Idle Ants – Simulator MOD APK 4.6.0 (Unlimited Money)

Idle Ants – Simulator MOD APK 4.6.0 (Unlimited Money)

February 23, 2024


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Idle Ants – Simulator Game is an ant-themed simulated placement experience mobile game launched by the foreign game company Madbox. Players will control a weak ant empire in the game. You will start collecting from the first leaf. Finally, you can create your large-scale ant empire. As the ant colony continues to grow, the ants will gradually devour other bugs, hot dogs, and even airplanes. What the player has to do is to increase the speed, number, and power of the ants.

Idle Ants – Simulator Game is a unique cartoon simulation business game. You need to build your empire and send your ant soldiers to plunder all the food. The game offers a cartoon style that will not cause people to be uncomfortable. Your forces can also upgrade their strength and move larger objects. This time, the developer brings the Android version of Idle Ants – Simulator Game to the phone. People who like cartoon casual simulation games may love to try it.


Ants are the real masters of the underground. They can build their cities and expand their territories long before humans can build houses. Now, you can enter the territory of ants and witness the process of their organization and construction until they take shape.

You will command an ever-expanding colony of ants and let them devour more bugs, hot dogs, and even airplanes. Let your army of ants swallow everything in front of you. Finally, they can earn the gold coins that you can use. The ants are waiting for a new commander. Will it be you?

Idle Ants – Simulator Game is a mobile game based on the development and growth of the ant empire. With the increase in the number of levels, players will command their ant empire to harvest leaves, cookies, bagels, and other food in the game. You will control the ant to put various types of food into the bag, decompose, and drag it into its tree hole. Then you will earn income to enhance the ant empire. The game comes with a cute cartoon style, simple placement, bright and simple graphics, and a smooth and fun experience. They bring players a refreshing and casual pleasure.

Feature Gameplay

The core gameplay of Idle Ants – Simulator Game lies in placement. You only need to place the game to proceed. Of course, to improve the progress of the game, players can use the revenue to increase three basic attributes. The attributes are to speed up the movement and increase the number of ants to strengthen power. With the improvement of attributes, the efficiency of the ants is getting higher. And as it opens the levels, the items that the ants need to dismantle and carry are getting bigger. They can even devour all kinds of bugs. You need to eliminate all the items that can be eliminated to earn income, improve yourself, and strengthen yourself.

In the game, you can upgrade and expand your territory to make it a powerful ant empire. Then, the full use of your workers and increase their efficiency. Remember to stimulate the greatest potential of worker ants. There are more fresh challenges and combat experience. Show you a different passionate adventure and unlock valuable content. You can experience the most interesting gameplay in the game and observe the survival world.

After working hard to recruit 20 ants, click the Queen button to recruit queens. And the queens will give birth to you. The 100% slot above means that you can control the output. Some production consumes resources and only then needs to be adjusted. Otherwise, it is 100%.

When there are more resources, the number of recruits will increase. The effect of recruiting one by one is the same as the effect of recruiting many times. Recruitment has an increase in output attributes. When the first queen is produced, there will be an option for Nest. Nest can produce ant snails, but he has to have 200 queens and other conditions.

At the end of the game, you can build a new colony to travel. Meet the specified conditions. When the conditions are met, a new world will appear for you to choose from. Choose the world you have thought of and get experience points. Experience points can adjust some basic attributes. When you accumulate a lot of experience, you will have better production conditions next time you enter another world.

There is a technology called Evolution. It can make your experience value three times more. But the conditions for paying five times more, consider whether to use it. Using experience points can make it easier in the next world.

Graphic Designs

The screen of Idle Ants – Simulator Game is cute. The game has a white background matched with soft colors. The game offers realistic shapes, simple scenes, and refreshing collocation.

It brings comfortable visual enjoyment to players. Various cute ants have different moving actions. When disassembling various props on the level, the scene of tearing up the props is also very real. The refreshing and concise picture, the flow of the game experience, the realistic props and ant shapes, and the lively and cute game interface design create a natural and comfortable pleasure.

Pocket Ants: Colony Simulator is a very creative simulation mobile game. In the game, the player is about to play as a queen ant. Lead your tribe to survive. And expand your territory while also resisting the invasion of various creatures. In the game, the player becomes an ant. You will build an ant nest, search for food, and defend the Queen. You can watch the interesting life of ants up close and experience the fun of observing ants underground in your childhood.

The map is bigger. There are more units, enemies, weather, and random disasters such as birds and beasts, and people passing by. Fight against all kinds of foreign enemies, such as spiders, bumblebees, and beetles. Summon your ant colony to attack them.

Pocket Ants: Colony Simulator is a fascinating simulation survival game. The mobile game emphasizes the limited definition design style. Your daily task is to build ant nests, find food materials, and maintain the nests. You can watch the interesting daily life of ants up close and feel the joy of observing ants underground in childhood.

Resist a variety of foreign opponents such as search engine spiders. Gather your ecosystem to launch an attack on them. In the game, players can also try many different gameplay methods, giving your ant colony a more rapid development trend;

Final Words

The cartoon style and the soft color matching of Idle Ants – Simulator Game MOD APK gives the player a lovely feeling at first glance. Watching the little ants slowly move pieces of props into their holes. In this way, a sense of well-being arises spontaneously. There is no need to operate too much. As long as you quietly watch these cute little guys keep moving, you can help the player heal the tired body and mind.

Although this game has the label of placement and simulation on the surface, the game can still feel the soothing and relaxing feeling during the experience. If you like idle casual game, please do not miss these Idle Ants – Simulator Game. At present, Idle Ants – Simulator Game is ranked 8th in the Google Play Store official free game list with over one million installations. They rate the content as suitable for everyone with nearly 2500 reviews and a rating of 3.6.

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