Hotel Story: Resort Simulation MOD APK 2.0.10 (Unlimited Money)

Hotel Story: Resort Simulation MOD APK 2.0.10 (Unlimited Money)

December 14, 2020


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Hotel Story: Resort Simulation is the resort and hotel management simulation game. Your mission is to manage and expand the resort to more and more developed and modern. Do you dream of owning your resort and hotel? Do you want to show your managerial and entrepreneurial capabilities in the hospitality industry? So, download Hotel Story for iOS now and develop a modern five-star resort with high-quality service from a small, original property.

General Information

Hotel Story: Resort Simulation is a unique business simulation game from the publisher Happy Labs that are available in both online and offline modes. Instead of letting you enjoy a regular tour like other games, Hotel Story: Resort Simulation gives players the experience of becoming a tycoon of business and hotel management.

In Hotel Story: Resort Simulation, you will become a manager, applying your skills and experience to develop strategies for the resort. Your tasks are welcoming customers, serving rooms, and buying more new equipment to meet the increasing needs of customers. With the proceeds, you can use them to expand your hotel and buy decorations to increase the value of your room. Then, you can earn more money. When the hotel has grown to a certain extent, get more people to speed up the tasks to do, such as cleaning, repairing broken appliances, and collecting money.

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Background Story

Happy Labs is an indie developer from Singapore. Only a few people know that it comprises two IT developers who share the same path in life. Happy Labs is one of Singapore’s most famous indie game developers with a record of four successful titles in just two years of operation. Jeffrey Chee found Happy Labs with a colleague at work and in life, Kayee Chee, and the debut product of Toy Craft, setting the stage for success. The next big hit in Asian and European markets is Hotel Story: Resort Simulation.

The third game under the development of Happy Labs is Happy Mall Story. It turned out to be an even more successful game, thanks in part to the loyal gaming community from the man ahead. Regardless of the time, both Happy Mall Story and Hotel Story: Resort Simulation earned 10 million downloads. Meanwhile, the recent game still holds the record of 100,000 active plays every day. It even keeps a proud achievement a year after the official date.

When the World Cup season comes, the progress of Happy Labs becomes even more solid thanks to the official chess piece called Football Rush. However, the primary goal that this indie developer is aiming for is still the style of management simulator that captures every department. And the next step was Happy Pet Story, a game that looks forward to arriving in 2015.

Happy Mall Story and Hotel Story: Resort Simulation are still the two biggest milestones of Happy Labs. They are the two leading products that generate revenue for developers as in-game advertising. The factor that also contributes significantly to the popularity of the product is the localization process in many countries such as Japan, China, Indonesia, and Thailand besides the original English version. Jeffrey said that Hotel Story: Resort Simulation attracts more European and American gaming communities, while Happy Mall Story attracts Asian players.

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However, the key point that makes Happy Labs a miracle is that most of its games are in the free-to-play format. There is no system to separate the real money player from the player. The game does not own any system that requires gamers to invest their own money to increase the chances of winning for a few more rare virtual items. When you put your hand on the products of Happy Labs, you already have in hand experiences with absolute value.

Happy Labs team does not have many employees. They are related people, who are colleagues who used to work in old companies. They connect by ideal and vision in a common direction with the typical example being the actual money AND virtual money system just mentioned. Their workplace culture is friendly like a family, instead of applying rigid regulations at work.

These people have a game-making approach that is less concerned with more or less profit, but it makes the community happy. It is also the reason Happy Labs does not seek outside capital. The reason is that only the model separating between free players and real paying games is the one that makes sponsors satisfied. Self-advocacy and using the money earned from their games, Happy Labs is free to decide without having to answer anyone’s questions. This team of 13 people feels more satisfied with the indie background and holds their creative freedom.

With the way ahead becoming more open than ever, 2021 with Happy Labs will be a successful year again that they will continue to spend the miracles day by day. Of course, the ace this Singaporean developer defeats will be Happy Pet Story, a combination of the Facebook Pet Society push and the famous Animal Crossing series. Hopefully, with the formula of free to play, Happy Labs will soon go further with their dedicated children becoming a big name in the Asian gaming village.

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How to Play Hotel Story: Resort Simulation?

Starting from two empty hands with a row of small inns in the middle of an empty field and popular services such as public baths, small dining places, players will gradually build them into one area. The resort reaches the international five-star level.

You will accumulate the profits you have in the business process to expand land, hire staff, build and decorate the resort, and especially please the demanding guests. We can say that Hotel Story: Resort Simulation is simple, easy to understand but extremely addictive thanks to its reality but no less lovely.

From budget areas for ordinary guests to the President’s room, a place for VVIP guests, and several buildings of all levels and fields up to 300+, Hotel Story: Resort Simulation will bring giving you the best experience, from freely decorated, working hard to make money to invest in the business, owning your resort.

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Happy Mall Story

Happy Mall Story is one of the best simulation games on Android with a system of features and sharp graphics. Let’s download the experience and decode why Happy Mall Story can attract so many gaming communities. Everyone dreams of doing something great in the future, such as owning a famous corporation, a large farm, or becoming a successful business executive by building a chain of houses.

No matter what your dream, it all has to start with the smallest steps and Happy Mall Story is the place for you to build the foundation to make all wishes come true. It is a game developed by Happy Labs with gameplay quite similar to the legendary game The Sim. But instead of creating a town, gamers will build a mall of their own, and each step by step promotes it to more customers.

Restaurant Paradise

Restaurant Paradise offers players a varied number of recipes from seafood, desserts, diet foods, snacks, salads to beverages. The restaurant always serves diners dishes that keep natural flavors, safe and rich in nutrients so that everyone will feel satisfied when arriving.

Players of Restaurant Paradise will build and expand their restaurant. Manage the store from ingredients to recipes. Focus on decorating the restaurant, buying more furniture and cookware to improve efficiency.

Final Words

Hotel Story: Resort Simulation inherently becomes a fresh wave in the mobile gaming community thanks to two factors of timing and luck. When the game launched in early 2013, the mobile gaming village that day was filled with representatives of the card game line that lacked a modicum of management. Jeffrey Chee said he feels extremely lucky to have developed a game right when the market does not have many competitors.

The advantage of Hotel Story: Resort Simulation allows the developer couple to expand Happy Labs to a larger scale. Having worked for a long time at Tecmo Koei and Nubee, Jeffrey invited his former colleagues to develop a partnership. It did not take long that the Happy Labs army soon welcomed 11 more distinguished individuals and set a target for the next project of Happy Mall Story.

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