Survivors: The Quest MOD APK 1.16.1300 (Unlimited Money)

Survivors: The Quest MOD APK 1.16.1300 (Unlimited Money)

February 14, 2024


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Survivors: The Quest is a game that simulates life on a desert island. The game is released by G5 Entertainment game publisher. For people who regularly play games, you know that G5 Entertainment is a strategy game publisher with many unique stories.

From what we know about G5 Entertainment game publisher, with Survivors: The Quest, the game story gives players a lot of fun, making anyone who comes to the game immediately will be swept away. It will attract you by the first impression.

When we start, we will come across a laptop and some related items on the island that were once used for scientific research. All these traces prove that there were people who lived here. Then, step by step, figure out how to get rid of this deserted island with what is on the island. Are you ready for this journey with us?

General Information

The game is about a plane accident. When the plane is on its journey, it encounters an area with foul weather. Then, the plane is struck by lightning and falls on an uninhabited island. After the accident with three survivors, they will have to start a series of days on this deserted island. However, this island is deserted as the remaining signs show that they once inhabited it with lots of furniture, but there has been no one else but these three good passengers.

Starting life on a deserted island, these passengers will have a lot of trouble. However, to the Survivors: The Quest, we will initially be very dedicated to surviving the first days of this strange place. We comment that the scenery of this place is wonderful. If anyone has seen movies with a similar storyline like Lost, it is possible to imagine life in the game. Besides the initial difficulties encountered, many strange things happened.

Survivors: The Quest requires us to maintain the four most basic stats to maintain the life of the characters, including Stamina, Hunger, Comfort, and Fun. These four indicators are green all the time. When the bars turn red, it is not a good signal. The health indicator tells us we need to rest so find a bed to sleep. The eating indicator requires players to recharge by eating and drinking to ensure the best stats to start the job.

How to Play Survivors: The Quest?

Survivors: The Quest begins with the plane flying in the sky, going through a thunderstorm, and being hit by lightning. The plane crashed on the coast of an island. Three passengers survived the crash and found themselves trapped on a remote island. But soon they discovered the island was not as isolated as it seemed. Strange buildings, an old laptop computer, and many more finds suggest they once used the island for some scientific research. But who is behind it?

The player’s mission in Survivors: the Quest is to maintain four states of Stamina, Hunger, Comfort, and Fun for the character. Each indicator has a corresponding gauge, green for good status and red for the opposite. To have health, the character needs to get adequate sleep. To be full, they need to eat when hungry. For relaxing, they need to bathe and have fun playing games.

Survivors: The Quest is like a puzzle game. Players will have to find the elements then hook together to find answers to the questions that occur here. It relates everything that we discover here and a lot of interesting things. We found a suitcase with many items that we will need to do things on the island. When playing the game, everyone will feel like they are watching a virgin film. The object to clarify is everything on this island. The detective character is you and the passenger who survive the flight.

When playing the game, there will be some fun quiz questions. Players sometimes have to play diamond games to find more clues to the mystery problem. Every suitable answer to completing a gaming task will give us minor keys to a gigantic puzzle that needs to be answered. The more interesting the story will be, the more objects and foods that are unlocked will make our story more complicated. However, these factors quickly help players partly understand the problems that are happening around them.

For the tasks in the game to be done faster, you can also use diamonds to buy time. But to get diamonds in the game is very difficult, so please be patient with the assigned tasks. Getting used to life here, we will get new dishes as you go to the sea to find more food instead of just coconuts.

Overall Assessments

G5 Entertainment’s products have always been famous with fans in a short time of release, thanks to the meticulously polished interface. The latest super product, Survivors: The Quest will bring a new definition of a unique and highly entertaining action RPG.

Survivors: The Quest begins with a crashed plane crashing into a mysterious wasteland that reminds us of the popular TV series Lost. Three characters of John, Tilly, and Luco are trapped here and there is no one around them, except for a mysterious ghost. A few details later discovered showed that the island was not as lonely as they thought, but in fact, they used the island in a research project. The game revolves around the story of exploring this mysterious island and trying to escape it.

The gameplay of Survivors: The Quest focuses on managing three characters in two directions of maintaining the character’s strength while ensuring they perform well the tasks. It is a unique concept. Each character in Survivors: The Quest has essential needs such as Stamina, Hunger, Comfort, and Fun. Over time and on quests, these needs will increase and if not met in time, it will easily cause inhibitions to the character. Therefore, it is essential to keep these parameters high and stable by providing the character with food, clean baths, leisure time, or sleep.

The graphics and plot of the game are all impressive. However, the game has a lot of conversations between characters. It clarifies the story’s content and leads the game to progress. But with conversations, players will feel exhausted since most is when there is no bypass feature.

When exploring the locations on the island, you will notice many unusual signs such as an old laptop. A ghost suddenly appears, as if to say something, but remains silent. What’s so mysterious about this island? Who is that ghost? What is it trying to tell you? Let’s start the adventure in the game Survivors: the Quest to uncover those mysteries.

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Final Words

Survivors: The Quest MOD APK is a new strategy game from G5 Entertainment. An expedition after a plane crash on the mysterious island promises to give you indescribable thrills. Do whatever it takes to help the victims survive and escape the island.

Survivors: The Quest is a game with undeniable graphics. The images of life on the island are shown so realistically that any gamer will find it entangled in the story. We will not miss a detective move to solve the mysteries on a deserted island for gamers who love puzzle games. Download Survivors: The Quest to begin the journey to find answers to the mysteries here.

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