Ice Skating Ballerina MOD APK 2.6.8 (Unlocked All)

Ice Skating Ballerina MOD APK 2.6.8 (Unlocked All)

February 6, 2024

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Those of you who are interested in the beautiful arts of ice-skating will definitely find this awesome mobile title of Ice Skating Ballerina being a great game.


The skating championship is looking for a new champion, and you’ll have the chance to compete against the best participants from all over the world in this awesome ice-skating adventure of Ice Skating Ballerina. Embark on your ultimate journeys to become a world-class athlete and enjoy competing for your ultimate championship in the game.

Have absolute fun playing the awesome game of ice skating with your own avatar, as you compete for the glory of yourself and your nation. Have absolute fun with realistic and immersive ice-skating challenges. Enjoy the fun and addictive mobile game at your own pace. Explore its many experiences and fun adventures, which will always keep you hooked to the game.

Find out more about this awesome mobile title and all of its amazing features with our comprehensive reviews.

Story & Gameplay

Here in Ice Skating Ballerina, Android gamers will have their chances to role play as a young and beautiful ice skater in her journeys to become a world-class athlete. With the help from her Olympic coach and the many skating challenges that you’re going through, Ice Skating Ballerina will let you transform the newbie skater into an expert.

Have her competing in many exciting ice-skating competitions. Embark on the amazing adventures and awesome stories. Have fun playing the awesome games of dressing up and beauty makeovers. And don’t forget to have your hair and nails done in the salon. Enjoy training your skills and get fit at the gym so you can always look the most amazing during the performances.

Take on many dancing challenges and compete with other athletes in the world ranking tables. Unlock realistic and authentic skating moves. Enjoy your beautiful and impressive combos in the game. Rewatch your beautiful skate videos. All of which will be available in this realistic game of Ice Skating Ballerina.


Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

Create your own avatars

To start with, Ice Skating Ballerina gamers can create their own amazing avatars with beautiful visual elements that represent their own appearances. Choose your names and countries to start competing in the competitions with the realistic role-playing character. Here, the personal avatars will make your in-game adventures a lot more immersive.

Embark on your incredible ice-skating adventures

Like with Super Stylist and Gymnastics Superstar, gamers in Ice Skating Ballerina can now have fun embarking on their ultimate sports adventures, in which they’ll be competing for the ice-skating championship of the year. Enjoy the amazing in-game adventures and captivating stories, as you train and work hard for the final events, with an experienced Olympic coach alongside. Will you be able to overcome the adversities and make it big in the ice-skating worlds?

Ice Skating Ballerina screen 2

Enjoy the beautiful dressing games

And for those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy the beautiful dressing game of Ice Skating Ballerina, which will allow you to customize how your characters look and perform. Enjoy working with the most beautiful costumes, dresses, and accessories for ice skating. Also, don’t forget to give your characters the most amazing makeovers, in which the game lets you work on different customizations and beauty options. Always enable the most amazing looks on your characters whenever you’re in the game.

Ice Skating Ballerina screen 1

Go to the salons to trim your nails

Here in Ice Skating Ballerina, Android gamers can also work on the manicure and hairs on their ice-skating athletes. Enjoy playing with different nail types, nail colors, and interesting nail arts whenever you want. Try out the brand-new hair styles with different visual elements and interesting looks. All of which will make sure that you’re always most interested in the game.

Train and get fit at the gym

And just like in real-life, ice-skating athletes in Ice Skating Ballerina can now train and get fit at the gym. Here, the game provides many training options that will allow the players to improve their physics and skills. Always have yourself get in shape before diving into the competitions, which will certainly give you better advantages.

Have fun with your photoshoots

For those of you who are interested, you can now have absolute fun with your different photoshoots. Enjoy posing your most beautiful shots and have yourself being featured on the next Golden Skates Magazine covers. The amazing photoshoot sessions in Ice Skating Ballerina will allow you to take your most beautiful pics and pose however you want.

