RTS Siege Up MOD APK 1.1.106r12 (Unlimited Resources)

RTS Siege Up MOD APK 1.1.106r12 (Unlimited Resources)

February 20, 2024


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Unlimited Resources

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Medieval Period is a period that has a lot of changes. And there are many films that were born to reproduce this period. This is also an ideal topic of action or strategy games. RTS Siege Up is one of the games. The game’s full name is RTS Siege Up! – Medieval Warfare Strategy Offline. RTS Siege Up belongs to a strategy genre. In the game, a player can be a commander who gives commands to each unit or whole army. Let’s explore different things which you can perform in RTS Siege Up.

Friendly and simple graphic

RTS Siege Up is the game that has been built and published by ABUKSIGUN. They are a small indie team in Japan that makes the high quality games. You can just install the game on Android devices. RTS Siege Up is just available on Google Play and free to download.

Besides, the publisher has used the friendly and simple 3D graphic to bring real experiences for the players. You can see all things from above. Human, buildings, trees to river, bridge, boats, … Especially, the season and weather system will make the game become more realistic. Moreover, each season will have an effect on the production process of the kingdom. Your kingdom will be covered in snow in the winter. You will see many trees in the spring. Also you have to deal with the bad weather condition while fighting. The diversity of season and weather helps RTS Siege Up to become more attractive.

In addition, sound of the game is very lively. You can hear the song of birds, the sounds that when characters are chopping wood or harvesting rice. Dramatic soundtrack is in battles. And many effects have also added to the game such as fires. Or dust appears when the buildings are built.

RTS Siege Up screen 0

Build and develop your kingdom

Start the game, the players are in an island. Their first mission is to explore the island and collect resources. But you need to be careful because pirates can be on this island. You will need food to sustain life here. You have to peasants and send them to a farm. To train the peasants, you need food. You will have produce much food. But you have needed to build the farm before. Click on a blue button and choose the farm to build. The farm can be built only on grass, so you shouldn’t choose different locations to build. Now the peasants can work and produce food. Besides, the player needs a lot of woods to build others things such as houses, warships, … Now you need to train a worker and send him to the forest to bring the woods for you. Training some soldiers is an important thing with your kingdom. They will protect the kingdom from the pirates. But you can’t train people to do all jobs in the game. You have to overcome the battles to unlock the new objects.

In addition, you need to build a solid castle to protect human and king. This is the most important building in the kingdom. There are many works in RTS Siege Up that you have to build to protect and develop your kingdom. The diversity of the works brings pleasures for the game. You not only build but also can upgrade the buildings to increase efficiency, improve and develop the kingdom.

RTS Siege Up screen 1

Build the strong army to protect the kingdom

A war is an unavoidable thing with your kingdom. The different kingdoms will want to expand their land. So you need to build the strong army to protect your kingdom from the wars. In RTS Siege Up, you can train many people to do the different job. Archers are effective against lightly armored units. Heavy swordsmen are almost invulnerable to the archers. Knights (cavalry) are effective against archers and catapults. You can also make many weapons and transports. For example, ballista is effective against catapults and convenient to put on walls to defend during a siege. Catapults can destroy the walls. The projectile of the catapult can injure all objects in the radius of destruction. So you shouldn’t use the catapults while your soldiers are fighting. The warship will be convenient for attacking objects on land. The character, weapon or transport will have different prices. Let’s think carefully before you decide to buy something.

RTS Siege Up screen 3

If you want to build the strong army, you need some buildings to trains the melee soldiers, archers or crossbowmen, … such as barracks, shooting range. The solid walls will be difficult to destroy. In the game, the walls completely destroyed can still be repaired. This helps you to save time and you won’t have to build and upgrade the new walls. If you want, you still can use the things that you have done to invade the different kingdom.

In addition, there are up to 17 languages in RTS Siege Up. Those languages are English, Russian, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Turkish, Vietnamese, Bahasa Indonesia, Japanese, Korean, Thai, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Polish. You can choose the language to display in Setting of the game. But if the country you are living uses one of the above languages, the game will automatically set your country’s language.

RTS Siege Up screen 2

The good strategy game is for many people

Simple 3D graphic and vivid sound are elements that help the players to experience the game better. Besides, you can also relax with RTS Siege Up everywhere because the game doesn’t require connecting the Internet. In addition, the diversity of the building and army helps the player to create the kingdom for themselves. Build the medieval castle with the walls of stone or wood. Train the melee soldiers, the archers or the cavalry without artificial timers. Collect the resources and evolve economy. And you don’t have to worry about losing the progress thank to an autosave system. Let’s build the mighty kingdom.

Moreover, the players also need to protect your kingdom from the attack of the different kingdoms. The game allows you to give commands to each unit or whole army. You will have to build the army according to the plan and complete different types of missions in campaign. So you need good skills and strategies. This helps you improve the management skill and an ability to analyze. Let’s install RTS Siege Up and experience the interesting things.

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