Tiny Archers MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

Tiny Archers MOD APK (Unlimited Money)

1DER Entertainment Unlimited Money

1DER Entertainment has released the game Tiny Archers on the Play Store. The primary goal of the game is to protect your fortress from the green goblins by shooting arrows to destroy them. Be careful as the game can be addictive!

Tiny Archers is a simple but highly addictive game that allows you to discover characters, fight a lot of enemies, and unlock magic arrows and skills. The game is quite similar to Angry Birds, but it brings its vibe that no free game has thanks to the beautiful graphics and the changing context.

The game offers you three characters to choose from. But at the start of the game, it only allows you to choose the mortal Adam. Once you have defeated the evil enemy with Adam, you will unlock two more characters of the fairy Lily and the dwarf Narin. The game will guide you step by step by explaining how to protect your fortress from enemy attacks. In short, shoot arrows within a limit in the most effective way to kill all enemies.

After each mission, you will receive gems. This gem is used to make armor or activate special skills such as pouring molten asphalt on the goblins. As you pass more stages, more goblins will appear. And the giant goblins will also appear. What if you run out of arrows? Do not worry! You can use gems to buy more names for yourself. Use those arrows effectively and try to shoot the arrows accurately. Once you run out of arrows, the goblins will climb up the tower and destroy you.

General Information

1DER Entertainment has launched Tiny Archers, an exciting production with castle defense similar to Castlestorm. Tiny Archers has three principal characters for gamers to choose from and a lot of opponents or goblins to compete with their players. But the fundamental challenge of the game is the ability to align, calculate the flight path of the look similar to Angry Birds.

Tiny Archers promise to bring more experience than everything gamers know about this genre. In the storyline, you will join the journey in the towers and fight against countless enemies who are threatening to intimidate you. Tiny Archers possesses a slow, steady play speed, creating many opportunities, and providing time for players to blow. Therefore, you will have the feeling that the fight is not too long and not overloaded with a series of events taking place in a row.

As mentioned, the basic gameplay of the game is the style of horizontal action like Angry Birds. However, based on each enemy, each of your strategies will change accordingly. Some characters were heavily armored, so they walked extremely hard. Others were moving swiftly and stormily and hard to shape. You own bows and arrows with original powers, helping you to defeat enemies as quickly as possible.

Takedown the enemy and become the strongest warrior Tiny Archers. The game will bring you challenging and action-packed game experiences. Tiny Archers stands out in its simple yet impressive quality game design. Tilting the screen and leaning forward allows you to show when a fresh attack is coming. It also works similarly in Menu. When you are holding your device firmly, if you move it up or down, left or right, the screen will only move slightly. All the movements of Tiny Archers become very delicate and beautiful.

Tiny Archers allows you to play the role of three distinct characters. After you finish the first defense with Adam, you switch to Lily and Narin. Each battle will last for a certain number of days, like the one with Adam lasting for 24 days corresponding to 24 levels. Besides, there are many values ​​that Tiny Archers brings to players, waiting to discover even when finished.

How to Play Tiny Archers?

In Tiny Archers, you will play one of three principal characters of humans, dwarfs, and fairies to fight against the invasion of goblins that landed to destroy your castle. The good news is that you are fully equipped with bows and arrows because you will need them in battle.

Castle defense games have existed for quite a long time, but the most popular is Angry Birds. Tiny Archers are similar. You are in a castle, but many goblins are approaching the tower with the intent of destruction. Your goal now is to destroy the enemies before they enter your castle.

This mobile game lets you use a bow so you can pull out and aim at the enemy. However, depending on the situation, your strategy in the game may change. For example, armored enemies and slow-moving, you need to shoot something heavier to eliminate them. But for the others who move faster, you must stop them before you can consider destroying them. It will be easy for the player in the first stages, but as time goes on. The number of enemy troops will overwhelm you.

Tiny Archers allows you to play the role of three original characters. After you have completed the first quest with Adam, you can move on to Lily and Narin. Besides, there will be a blacksmith helping you in crafting armor and upgrading your attack, and the defense system is done by spending coins or gems that you earn in the game. However, because it is a free game when playing Archers Tiny, you still have to endure frequent advertisements on the screen.

Overall Assessments

Tiny Archers is an attractive archery game on mobile in 2017, possessing new gameplay and high-quality graphics. Game sound is the point of success of this game. In the game about a war between a kingdom, our heroes are archers recruited from the royal army who have stopped them day and night. Are you ready to adventure into the world of the Tiny Archers game?

In Tiny Archers, it will transform you into one of the four gunners who use a bow and arrow to make a weapon. Your task and the chief character in the game are to stand on the high castle to discharge the arrows at the running demons. You will try to overcome the defensive barrier to get inside the kingdom.

Tiny Archers gameplay is straightforward. The chief character will stand still in the castle without moving. Touch the screen to navigate the narrow path to hit the target. There will be a lot of demons running in, so you need to shoot quickly and accurately. It will die in the first place, then hit the foot will reduce its movement speed and some of its health.

Tiny Archers has a rich number of levels that are divided into many days, from forested areas to large temples in the kingdom. With each passing day, the difficulty and the strength of the other demons also increase. It is why we need to use the most optimal weapons in fighting ability. After each level, visit the blacksmith to upgrade your bow to become stronger, so your power increases too. Each shot can kill the demon immediately, without spending as many arrows as before.

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The Catapult 2 is the sequel to the famous game about the brave soldier thanks to the catapult on top of the tower he protected his castle from destruction from the army of javelins. You will take on the role of a countryman standing on top of towers and use different means of defense and weapons to protect your base against enemy attacks.

Final Words

In Tiny Archers MOưD APK, you will transform into an archer with the basic skill of archery against an army of giant goblins and demons. Not only simply raise the bow and shoot, but you also have to align the goblin’s distance, time, and movement speed to pin the correct arrow to their head. It sounds like the game is very violent, but it is a highly entertaining and emotional game. With beautiful graphics, attractive storyline, Tiny Archers will be the best game that you should try.

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