My Bakery Empire MOD APK 1.6.0 (Unlimited Money)

My Bakery Empire MOD APK 1.6.0 (Unlimited Money)

April 16, 2024

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Coco Play By TabTale
128.88 MB
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Unlimited Money

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My Bakery Empire is an exciting educational management-simulation game. You will accompany Lizzie to open world famous bakeries. Lizzie’s bakery takes specific orders from fastidious customers, and the rewards are also very attractive. You learn how to bake delicious, delicious desserts such as cupcakes, donuts, and cakes. The game really brings many great experiences for anyone who loves the kitchen. With your help, Lizzie will become the most talented pastry chef, and open many branches around the world.

About Gameplay

My Bakery Empire is developed by Coco Play By TabTale – a developer from China, and specializes in developing innovative and unique apps for children. The game offers an educational story about cake making. You will accompany Lizzie – a beautiful young girl. Lizzie graduated from cooking college, and her dream is to open a pastry shop. Lizzie is a talented and hardworking girl who has a lot of knowledge about baking. However, starting a business is always difficult, and Lizzie desperately needs your help to expand your customer base. It all started off as a “once upon a time” fairy tale, and Lizzie is a pastry princess.

My Bakery Empire designed a fascinating story about a young girl’s bakery Lizzie. Enjoy this wonderful story, and help Lizzie fulfill her dream of a famous bakery. You are sure to have a lot of fun opening lots of delicious bakeries, and baking with Lizzie. Step by step, you will become a true baker, ready to create with delicious and beautiful cakes. The plot is simple, and extremely fun. You will help Lizzie open a bakery, and then a chain of other bakeries. Lizzie will help you learn many great recipes from her. From there, you can create delicious cakes yourself. Lizzie and you will create the best cakes together, take orders from all over the world, make lots of money and buy more things (like lots of ingredients, new recipes, new items. , and also a new store).

My Bakery Empire has an easy guide to help you get started. You take specific orders from your customers, then research the recipe. Even if the customer presents a difficult challenge, just serve them with a smile. Make sure to create the cake with the right design from the customer, then you will receive happiness and rewards. You must ensure that they receive the correct words from their customers. There are a lot of things to care about, and you need to keep in mind to create the right product, whether it’s a muffin, a donut or a cake.

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My Bakery Empire brings joy through great cooking sessions. You learn how to bake tons of desserts from lots of delicious recipes. You’ll bake the best desserts ever, from yogurt-yogurt smoothies to princess birthday cakes. You also learned how to create awesome delicious cupcakes. You may become a professional baker after completing the game. You try to make your cake more fancy with colorful, creative decorations. Don’t let your creativity in decoration be limited, think of amazing styles to challenge yourself. After completing many quests, put makeup on Lizzie. You will be happy and excited to see Lizzie look like a real baker. The game has a lot of items to change her appearance, give her a lovely chef hat and a cute apron. The difference in appearance of Lizzie will bring more fun to play after a long time.

My Bakery Empire has many different challenges. You need to focus on improving the quality of the cake, and improving your skills. After a long time, show off your pastry-making skills in baking competitions and bakery fairs. The events / competitions are tough, but you will learn a lot more, and get great rewards when you win first place. Try to make money from your customers through the store’s good service. Of course, you use the money to open new bakery shops, and grow your bakery brand globally with Lizzie. The game also supports popular languages ​​including English, Chinese, and French.

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My Bakery Empire is designed for children, so the controls are extremely simple. You mainly tap or swipe your finger on the screen to select items as required. Then, you keep tapping the screen to interact with the characters. So easy!

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Graphics and sound

My Bakery Empire has lovely 3D graphics, vibrant colors, and game design is for girls. You will easily get acquainted with a pastry shop, and become the best baker when you see attractive cakes. In short, the graphics are high quality, and colorful. The sound is very cheerful with gentle music, slow rhythm.

You try “Cooking Madness” if you love adventure about chefs. The game allows you to become a restaurant owner, control ingredients / menus, show great cooking skills and become the manager of a successful restaurant during the Ice Age.

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My Bakery Empire is a great pastry shop simulation game. You will accompany Lizzie- a young girl with a lot of experience in baking. You and Lizzie will together build a reputation, and become the most famous bakery in the world. The game has an interesting story about great pastries. You have the opportunity to make many famous cakes, and challenge your skills from special orders of all types of customers. In addition, you can make other popular cakes such as cookies, jam cakes and other sweets. It’s great to relax after a day of work with nice, delicious cakes with Lizzie.

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