Compete in the epic dance challenge arena

Throughout the game, Ice Skating Ballerina gamers will find themselves challenging other skaters in many exciting competitions in the challenge arena. Take on different opponents with increasing levels of difficulty and evolving gameplay, which will always keep you hooked to the game. Enjoy many competitions with different rules and many rivals. Compete, improve your skills, and complete your goals of becoming the world champion.

Challenge the World Ice Skating ranks

And for those of you who are interested, you can now compete with worldwide gamers in the World Ice Skating ranks. Simply link the game with your social account to compete with friends in the local ranks. Challenge the best skaters in the nations. Or compete with worldwide professional athletes in Ice Skating Ballerina.

Ice Skating Ballerina screen 3

Find your dream partners

Together with the solo tournaments, Ice Skating Ballerina gamers can double the fun by joining their partners in many skating events. Have fun playing the tandem skating games where you’ll need to work with the partner to deliver the best performances. Discover different skaters and find your dream partners to make your journeys complete.

Amazing skating moves and combos

With the realistic gameplay of ice-skating, Ice Skating Ballerina gamers can have access to a variety of different skate moves and skills, each allowing them to execute their different moves and combos during the performances. Enjoy working with the axel jumps, toe loops, and many others, only by selecting and enabling them once your character is ready.

Realistic skating injuries to make your journeys more immersive

To make the game more realistic and authentic, Ice Skating Ballerina will introduce actual injuries that your character can be having during the competitions and training sessions. Make sure to go to the hospital and find the best doctor to get well soon. Depending on your moves and training sessions, together with the story progressions, the injuries can be varied. Thus, allowing gamers to enjoy their unique and personal ice skating adventures to the fullest.

Awesome skating effects to try out

For those of you who are interested, you can now have fun working with the awesome skating effects in Ice Skating Ballerina, each allowing you to enable unique and interesting visual elements between your athletes and their movements. Change the hand patterns, foot patterns, visual icons, and more. All of which will make sure that you can always enjoy your awesome skating effects to the fullest.

Review your ice-skating videos whenever needed

Here in Ice Skating Ballerina, Android gamers can easily rewatch and review their different ice-skating videos. Simply enter the app and look back in the past to see your previous performances and learn from them. Also have the options to improve upon your skating actions. Rewatch the videos using the intuitive and convenient control options whenever needed.

Enjoy the game while offline

To make the game more accessible, Coco Play By TabTale also offers the offline gameplay of Ice Skating Ballerina for all Android gamers to enjoy on the go. Thus, allowing you to enjoy many of its features without having to turn on the mobile data or to look for active Wi-Fi networks.

Ice Skating Ballerina screen 4

Free to play

For those of you who are interested, you can now get the free version of Ice Skating Ballerina from the Google Play Store, which should be available for all Android users. Just keep in mind that the freemium app will require users to watch ads to proceed and in-app purchases are required if you wish to skip the grinding process.

Have access to our free mod

If you’re interested in the free game of Ice Skating Ballerina but don’t want to watch ads or to pay for in-game purchases, then you might want to consider the modified version of the game on our website instead. Here, we offer the Unlocked All application with removed ads and unlimited features, which you can get for free. And all you need is to download the Ice Skating Ballerina Mod APK, follow the given instructions, and you’re good to go.

Visual and sound quality


Here in Ice Skating Ballerina, Android gamers can enjoy realistic 3D graphics with beautiful character designs, stunning environments, realistic animations, and awesome visual effects. All of which will allow you to enjoy the most incredible ice skating performance and keep you hooked to the game for hours on end.

Sound & Music

With amazing sound effects, the game will make sure that you’re always engaged in its different interactions. Plus, the awesome soundtracks with varying themes will enhance the game and its audios to the fullest.

Final thoughts

Get ready to enjoy this amazing game of Ice Skating Ballerina where you can become a professional skater and work on your dream of being the best. Have fun with the realistic, authentic gameplay, and its vast elements, which will always impress ice skating fans and casual sport gamers.

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