Hot Wheels Infinite Loop MOD APK 1.35.0 (Speed up nitrogen filling)

Hot Wheels Infinite Loop MOD APK 1.35.0 (Speed up nitrogen filling)

September 25, 2021


Additional Information
7.0 and up
72.50 MB
MOD Features
Speed up nitrogen filling

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Racing fans will find themselves enjoying yet another great racing title on the mobile platform. Discover the refreshing and addictive racing experiences of the future. Hop on some of the greatest vehicles and challenge any opponents that stand in your way.

Race against time in the addictive challenge. Take down your opponents in team battles. Or overcome your own records by setting up new ones. Perform incredible stunts on your car as you dodge, drift, and even fly over the air on your ride.

Interested? Let’s all take a look at this amazing racing game from Mattel with our reviews.


The game takes place in the distance future of 2088. Here, with developed technologies, racing has been taken to a whole new level. The infinite loops were introduced and immediately grasp the attention of everyone.

That being said, a new form of racing was introduced. The infinite loop has become a dream track for world’s greatest racers to have their skills and abilities tested. Will you be the one to take over the track and win the tournaments?

Experience the satisfying gameplay as you perform incredible stunts, crash against your opponents and other vehicles, execute awesome tricks to get you ahead.

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Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Challenge the future world and become the greatest racer

For the first time, gamers will have their chances to challenge the future world with a completely refreshing racing game. Find yourself racing against actual players in epic real-time PvP battles that can have up to 8 racers.

Hot Wheels Infinite Loop screenshot 1

Challenge each other in exciting tournaments where you’ll have to show off all your skills and abilities to earn your victory. Win against your opponents and unlock special rewards to your coffer. Race against the world’s most skilled racers in competitive competitions and experience a unique racing game that’s not like any other.

Your journey to become the world greatest racers starts now. Hop on your favorite vehicles and start roaring your engine. Take on many exciting levels and stages. Progress in Hot Wheels Infinite Loop and discover more enjoyable gameplay.

Experience a refreshing and thrilling gameplay

The game introduces gamers to a whole new world or racing where you can explore the extreme speed while competing with your rivals in epic smash & crash challenges. Take the wheel and cruise through many epic tracks. Discover the unique futuristic elements in this amazing game that you’ve never seen before.

Make uses of many boosts and buffs during the races to give yourself better advantages. Get ahead of your opponents using the speed buffs, make up for your lost time by collecting bonus time, and even pump up your engine with the incredible nitro.

In additions, you’ll find yourself not alone in the races as your opponents won’t waste any opportunities to take you down. Monstrous rides, cunning traps, and many other obstacles will be on your way toward victory. Experience thrilling and exciting moments with the great Infinite Loop.

Hot Wheels Infinite Loop screenshot 3

Simple and intuitive controls

Hot Wheels Infinite Loop is relatively accessible as the game feature simple and intuitive controls that you can easily get familiar with. Feel free to cruise along the epic tracks and perform incredible tricks on your rides with ease.

Explore the simple and exciting drift feature on your favorite car. Perform beautiful stunts to earn yourself extra bonuses as well as nitro fuel. Speed ahead of your opponents and win against them. The optimized touch controls will allow you to do this with just some simple taps.

Different cars to enjoy

And to heat up the races, the game also features dozens of different cars that you could have in your collection. Each car will have its own features that would amaze you. That being said, you’ll find no problem finding the right vehicle for your races.

Experience different racing styles with the varied vehicles. Maximize your speed with the extreme sport car or roam the track with the incredible monster cars. The choices are all yours to make.

Varied upgrades for your rides

In additions, players in Hot Wheels Infinite Loops can also have their favorite rides pimped and upgraded with tons of different options. Unlock new engines, components, and parts so that you can turn your cars into real beasts.

Hot Wheels Infinite Loop screenshot 2

On top of that, as you win against your opponents in the major tournaments, you’ll have the opportunities to collect awesome rewards, especially unique and rare cars that would certainly impress you. Make uses of the upgrades and have your top cars fully pimped.

Rewarding gameplay for the dedicated racers

The dedicated racers in Hot Wheels Infinite Loop will find themselves being rewarded with tons of awesome prizes that certainly worth their time. And despite the in-app purchase, you can still collect rewarding bonus just by being active in the game. If you spend enough time in it, you can easily make up for the gap between paid and non-paid gamers.

Free to play

And most importantly, Hot Wheels Infinite Loop is currently free for Android gamers to enjoy. That being said, you can easily have the game installed on your devices without having to pay any cent. Together with the rewarding gameplay, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have the game tested on your devices. You’ll surely find it addictive and enjoyable.

Visual and sound quality


The game features incredible 3D graphics that realistically described the future world. Find yourself cruising in the sleek and shiny cars of the future. Experience the unique and refreshing racing game while enjoying satisfying visual effects. You’ll find yourself entirely immersed into the incredible world of Infinite Loop racing.


With realistic roaring engine, intuitive sound effects, the game introduces gamers to an incredible racing world where you could truly relax and just race. On top of that, the adrenaline-pumping soundtracks will completely hook you to the races. Never find yourself having a second to think otherwise.

How To Install Hot Wheels Infinite Loop APK with OBB data file

  1. APK install it on your device, DO NOT open app.
  2. Extract the OBB file to /SDCARD/Android/obb/ Ensure that the OBB file ( sits within the folder.
  3. Start the game again. Enjoy!

Download Hot Wheels Infinite Loop latest 1.35.0 Android APK

If you loved the great racing games like the Asphalt and Need for Speed series, Hot Wheels Infinite Loop will definitely be another exciting game that worth listing on your collection. It’ll not only delivering the similar experiences but you’ll also find the game cleverly enhanced those into something new. Never have any dull moment while you’re in Hot Wheels Infinite Loop.

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