homicide Squad: New York Cases bring a fascinating crime game. You embark on a journey to find objects, and are highly interactive. Accompany the wise detectives Turino and Lamonte on difficult missions in New York City. You face criminals and restore the law. You take on tough cases, visit unique locations, examine murder scenes to find the right clues. The game brings a strange fountain of blood, or a man frozen in a water tank. The game possesses a compelling storyline as you investigate haunting cases, and interact with intriguing characters to catch twisted killers. Get ready to grab your magnifying glass and detective hat for one of those thrilling, thrilling rides. Initially, you CHOOSE your favorite game mode, next FIND hidden objects and use them. The game offers mini-games like MATCH gems in a row. You interview fraudulent suspects, analyze strange clues, think and come up with a final solution to atrocities. The game supports popular languages ​​such as English, French, Japanese,…

Homicide Squad: New York Cases offers an exciting journey as a great detective. You dive into the investigation of mysterious murder cases to find criminals. You go to the crime scene, look for clues and communicate with witnesses, and gather a lot of very helpful information. You analyze all the data, and all the objects found at the crime scene. In addition, you will need to interview witnesses and defendants. Currently, the game has six interesting cases with many great challenges. In the latest update, the game features interesting game modes like: a woman’s case in the Botanical Garden on the eve of the Cherry Blossom Festival, and this connects the incident with a legend. ancient Japanese. In the NEW SITUATION mode, you enjoy the date between detective Turino and Gallego, and witness a brutal murder. Travel with Turino, Lamonte and an FBI agent to discover the murderer’s identity. In CHERRY BLOSSOM FESTIVAL EVENTS mode, you’ll complete 32 challenging missions, and match six exclusive collections. If you are awarded the Cherry Blossom Festival Medal, you get a unique avatar and special decoration of the Cherry Blossom Garden. You are given one spinner and five universal tokens every 24 hours for three months. The game is always updated and improved, so it always delivers an important optimization experience.

Homicide Squad: New York Cases allows players to tackle crime, and prove their detective skills in a world full of danger. Besides, the game is a great experience of finding hidden objects, and the match-3 style is interesting.

Homicide Squad: New York Cases brings you exciting detective experiences, with great fun. Join world-renowned detectives like Turino and Lamonte on a legal adventure in the streets of New York. Strange murders happen mysteriously in New York, and you have to find the truth to bring things back to normal. If you are a lover of adventure games, hidden objects, you will enjoy this wonderful game. The game brings over 500 thrilling quests in amazing adventures. You explore the mysteries of about 30 locations, and meet about 50 amazing characters. Overall, the game has a great overall design. You’ll see colorful visuals and the game’s great trailer as you get started. You solve the game in the “Object Seek” style. You help New York detectives solve complicated murder cases and bring talented criminals to light. You do many important things like gathering evidence, analyzing facts, communicating with witnesses and staff, conducting investigations and making charges against the real perpetrator. The game has a deep story when step by step allows you to play the hero of justice, and fight criminals or murderers. You explore the lavish city of New York as a talented detective. You and your colleagues come to the crime leader to find the clues, use all of your skills to find the culprit. The game has a lot of cases and quests set out for you. You enjoy discovering terrible truths, and must seriously complete the mission to bring peace to New York. You create a healthy city, and help people believe in the justice of heroes like you.


Homicide Squad: New York Cases has a friendly interface, and relatively easy controls for those who love the gameplay “find objects”. You will interact with icons on the screen such as magnifying glass, clock. You mainly use your finger to “click-select” the icons on the screen. Most of the time you spend observing and thinking to find the right items and options.

Graphics and sound

Homicide Squad: New York Case impresses with beautifully designed scene, and full of details. The detailed visuals make it easy for you to interact in the mind-explore game genre. This famous game developed by the production studio G5 Entertainment, is popular around the world, has been downloaded more than tens of thousands of times. The game is free to download, and you can easily enjoy the great music and HD graphics.

If you love detective and puzzle style, then you should check out “Murder in the Alps“. You will experience the great psychological game – detective, and content based on the crime novel of the same name. You go back to the 1930s, solve countless mysteries and experience an adventure in the authentic atmosphere of a hotel nestled in one of the most beautiful locations in the Alps. You play as Anna Myers- a journalist from Zurich who is on vacation at a hotel, and has to solve the mystery of missing guests on her own, and other strange events. You will be able to visit many unique places, such as the breathtaking beauty of the Alps, the abyss of the bloody cellars. The game has a role-playing game and a fascinating storyline, along with challenging puzzles, and interesting characters.


Homicide Squad: New York Case has all the fun elements of the detective-puzzle game. You use your wits to solve the interesting mysteries of each case. The game has simple gameplay, rich content, and unique storyline. You need great logic and judgment to solve difficult puzzles. You uncover crime investigation stories, uncover criminal cases and catch criminals in this intricate hidden object game. You accompany two famous New York detectives, and find the killer clues to solve the case. You use forensic help, investigate clues, interrogate suspects, find criminals, and uncover secrets. Sharp graphics and vivid sound increase the experience throughout the journey.

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