PC Creator MOD APK 6.5.0 (Unlimited Money)

PC Creator MOD APK 6.5.0 (Unlimited Money)

April 6, 2023


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Aren’t you interested in the exciting experiences of building and designing your own PC setups, in which you’ll be able to work with multiple hardware and learn how your PCs actually operate? Looking for an in-depth PC builder experience that will introduce you to exact steps that need to be completed whenever you attempt to create your own PC? Then you’ll certainly find yourself enjoying the awesome gameplay of PC Creator.

Have fun with this amazing Android titles from UltraAndre as you attempt to create multiple gaming rigs and work stations for various purposes and requirements. Feel free to enjoy the interactive works with different computer parts and develop your own career as a PC builder. Enjoy the in-depth simulation gameplay, especially if you’re a PC enthusiast.

Find out more about the awesome gameplay of PC Creator with our complete reviews.


In the game, Android gamers will find themselves playing as a beginner PC builder. Start your work at a rundown studio with little furniture and equipment to access. Here, you’ll start your PC building career by creating your very first PCs from the available components. Advertise them online and start selling your products to others to earn money for your businesses.

Take online requests from PC users who’re looking for a new rig or are attempting to give their old hardware a new upgrade. Complete orders to earn money and also build up your reputation for the businesses. Make uses of multiple upgrades to turn your studio into a decent office, where you can start working on a bigger project. Earn more money as you start to work with better hardware and gain a reputation all over the world.

Here, in PC Creator, Android gamers will find themselves enjoying the realistic and interactive in-game experiences with the incredible PC building gameplay. Find yourself being introduced to the important steps to start creating your new rigs. Browse the market to look for different goods, design and build different PC step-by-step. Explore and experience the enjoyable gameplay of PC Creator as you progress.

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Here are all the amazing features that the game has to offer:

Learn how to build a complete computer

Right off the bat, Android gamers in PC Creator will find themselves having access to the realistic and interactive PC building experiences, in which, you can learn how to build a complete computer from the start to the very end. Explore the different and detailed building options and features that will be introduced in the game, as you enjoy your PC Creator experiences to the fullest.

And at the same time, with the game, Android gamers will also find themselves learning a lot about PC. Hence, you’ll also be able to deal with various problems that are happening to the customer’s rigs, just like a professional. Have fun as you learn to build your computer from scratches, and explore different ways to approach certain problems. The game will certainly interest those of you who’re fascinated by PCs.

Install and test real OS and programs

Have fun with the realistic experiences in PC Creator as you attempt to install real OS and test different programs on your rigs, just like what you would do after assembling the rig. Turn it on to see whether everything is properly connected and set. You can then attempt to install the new OS by going throw all the familiar scenes from inserting the installation USB or disc to witnessing the running processes. It’ll make you feel extra realistic.

The same thing goes for the programs, as the game offers realistic installation of different programs on your PC. From the starting software that are needed to get your computer up and running to the different games that you’ll be benchmarking on the system. The amazing and intuitive features in the game will allow Android gamers to fully immerse in their in-game experiences.

PC Creator screenshot 2

Enjoy playing with the overclock feature

And after you finish building the PC and have all the features properly stress tested with the certain programs, you can attempt to pick up the awesome overclocking experiences in PC Creator, which will allow Android gamers to fully immerse in the experiences. Here, you can freely test out your system’s capabilities with different overclocking options. Enjoy the in-depth and interesting overclock experiences as you attempt to squeeze out every drop of power from your system without breaking it.

Repair and fix broken PC

For those of you who’re interested, you can also have fun with the addictive in-game experiences of PC Creator. Learn how to repair and fix broken PC in multiple conditions with requests being sent from all over the world. Enjoy your exciting interactions with the in-game customers as you attempt to fix their computers. Have fun playing with the different in-game options to try fixing your customers’ computers. Sometimes, all it takes is a simple scan for virus, but on most others, you’ll have to work on multiple hardware problems, which will take real skills and proper instructions.

