Idle Wizard School MOD APK 1.9.7 (Unlimited Money)

Idle Wizard School MOD APK 1.9.7 (Unlimited Money)

October 11, 2023


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Currently, the app stores have a wide variety of game genres with different ways of playing. It cannot be denied that idle games are gradually dominating the player market with attractive and straightforward gameplay.

When it comes to idle games, Hotel Empire Tycoon or Idle Shopping Mall are indispensable applications. In the same game genre, Idle Wizard School is an emerging game and receives many positive comments from players. If you start to get excited, let me learn about this game!


First of all, what is an idle game? When playing this game genre, you will start with something small. Then you will have to find ways to upgrade and develop it. You can earn virtual money (in the game) through objects that the game offers from the start and use it to buy better features.

The important thing here is how big and massive you can grow your property. This game genre is moderately paced and slow. It does not push you like action games, but it is not dull either.

If you are a loyal fan of Harry Potter, Idle Wizard School will be an extremely suitable game for you. With an idle and exciting gameplay, you will experience many new things at the wizard school.

The developer has based on various wizarding stories to make up the plot and gameplay of this game. You will transform into one of the students at the wizard school and do amazing things. What could be better than experiencing a new and exciting world?

Use coins to build and make your school of witchcraft more and more developed. When playing Idle Wizard School, you will receive detailed instructions from the beginning, so you do not have to worry too much about playing. However, you should make sure your adventures run smoothly by paying attention to potion crafting’s raw ingredients.

In Idle Wizard School, you can not only do simple tasks but also explore the magical world by yourself or build classes and dorms. Many other features are waiting for you.

Story of Idle Wizard School

As I said above, Idle Wizard School has a simple gameplay and nothing too impressive. Its gameplay is similar to idle games of the same type. But what makes this game so desirable?

Perhaps transforming into a student in witch school is a long dream for Harry Potter fans. And Idle Wizard School can ultimately help you make this wish. It is one of the essential factors that make this game more popular.

Although idle games have similar gameplay, you will enter into an endless cycle of earning money to upgrade, and then making money again. But each player can transform it in hundreds of different ways. Your growth rate will depend on which path you choose.

Idle Wizard School allows you to build schools from scratch. You start with a small dormitory and a train station that fetches students to school.

Your most important task is quite simple; it is to upgrade each classroom’s teaching quality so that students can be more interested in learning. If students learn better and faster, your school will become more and more popular. Besides making more money, the system will allow you to unlock new parts of the building. Here, you can choose to teach many other subjects.

It can be said that the gameplay of Idle Wizard School is like a cycle. You have to find ways to make money, think about investing in cash, and grow your school. In this game, students are illustrated by little characters wearing pointed hats. They move randomly through classes and study with the teacher until class ends. They will then automatically pay you the fee and make room for other students. Redundant students in the classroom will feel bored when the teacher is present. There are two possible scenarios: they wait for their turn, or they switch to another classroom.

Besides, you must manage your dormitory. A dormitory has a certain number of rooms at any given time. You must clearly define the size of the dormitory and upgrade it gradually. However, the dormitory has the maximum level of upgrade.

For students to be able to attend campus regularly, you must upgrade the length and speed of your student train. Each train will arrive in 15 seconds with five cabins. In total, your school will host 80 new students every minute.

Features of Idle Wizard School

Upgrade and Train Excellent Wizards to Motivate Students

First of all, you can upgrade the following three primary features:

Class level: demonstrate the quality of teaching in your school. Students will pay more if the grade level is higher.

Teacher: you can see the number of classes going on at the same time as the teacher. For each class, you can only hire a maximum of 5 teachers. If you have many teachers, they will help you reduce the number of students waiting for your turn. It also means that you make more money every minute that passes.

Salary: shows the speed at which the teacher works. Don’t worry because you won’t be paying them as often through constant financial attrition. With a 5% increase, you will have to pay and increase their fictitious salary. If you pay them a lot of money, students will get a reduction in their work time. It will help you quickly pick up new students in one class hour, and your income will increase.

If you want to check the current situation, the system will show you a window with much important information. Here, you will find out:

  • Current grade level
  • How many pennies the class earns per minute
  • How much will the participants pay for each lesson?
  • The number of teachers you have hired. From there, you will determine the number of classes you have in time.
  • Duration: How long is each session.
  • Waiting in line: the number of excess students who have no seats in the classroom and are waiting their turn

Naturally, the system will surprise you when you reach certain milestones (levels 25, 50, 100, etc.). The gift this game developer gives you is a novel image and text showing what is being taught at your school. This feature is exciting and stimulates the player’s curiosity.

The producers mainly relied on the Harry Potter classes, but they still refer to several other famous movies. To detect them, you must participate in the game.

