Idle Streamer MOD APK 1.52 (Unlimited Money)

Idle Streamer MOD APK 1.52 (Unlimited Money)


Have you ever thought of doing something else rather than the current job? It must be an exciting experience, but most of us are too busy to carry out that plan. Since you are reading this article, we can tell you that dream is no longer out of reach. Idle Streamer is the one that could help you to go through the moment of true streamers.

That is, the app virtually illustrates streaming start-up with a background developing from nothing to everything. What streamers need, and how their lives go on? You will get an idea from here.

General Information

Idle Streamer is a game application, not a streaming tool or assistant to a real streamer’s job. Like Farm Paradise or Zoo Craft, it builds a virtual world according to a real job – streamers.

The background happens in a concentrated space with the library of furniture and accessories. The construction resembles Tom Cat, but the graphic is sharper. It’s necessary to have mobile devices running on Android 4.4 and up. The game’s size is around 60MB, quite a room to make, so we suggest you prepare your phone before downloading. Otherwise, you may encounter lagging operations.

The game’s story contains no sensitive features or violent scenes, so it’s suitable for users from the age of 3 and older. It’s a no-brainer game while looking good with your job is the ultimate goal. We hope you gather much excitement!

Background Story

The latest version of Idle Streamers is 1.23, which means not so many editions before, and the game has a great way ahead with development. The game now is in its early days with simplified graphic and easy going content.

Its mission is to bring a toxic-free platform where people can enjoy a kind of job. Unlike Farm Paradise or Zoo Craft, it promotes less in detail and time engagement. We see it suits kids and busy people the best since the game acquired no complicated moves but fast. The theory of leveling up in the game is the common sense you can get in young years.

MOONEE PUBLISHING LTD –the supplier is a game publishing company that contributed to the field with different games in similar graphics, reading apps, and streaming tools. Other games you can relate to are Square Birds, Shape Slicer 3D, Crazy Climber! It’s easy to see that the content of these games shares simplicity in common.

How to Have Fun with Idle Streamer

The game acquires no competitive attitude since you encounter no opponents. You might have friends who are also streamers like you, but as in reality, you do have separate lives. To prosper your career as a streamer in Idle Streamer here is some advice.

A brief story on what you got and the job

How is it to be a streamer in the early days? You will have necessary equipment like a desktop, a closed room to stream with necessary facilities like a desk and a chair. At the start of your career, you don’t look so great while money has not yet come. But soon, you will make it prosper.

Streamers devote most of their time in front of the computer and interact with their audience. You will enjoy the working life of them, not about other social activities.

The job is to make people watch you on streaming as much as possible. The more viewers, the more money – it’s the business theory here. You have money no matter what, but not yet a considerable amount. It’s essential to enhance your streaming quality and your background to attract more audience. That’s your goal in this game.

Your goal

The game’s interface displays what you need to follow up, such as income, location, rank, information, live reactions, and a broad view of your phone. It’s the third person view with a 3D graphic.

The increase your income, you have to update your gear from the computer mouse, CPU, desktop, headphones, microphone, routers, and your furniture as background. Naturally, these items cost money, and you will have to pay with the money you earned as a streamer.

The shopping list pops up instantly so that you can choose what is in the budget. Each item will come with pictures, price, effects on your action, and income. According to what you need, you have to choose, for example, a piece of a poster for decoration or something to boost your view?

Items to support you with streaming are the most common goods, and you can change a lot of time. Decorations to put on the shelves behind will come in large numbers and designs. However, your studio remains only when you reach a certain number of belongings. Changing the office means prosperity in a career, and it only happens when you show improvements.

Your goal in this game is getting better and better. Buying things and boosting your view as well as income need you to plan fast and instantly. Don’t ever stop if you reach the maximum of your working space.

Situations that you encounter as a streamer

A streamer shouldn’t just stay on the computer and interact with nothing. You have viewers from anywhere, so you must communicate with them, like customer service, you have to make it by yourself.

Some viewers make questions, and some rate according to your performance. Besides, you can choose some games to play as the content to stream. Sometimes, you may have to go around and see what other streamers are doing, like a social patrol. Each of these activities will increase your income.

Special Features

Rich in accessories

The accessories library is no joke. The suppliers’ designers gave a lot of work in studying what streamers collected in real life and brought them into the game. Besides accessories to stream, you can buy posters, models, lamps, closets, cups, clocks, books, radios, etc. You first have a corner to stream but dream big. You will gain a bigger room with a sofa, plants, and more.

The designer has to make improvements in design for all those things to look more expensive as an upgrade.

Simple in content

The content is simple and easy to follow, as long as manipulation. All you have is to click and choose. Whatever step you made cannot ruin your career, which is not valid in reality, but it’s still a game.

Recommended Alternative: League of Gamers

League of Gamers let you see the work from a different perspective- from behind the players. It quite resembles Idle Streamers in graphics but different in content. If you desire more interaction with other users, more combats, and focus on gaming skills rather than decorations, League of Gamers is the best recommendation.

Final Words

Idle Streamer Mod APK will bring you a refreshing experience of working on a career that is different from yours. In reality, if you are streamers, going for the game may suggest another idea or motivation about the job. Whatever it is, the game’s straightforward content will at least help you in easing your mind after hectic days. There are no end streets and no wrongdoing in this game.

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