PC Creator screenshot 3

Customize your rigs with interesting items

And of course, with your PC rigs being completed or repaired, you can also give them refreshing looks with certain customizations in PC Creator. Feel free to add the beautiful water cooler for your PC, put the old parts into a beautiful new case, customize your cases with interesting stickers and graphics. The list goes on, as gamers in PC Creator will find themselves having complete access to the amazing customizations in the game. This is your chance to create the dream case that you’ve always wanted to have.

Complete orders from customers across the world

As you begin your PC creating businesses, the game will also introduce Android gamers the awesome in-game orders, which you can pick up from customers all over the world. Attempt to complete different tasks and requests of all kinds from different PC users, each having their own preferences. Make changes to your system and progress in the awesome gameplay of PC Creator as you enjoy various orders and earn good money.

PC Creator screenshot 4

Upgrade your room with many available features

And for those of you who’re interested, you can now enjoy multiple upgrades on your room as you turn it into a great studio to work on. Have fun picking up the different items and furniture to accommodate more PC building jobs. Earn more and turn your old room into a professional workplace that any PC builder would love to have.

Explore the World Shop and Online Shop

To look for PC parts, users in PC Creator will also find themselves exploring the different shops, from which you can pick up new parts for assembling your rigs. Feel free to explore the World Shop with multiple stores and brands. Get the best price from these local providers as you get into the town to look for parts. Or order everything you need online to save time and always have your order delivered on time. These are the exact things that normal PC builders often go throw during their works, which is also an interesting experience for you to enjoy.

Work in the Bitcoins mining business

Also, with the booming Bitcoins mining businesses, you can also enjoy playing the game by letting your completed PC rigs being used for mining. Feel free to create powerful computer setups that are only created for mining. Earn or lose money as you invest your money in the Bitcoin mining games. Experience the realistic experiences with the Bitcoin market and the businesses as you progress.

Enjoy the game with your online friends

Moreover, for those of you who’re interested, PC Creator also offers exciting online gameplay for you to enjoy with friends. Here, you can enjoy awesome interactions with friends and online gamers from all over the world. Contact each other for parts and supports in assembling your rigs. Learn more from your friends than anywhere else.

Enjoy the PC building gameplay offline

On the other hand, if you’re only interested in the PC building experiences, and also don’t want to spend your mobile data when you’re outside, it’s still possible for gamers to have fun with the complete PC building experiences in the game with no limitations. Feel free to make uses of all the available parts to create your unique setup of PC, however you wanted.

Free to play

And despite all the exciting features, the game still offers completely free gameplay for Android gamers to enjoy on any of their mobile devices. All it takes is for you to download the game from the Google Play Store, payment free.

Enjoy unlocked gameplay with our mod

Moreover, for those of you who’re interested, you can also get rid of the annoying ads and in-game purchases in PC Creator, which will allow you to enjoy your awesome in-game experiences to the fullest. And all it takes is for you to download the PC Creator Mod APK on our website, follow the provided instructions, and you should have the game ready to enjoy. Experience unlimited money, removed advertisements, and many interesting features as you progress.

Visual and sound quality


While it only features simple 3D graphics, Android gamers in PC Creator will still find themselves completely satisfied with the overall in-game visual. That being said, with PC Creator, Android gamers will have their chance to fully immersed in the interactive PC building experiences with realistic-looking parts, beautiful decorations, and realistic physics on each of your completed assembly. Plus, with undemanding visuals, the game also runs smoothly on most of your Android devices, stutter-free.


Together with the exciting in-game visuals, Android gamers in PC Creator will also enjoy themselves with the awesome audio experiences. Here, you can enjoy the amazing music, realistic sound effects, and incredible audio experiences in each of your PC building tasks.

Final thoughts

For hardcore PC fans, you’ll find PC Creator a great title to have on your mobile devices. With in-depth gameplay, realistic mechanics, and many interesting features, it’s hard for you to not enjoying this game. Not to mention that with the game being completely free and unlocked on our website, there is no reason for you to deny it.

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