I will give an example that you will find interested in, which is the Pilots class. This class uses the Quidditch playground. But besides the broomstick, students can ride many other flying objects. Of course, the items are incredibly diverse, from flying cars, flying mats to a fan resembling Aang’s stick in the blockbuster movie “Avatar”. Students can even pass by a small cloud-like in “Dragon Ball”. It is interesting.

If you want to switch layers without using the map, click the arrows at the bottom. It won’t be as complicated as using the map. Usually, you will not have to go to where the classroom is located on the map if you want to upgrade this class. All you need to do is touch a random layer. The system will show you a window, and you use the arrow to move to the page you want.

Accept Investment for Higher Returns

The outstanding feature of idle games is that you have to invest in making a profit actively. When you have accumulated a certain amount in Idle Wizard School, the system will prompt you to start over. But it is not starting from scratch that you will expand the school and many other branches. At this point, you may have to use up your accumulated money.

I know this is going to be incredibly annoying when I hear it. When I used up all my accumulated money, I also felt that I had lost everything and got nothing. Everything I tried to build was lost. But don’t worry, every time you create something new, you will get a very high return on it. Starting from there, you can build and accumulate what you’ve lost.

You will need a lot of money to upgrade to higher levels. And without these features, you won’t be able to access them. It sounds a bit funny, but you can be as old as Dumbledore by the time you unlock the final grade if you do not build other schools. Trust me. I am on the fifth build right now.

Besides, Idle Wizard School has many other features waiting for you to experience:

  • Increase income by actively upgrading buildings
  • Even if you do not play the game, you can still receive coins
  • Attract more students to school by unlocking multiple classes, upgrading dormitory, reaching more characters
  • Many classes of witchcraft and potion craft are waiting for students to explore
  • Complete the quests the system assigns you to make the mage classes even more interesting

Some Tips to Help You Build Your Own Wizard School Quickly

Pay Attention to the Stores Regularly to Increase Income

You will have four different stores on the right side of the bedroom. These stores will often make money for you. Don’t forget to collect these regularly as they can bring in a lot of money.

However, the player cannot upgrade or develop it by himself in any way. But rest assured because they will often bring you a stable and full income. Just remember to collect them to keep your profits growing.

Complete the Tasks Assigned by the System

Idle Wizard School will, in turn, assign you the tasks. Naturally, the leading focus players aim for is completing each of those missions. They work quite clearly and give you detailed instructions. You will know what you have to do, upgrade to structure like. Once completed, you will receive an amount corresponding to the difficulty of the quest.

Note that focusing on the task assigned is the most important thing. Every time the game asks you to upgrade one of your classes to a certain level, pay attention to that quest. For example, your task changes to you having to reach a certain number of students at a particular time. You will be playing for free by purchasing new content and upgrading all classes for optimal profit.

Idle Wizard School screen 4

Do not Forget Mysterion – The Dragon

Occasionally, you will see a golden dragon waiting in the podium before entering the actual school grounds just above the dorms. That dragon is called Mysterion. It will often give you reasonable offers. You need to do a few simple tips to get a lot of money, usually will be watching video ads.

Although it will take you time to choose, you will only need to spend ten seconds watching the ad. Then you will receive great gifts. See the ad to increase your income.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Have to Update the Station Regularly?

Over time, students will finish their courses and graduate. To keep the magic school active, you must enroll new students. The station upgrade will help you invite more students. From there, you can also earn more money and improve your income. The station will tell you how long it takes the train to take students to your magic school.

Why Do I Need to Upgrade and Build More Classes at Idle Wizard School?

Each class will offer students a variety of courses. Of course, the tuition fees will not be precisely the same. Based on each course, students will have to pay a certain amount. If you build new classes, you will get more money because they cost more than the old classes.

At magic school, your primary source of profit is the tuition you earn from students. Building more layers will help you make more coins. Each new class will be better than the old ones. The last class that you can open is the best and most money class. Let’s focus on this.

Idle Wizard School screen 2

What Benefits Will I Receive If I Move to A New City?

After you move to a new city, you will receive an increased income. But the condition is that you must have enough coins. First, open the map view and tap Touchez’s Next Island. It will bring up an information page about the island for you to check. Thereby, you can adjust and increase your income. Besides the missions that the game assigns you, your main goal is to unlock all the cities.

Final Thoughts

In general, Idle Wizard School MOD APK has simple gameplay but extremely attractive to players. In particular, if anyone is a fan of Harry Potter, he will be too interested in this game. You will experience the feeling of living in a magical world.

While running a witch school can be a big challenge, it will bring you lots of fun and new things. When you follow the instructions given by the game, you will feel much more manageable. Hopefully, through this review, you will be ready to experience Idle Wizard School.

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