Smartphone Tycoon 2 MOD APK 3.0.8 (Unlimited Money)

Smartphone Tycoon 2 MOD APK 3.0.8 (Unlimited Money)

October 29, 2023


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Roastery Games
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Unlimited money

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It’s undeniably that the smartphone industry is currently the most competitive and prosperous field for various tech firms and companies to vie for. And if you can best your opponents and make it big in the industry, you can have your own billion-dollar companies. For that reason, those of you who’re interested in these types of experiences will certainly find themselves enjoying this awesome mobile title from Roastery Games.

Here, you can enjoy your ultimate in-game smartphone tycoon simulation experiences with in-depth gameplay and exciting features. Feel free to start your own smartphone companies and develop your interesting products. Compete with the top companies and earn your major successes to make it big in the smartphone industry. Become the ultimate tycoon and make billions with your businesses.

Find out more about the awesome gameplay of Smartphone Tycoon 2 with our reviews.


In the game, Android gamers will have their chances to enjoy the addictive simulation experiences as you become the tycoon of your own smartphone company. Start your businesses by having a clear plan on how you should progress in the business. Get your office ready and you can start working with the very first employees. Dive deep into the smartphone businesses with multiple aspects and elements.

Learn how you can research the market and outsmart your opponents with your new products. Target the different groups of customers with your suitable products. Explore the in-depth and interesting experiences as you attempt to design and create your own smartphones. Balance between the budgets and your predicted revenues to make wise business decisions.

Sell your products and have them well-received by customers from all over the world. Grow your business and find yourself enjoying the awesome in-game experiences of Smartphone Tycoon 2, in which you’ll become the ultimate tycoon and compete with the top companies of Apple, Samsung, and the likes.

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Here are all the amazing features that the game has to offer:

Play as an existing firm or create your own company

To start with, Android gamers in Smartphone Tycoon 2 will find themselves enjoying the awesome in-game experiences by enjoying different in-game options. Start your exciting journey as you enjoy playing as existing smartphone firms, or create your own company with your name on it. Begin the game with a humble office and just a few employees, but you’re confident that your company can go far. Now, let’s begin your ultimate quest to conquer the smartphone industry.

Manage your offices with various options

Start the game in your office, where most of the management and business decisions will be made. Feel free to explore the environments and enjoy unique office setups depend on your personal interest. Manage your employees with multiple commands to keep the workflow. And at the same time, you can always pick up multiple upgrades and expansions to make the office better suit your company.

Smartphone Tycoon 2 screenshot 1

Dive into the in-depth smartphone design interface

To make the game more interesting, Android gamers will find themselves enjoying the in-depth and interesting smartphone design interface. Have access to complete and interactive editing options as you freely customize and design your smartphones. Feel free to try out multiple features and designs on your different prototypes. Decide on your own by judging from the market researches and expert’s opinions. It’s pretty much the same as PC Creator: PC Building Simulator. But this time, you’ll have an entire business to take care of. Roll out the best products for certain targeted customer groups and achieve great success with your new smartphones.

Work at the HR and hire your new employees

In the game, Android gamers will also have their chances to work at the HR and dive into the in-depth activities. Feel free to browse the list of different applicants, check on their different stats and specs. Decide on your own whether should you invest in certain characters to get your company going. Be a great boss and balance all their different traits to optimize their overall performances.

Smartphone Tycoon 2 screenshot 3

Research for new functions and features as you progress

Moreover, as you begin the game, many functions and features will not be available for users to make uses of. Hence, as you progress in the game, it’s important for Android gamers to make uses of the research function and have their team to work on multiple aspects of the business. This would allow you to improve the overall workflow and performance of the company.

Here, you can unlock access to new functions and features for the smartphone tycoon businesses. And at the same time, explore new technologies and features that you can have on your new smartphone designs. Unlock awesome designs to edge out your opponents in the fierce competition.

Explore the interesting marketing options

For those of you who’re interested, you can now enjoy the exciting marketing gameplay in Smartphone Tycoon 2. Find yourself creating your own fan base and improve the sales with the rightful marketing strategies and plans. And at the same time, feel free to have fun with the in-depth simulation experiences as you enjoy the exciting marketing features to the fullest. Customize and personalize your own plans to win against the competitors at introducing your new products to the customers.

Smartphone Tycoon 2 screenshot 2

Build your own OS and earn license money

Moreover, as you progress in the game and have built for yourself a major fan base of millions, along with the available technologies, you can attempt to personalize the business and have all the services provided by your own company. Here, you can build and design your own OS to apply them to your products. Give the user their new and refreshing experiences with the smartphone OS that you’ve designed. And earn better revenue, now that you’ve had the technologies on your hands.

See all the created smartphones and their sales

Also, whenever you need to check on your created smartphones, along with their sales and users’ feedback, you can easily select the smartphone options. Have fun exploring the awesome gameplay of Smartphone Tycoon 2 as you manage the sale reports and come up with certain strategies to approach the markets, judging on the sales of the different products.

Compete with the top companies

And of course, for those of you who’re interested, you can now enjoy your ultimate in-game competition with the top companies across the world. Expect fierce competition from major companies like Apple, Huawei, Samsung, and many others as you join the smartphone industry. Come up with refreshing designs, pick your rightful marketing strategies, and make wise business decisions to earn the advantages. Edge out your opponents to earn more in the competitive smartphone industry. Feel free to check the ranking of all the available smartphone brands and see how far you’ve gotten.

Read the News and experience real-time events

To make the game more interesting, Android gamers ill Smartphone Tycoon 2 will also find themselves having access to the interesting news and in-game events. Here, you can read the most recent news from the smartphone markets and have fun with interesting real-time events. Always keep yourself up-to-date if you wish to advance in the smartphone business.

Different language options for better immersion

And for those of you who’re interested, the game also offers different language options to allow you to fully immerse in the awesome in-game experiences. Feel free to choose your preferred languages besides English to enjoy the addictive Smartphone Tycoon 2 gameplay. With proper localizations, you’ll surely find the game extremely fun and enjoyable.

Free to play

Despite all the awesome features, Android gamers in Smartphone Tycoon 2 will also find themselves enjoying the exciting gameplay, in which you can have fun with all of its amazing features for free. As a result, you can easily get the game from the Google Play Store without having to pay for anything.

Enjoy unlocked gameplay with our mod

On the other hand, if you’re finding the game being somewhat annoying due to the ads and in-game purchases, then it’s also possible for you to pick up the modified version of the game on our website instead. With this, you can now have fun with unlimited money, removed ads, and interesting in-game features. All it takes is for you to download the Smartphone Tycoon 2 Mod APK, follow the provided instructions, and you should be ready to go.

Visual and sound quality


With simple 3D visuals and realistic footage, Smartphone Tycoon 2 allows Android gamers to fully immersed in their smartphone business. Find yourself completely immersed in the office environments in the game, and at the same time, pick up awesome in-game experiences with actual footages of smartphones and people. Here, you can actually find yourself working in your company and are surrounded by real-world elements. And at the same time, with undemanding graphics, the game is extremely playable on most of your Android devices.


Together with awesome in-game visuals, Android gamers in Smartphone Tycoon 2 will also find themselves completely hooked to the experiences thanks to its powerful in-game audio and music. Feel free to explore the awesome gameplay with intuitive sound effects and enjoy the entire experiences with relaxing soundtracks.

Final thoughts

With unique gameplay and the refreshing topic of smartphone businesses, Android gamers in Smartphone Tycoon 2 will surely find themselves enjoying the awesome mobile title. Feel free to dive into the in-depth smartphone designing, business simulations, and many interesting features in the game.

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