Clone Armies MOD APK 9022.16.03 (Unlimited Money)

Clone Armies MOD APK 9022.16.03 (Unlimited Money)

September 24, 2023


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Clone Armies offers a simple operation. The game comes with retro Q-cute graphics. In the game, there will be two armies of red and blue. Players must first choose the army you want to join and fight with another team. During the battle, armored trucks and other war machines can crush the opponent to win.

There are unique features of Clone Armies version as the war theme based on the gameplay of the red and blue army. It displays the army in the game in cute Q-version cartoon characters. But the intensity of the war will not decrease. You will control your army and fight the enemy by using high technology to gain victory. The game features war machinery such as gunships, armored trucks, and other advanced equipment to crush the opponent and win the war.

Clone Armies is a unique shooting game. The clone group has a lot of challenging missions with exciting surprises in each mission. Be smart while making your clone because it will do the same move that you have already done. The design of the game is magnificent. There are different ways to complete the task. Use your strategic thinking skills and complete tasks. Earn chest-like capsules for rewards, collect powerful new units and equipment, and upgrade existing ones. Choose your unit and different clones and design your army from mini guns to wield soldier jet packs or tanks.

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General Information

Clone Armies is a unique shooting game. Control your little legions to kill the opposing enemies. The game is simple to operate and easy to learn. It comes with different levels and different tasks to master your skill. You can quickly download the game to understand the mystery.

From our perspectives, Clone Armies is a mobile phone game with a Q-print-style shooting war theme. The operation is simple and easy to use. And the gameplay is classic. In the game, players can use war machineries such as gunships and armored trucks to crush opponents and win the war. Welcome to download and experience the Clone Armies.

The game’s armies are a cute Q-version of the cartoon character image display. But the war did not reduce the intensity. Control your army and fight the enemy. Also, use high technology to arm your army. The game comes with war machineries such as gunships and armored trucks to crush your opponents and complete all the missions.

Get ready to defeat your opponents in the expected PVP multiplayer mode. You can play casual battles with your friends or dive right into the ranked game and climb the leaderboards. There are many types of military equipment to customize your base and deploy cloned troops to protect your cloned machine. Then crush the enemy base carefully and strategically.

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How to play Clone Armies?

Clone Armies is a unique shooting game. In the game, control your little legions to kill the opposing enemies. If you have enough resources, you can clone countless fighters to defend. The game is simple to operate and easy to learn, with different levels and different tasks to choose from. The number of gold coins in the game is unlimited. Please hurry and download the game to understand the gameplay.

Clone Armies is an action shooting game produced by Elecube. If the player is killed by the enemy, the level will restart. And there will be an extra character to help you play the game. The more you die, the more partners you will have. And these clones will help complete the game and even use different weapons and vehicles. The game has a certain difficulty as your clones increase.

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When playing Clone Armies, it is a very casual horizontal version of 2D breakthrough games. The game has a unique card. Players need to form a powerful and intelligent clone army to destroy the enemy and complete the challenge. With a wealth of weapons and props and the ultimate strategy battle, you can download and try if you are interested.

Clone Armies is a very cartoon-like strategy casual mobile game. In the game, players need to form an army of clones composed of different arms. And then, go to the game to fight against other players. Players can also create various weapons and equipment for their soldiers to improve their combat effectiveness. For detailed content, please come to download and experience.

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The Age of War is an exciting and completely free game that combines defense and strategy for mobiles. In the game, you will use the goalkeeper strategy to help the prehistoric people defeat the enemy and gradually strengthen into modern humans. The war of prehistoric people will last from one era to another during his evolution. It divides the game into five eras. You will move on to the next era if enough exp. To get experience, players need to destroy as many enemies as possible.

The player’s task is to destroy the lair of the enemy and protect his stronghold. Build combat units, defensive towers, and use supportive powers like fireballs to repel enemy attacks. The decisive factor of winning this game is that you must have a strategy and unlock new units and defense vehicles. The game has a gameplay similar to that of castle players like Plants vs. Zombies. Players will create different combat units and use them appropriately. To unlock and create military units and systems, players will have to collect enough energy.

In each era, there will be different military and defense systems. The controls are also simple. You need to click on the icon to perform the operations. The game comprises two essential parts, including the status bar and the battlefield. The status bar will have four subsections of Prehistoric Units, Turrets, Special Support, and Upgrades.


Clone Armies is a good shooting mobile game. Your task is to control other soldiers to fight. You can use your resources to clone more corps to help you fight. Clone Armies is a horizontal clearance and shooting game. You cannot defeat the enemy alone. Control your little legions to kill the opposing enemies.

The clone force is a frictional force that appeared in Star Wars. We initially regarded this powerful force as a savior to save the Republic. But in fact, the cloned army was a key step for the Sith to avenge the Jedi and establish the Galactic Empire. Their brains were implanted with Order 66 to slaughter the Jedi.

If you have enough resources, you can clone countless soldiers to defend the war. The game is simple to operate and easy to use, with different levels and different tasks. Clone Armies has been cracked by in-app purchases. All paid services are free to use, and it supports the flight mode.

Overall, it is a fun and exciting mini version of the war theme game. The game coins will be unlimited. Come and play the most adventurous military game with outstanding game mechanics and intuitive controls. You can clone multiple times until you defeat the enemy.

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