Idle Island – City Building Tycoon 1.13.35 (MOD Free Shopping)

Idle Island – City Building Tycoon 1.13.35 (MOD Free Shopping)

December 20, 2023


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What’s it like to be able to have a complete control over a city? Be a dedicated mayor and bring prosperity to the people with your wise investment. Find out more about this amazing tycoon game of Idle Island with our reviews.


The game gives you a big head start as you’ll be playing as a wealthy millionaire who wishes to build a city of his own. On your private island, you’ll begin to construct buildings, houses, and other properties to turn it into a popular destination.

Attract more and more citizens to your city as you collect great amounts of taxes from them. Use the money to turn the unconstructed lands into prosperous districts as well as invest more in the city’s economy.

Make sure your citizens stay happy and satisfied all the time. The high-spirit populace also allows for better working performances, thus allowing for better incomes.

In additions, if money isn’t what you’re after, you can totally build your city based on your preferences. Turn it into a popular tourist location with stunning landmarks and sceneries. Or giving the city a fresh atmosphere with dozens of parks and nearby forests. The choices are yours to make.


Enjoy this amazing city simulation and business tycoon game on your Android devices anytime anywhere. Bring the city and its populace to life with all the amazing tycoon elements. Find out more about the exciting features in Idle Island here:

Simple controls and an easy-going idling mechanic

First of all, you’ll find this game extremely easy to get familiar with, thus allowing players to quickly get used to its gameplay. In additions, even with many different buildings and constructions to manage, you won’t likely to be overwhelmed as the game also feature intuitive instructions which will guide you through all the stages.

On top of that, with the idling mechanics, each building can be managed comfortably with little effort. You’ll just need to construct them, check their status every once in the while, and collect your revenues or taxes frequently. Even when you’ve gone offline, your citizens will continue to work and bring profit to you. All it takes is a few minutes online to collect the money.

Hence, you’ll find it extremely comfortable playing as the tycoon in Idle Island.

Exciting city simulation game

Here in Idle Island, players can have access to all the exciting features for building your own cities. Construct housing districts and public condominiums to attract more people to your city. Build business buildings, stores, and financial centers to create jobs as well as improve the city’s economy.

Collect the revenues and taxes from your buildings to construct more facilities for the city as you progress. Make sure the citizens in your town receive good public cares by providing them health care, refreshing parks, protections from the polices, and many other factors.

In additions, to make the game more challenging and exciting, the game also introduces challenges and tasks for the players. You can choose to complete them to earn yourself valuable rewards.

Construct your own city based on your preferences

With dozens of different options, players can choose between different development paths for their cities. For example, you can make it a financial and business center with lots of stores, shopping malls, banks, and stock exchanges. Or if you’re into technologies and want to make your city the next Silicone Valley, you can also introduce lots of research centers and industrial districts to the city. And last but not least, a peaceful agricultural town with a refreshed atmosphere would be a great idea for those who love natures.

Create effective traffic solutions for the large city

Traveling in the city can be quite disturbing. You can be the person who solves this problem in your city by giving it proper zonings. Construct the buildings intelligently to distribute the traffics on the city. Make efficient roads to relief your city from traffic jams.

In additions, you can provide public transits to reduce the pressure on the traffic system as well as reducing the emissions. Prevent traffic snarl-ups from happening ever again with effective methods.

Realistic interactions with the townies

Here in Idle Island, you can experience realistic town simulation gameplay like never before. The citizens are extremely lively as you can watch them wake up and go to work every day, listen to their problems and come up with the suitable solutions. You can improve their happiness and satisfaction by enhancing their living quality.

Enjoy more exciting features with Augmented Reality technologies

The game also allows gamers to enjoy their game in immersive AR modes. That being said, you’ll find Idle Island much more exciting with devices that support AR Core.

Be a real estate tycoon and manage up to 10 towns

Being the world’s best tycoon in Idle Island, you’ll have the option to manage up to 10 different cities as the mayor. Make wise decisions and investments to make them thrive and prosper. In additions, you can choose to build different towns depending on your preferences.

Free to play and doesn’t require an Internet connection

The game is currently free to play on Google Play Store. Hence, all you’ll need to do to start playing it is to download and install the game on your Android devices. In additions, the game can be played without the need for an Internet connection, every gamer can enjoy this amazing city simulation title anytime anywhere.

Visual and sound quality


The game features beautiful 3D graphics which is friendly for players of all ages. You can enjoy this game with your family and friend whenever you want. On top of that, the realistic 3D elements like the clouds, trees, fogs, cars, and citizens make your city look more alive than ever.


With Idle Island, you’ll be experiencing an authentic city tycoon gameplay with accurate sound effects. The singing birds in the park, the sounds of the busy-working people, and the intensive traffic would make you feel like you’re leaving in the city.

Download Idle Island Mod latest 1.13.35 Android APK

With good graphics and intuitive gameplay in idle style, players will find Idle Island extremely addictive.

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