Bee Factory MOD APK 1.33.0 (Unlimited Money)

Bee Factory MOD APK 1.33.0 (Unlimited Money)

October 26, 2023


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Green Panda Games
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Unlimited Money

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Welcome to the coolest idle game of Bee Factory. It is a super addictive idle touch screen game that lets you play as a beekeeper to get honey. In the game, you will try to be the richest man.

Idle game is an auto-play game genre where the player has brief interaction. Your primary job is to touch the screen. Even when you are not playing the game, it will continue to process and the player game is still improving. Thanks to the simple, engaging gameplay, idle games attract many participants. Some famous idle games touch the screen, such as Idle Mine Tycoon, Universal Paperclips, and Idle Light City.

We will invest the proceeds back into the factory by buying more bees and honeycombs, investing in production lines, and transporting honey. Just like that, your factory grows with the number of bees. Then the hives increase and more honey will be produced and sold.

For the factory to grow fastest, the player needs to balance all factors including production, revenue, and expenditure. Also, remember the frequent factory upgrades. For example, you need to decide when to buy more bees, when to level up or upgrade a machine system. Make sure we sell the product for the highest price and do not let the honey back up too much.

General Information

Bee Factory is a unique idle game, simulating the management of a honey factory on Android and iOS mobile devices. The players will become the boss with the mission of developing the factory and making a lot of money. Are you ready to manage your powerful factory and become the richest person in Bee Factory?

The game has many levels for players to progress. Every level up to a certain level, you will unlock a new honeycomb tray and new bees. Sometimes, the player may even catch a special golden bee that gives you a certain amount of bonus. And as mentioned above, even without playing the game, your bee plant is still operating and increasing. Besides, players also receive a certain amount of bonuses from being offline.

This game is extremely simple and has the characteristics of the idle series. Especially, there is the only reward and no penalty. It is also a factor that attracts players and makes you spend hours playing games without getting bored.

Enter the world of Bee Factory, you will become the boss of a honey factory. Unlock over 100 super-naughty bees, upgrade machines to produce more honey, and earn more money. The game comes with video-viewing options as the player passes each level to receive rewards such as increasing production speed. You can watch it or not.

However, Bee Factory still has some limitations that make many players disappointed. First, in terms of sound, the background music in the game has not been paid attention to and invested properly, reducing player satisfaction. The game contains too many ads, causing the game performance to decrease. So, the amount of money the player can earn is also significantly reduced.

How to Play Bee Factory?

The MOD APK version of Bee Factory is a simulated business mobile game with bees as the theme. You will play as a very cute bee and extract honey through daily cauliflower. You also need to build great honey for your queen kingdom. Players will collect more free gold coins, use your talent to complete every day of hard work, complete the final transformation and evolution from a young bee. Bee Factory allows you to feel the warmth of home.

In Bee Factory, you can unlock over 100 super interesting bees and carry different attack abilities to enjoy different flying. Players will sell a lot of honey to upgrade bees and machines to make more money. Then, you can also increase more customers’ likes.

Also, you can earn millions and billions while offline by clicking to increase the productivity of bees. Highlights of the MOD APK version of Bee Factory as it is the best game among 2019 agriculture, miners and click games. Players will create a top bee kingdom for the team. The little bees can also bring different joy to your life.

Overall Assessments

Bee Factory is a casual puzzle game where players can use various methods to cultivate your bees and establish their various scenes in this nest. You will help everyone complete each test to produce a variety of delicious honey. And it can also produce different flavors in different categories. Do you want to complete your production? Make their work plan for your bee army.

In the game, you will collect all kinds of nectar you want and use various processes to complete your operations to produce delicious flavors. Both worker bees and soldier bees need to establish areas where they can rest and unlock more locations for development. Opening more varieties will make your nest bigger and bigger. And you will get more supplies. Deal with all kinds of problems and trials and find various flower varieties that you need.

The honey collected by each species of bees is different. And foreign enemies may also attack them. To protect these bees, you need to deal with various problems and unlock more soldier bees to protect. Pay attention to your consumption and income that will enable you to develop quickly and complete various target tasks.

Idle Light City is a fun simulation construction game. The player is the mayor of a city in the game. You plan your city’s development and house construction and build a power system for your city to make your city bright. In the game, players need to use wind power to get artificial power generation. Different power generation methods have different benefits. What are you waiting for? If you like this game, please download it from this site.

Idle Light City is a painted-style simulated business mobile game. As the manager of a city, you need to ensure the normal operation of your city, operate effectively during the day, distribute various night lights reasonably at night, and ensure the safety of your city. Every place can have light, but as the city expands, we can guarantee your night light to shine everywhere? If you also want to build your city, come and experience it now.

Idle Light City is a fun and simple game with click gameplay. Everyone can run a city with no complicated control. Operate a light bulb factory to produce as many products as possible. So, we can put more buildings into use and your city becomes more prosperous. When you light up a certain area, you may unlock new buildings such as amusement parks, flower beds, and hotels. It will increase your income. Enjoy the fun of managing the city, earn a lot of wealth, become a real tycoon, and increase the production progress of light bulbs by upgrading.

Final Words

Bee Factory is a mobile phone business game. You will manage a huge bee factory, help bees to complete the factory operation, and continue to upgrade and build. The operation is simple, but it is a little difficult to become the richest person. Come and download Bee Factory if you like it.

As you can see, Bee Factory is all about a bee factory. The industrious worker bees go out to collect honey, return it to the hive, and sell it in cans through the production device. Bee Factory is a click and place game with almost no strategic depth.

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