Idle Human MOD APK 1.18 (Unlimited Crystal)

Idle Human MOD APK 1.18 (Unlimited Crystal)

June 9, 2023


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Idle Human is a game that helps users discover and create other parts of the human body. Through Idle Human, you will learn a lot of different organs, starting from bones and then to organs like the heart, brain, spleen, nerves, and muscles. And finally, is a complete human body.

They build an Idle Human with fairly simple gameplay, in which you just need to touch the screen for cells to multiply and make up different parts of the body. These body parts include the skeleton, internal organs, command centers, guards, and do not forget to tap on the DNA to develop genes.

Idle Human gives players the knowledge about the human body. You will know a lot of interesting things such as the human brain can memorize the equivalent of a 4TB hard drive, babies up to seven months old can both swallow and breathe the nerves of communication Information from the brain at a speed of 274 km/h, or women’s hearts beat faster than men.

We consider Idle Human as an entertaining game and also an educational application with useful information about the human body. It is a brilliant choice for medical students or has a special interest in biology. Download Idle Human for both play and learn purpose via this link.

General Information

Idle Human is a considerable degree of time. The exquisite game graphics and the rigorous preconditions for various organs are like a skill tree, allowing players to learn more about the various organs and parts of the human body during the game. The relationship between is very helpful for popularizing the basic common sense of the human body.

These features make Idle Human become both an entertaining game and an educational application with useful information about the human body. If you are a medical student or have a special interest in the wonderful biological knowledge, download Idle Human to your device to play and learn.

How to Play Idle Human MOD APK?

Idle Human requires us to rebuild the entire human body, from bone structure to organs and skin. You can achieve this by clicking Create DNA. In this guide, we will help you create a human as quickly as by providing a series of tips and tricks to help us while we play.

Building the human body structure in sequence

We found it easier to focus on building the body parts in sequence, starting with the skeleton structure and going all the way up through the organs, control center, and protection. We first build the cheapest thing in each area and then move to the second cheapest place.

Maximize the level of the parts being built

If you are building leg bones, try your best to upgrade and maximize the leg bones as much as possible. It will maximize the amount of DNA you get from your leg bones and make your progress faster. Compared to the new leg bone parts, upgrades are also very cheap. So, it is worth upgrading them first.

Build content at 200x

To limit the number of clicks, we recommend that you switch the number of parts you create to 200x at once. This approach makes sense because you become more of a manager of a process, rather than getting into trouble again and again. It gives you the downtime required for the next prompt.

When you are short of cash, watch ads to get boosters

Whenever you cannot afford the next 200 upgrades, we recommend you watch time travel ads or get a speed boost. Time travel is more profitable for free boosters, but it is not always workable. If you cannot watch ads to increase your time travel, watch ads to increase speed.

Spend gems on speed boosters and time travel

As you keep progressing, you will get free gems. We recommend putting them on a speed booster to keep plenty because it is cheap, and then watch advertisements to time travel, which is more expensive to use gems. It is up to you. Although you will spend more time waiting, you can also save gems for more expensive time travel options.

The above is the Idle Human game strategy and tips to share. For more game strategies, please pay attention to our article about mobile game acceleration organ network information, so stay tuned!

Special Features

Idle Human is an idle theme simulation casual mobile game launched by Green Panda Games. The game differs from other idle games combined with simulation management. It eventually develops into a business empire model. In the game, players will experience how to divide, grow, and develop into a complete human body from the first cell. The exquisite graphics, perfect collocation of bones, nerves, muscles, and other systems will show players a variety of incredible evolutionary processes.

Unique Plot

The perspective of Idle Human is unique. It has strengthened from the combination of placement and simulation management common in mobile games. From the placement and simulation model, the game changes in building an economic empire to cultivating the growth of the human body.

We think even the recommended idle mobile game of Idle World also brings many accurate and complete experience, Idle Human, as a simulation theme mobile game, did not choose the relative fantasy development route, but accurately presents the human body’s process of growth and development, from the initial cells to the development of bones, to organs, nerves, muscles, and skin.

In the game, everything is available, so that players can have more understanding of the human body. If you think it is very professional, then you underestimate the developer. In the game’s process, the growth conditions of many nodes are difficult. The development of other parts and these associations will directly allow players to understand various knowledge of the operation of the human body, exploring more secrets of the human body’s self-regulation.

Interesting Gameplay

From the perspective of gameplay, Idle Human takes the placement of gameplay as the core and presents the game content by simulating human growth. Cells will replace common money in idle games, and the amount of money earned per second will also become the number of cells born per second.

Players will need to encounter pre-generation when cultivating each part. For the conditions, such as unlocking the growth of the pelvic bones, you need to allow the foot bones and leg bones to grow out in advance. And then you can enter the next growth stage after obtaining the basic supportability. There are countless rigorous settings. It is very helpful for an in-depth understanding of the working functions of the human body.

Operating System

The game screen of Idle Human is also very well made. The overall style of the game is simple, and the settings of various icons are also very attentive and precise. Besides the exquisite and detailed depiction of various parts of the human body, bones, internal organs, muscles, and nerves The details of human tissues are also exquisite, which will not create the feeling of a horror film, but also create an experience as if you are also a medical student.

In terms of experience, although Idle Human seems to be an educational game that understands the growth and development process of the human body, it still inherits the characteristics of idle (placement) in the name, and it still needs to be completed.

How to make a casual, idle game with 40% retention in three days?

On November 11th, 2019, at the meeting of Integral Mobile Casual Games at New Opportunities – Shenzhen Station, the release manager from Green Panda Games shared their leisure games as Idle Roller Coaster and Idle Human as examples. They explained the Game tuning experience.

They established Green Panda Games in 2013. In the beginning, they focused on making some cards and quiz games. In 2015, they strengthened the strategic layout of classic games and released Sudoku.

Later, they benefited from their accumulation of market experience, including the ultra-casual trend. Especially in France, there are some pioneers of ultra-casual game publishers. They also want to publish ultra-casual games and bring the game to the world.

In the beginning, they tried several arcade games, which were all very successful. But during the operation of arcade games and the testing of game prototypes, they found that the arcade market was getting more and more crowded. Here, the internal game designers tried some new gameplay and materials and found several idle games. Through these games, they have some preliminary understanding of idle games.

With the release of games such as Sushi Bar, we feel that Green Panda Games has the DNA of idle games. We have done some systematic research, such as how to find some new gameplay, how to tune, including the design of advertisements. So, it can be quickly applied to the tuning of new games.

Based on this knowledge, our two flagship products, Idle Roller Coaster and Idle Humans have been pushed to the top of the US overall list and the free list. “Idle Roller Coaster” is a game released jointly with Xiamen R&D. This game leads to the 3D trend of idle games and also leads to the trend of ultra-casual 3D games.

Let’s look at the final data of the Idle Roller Coaster. There are 100 million downloads worldwide. These data are beautiful. They are milestones for R&D and us. It is also their first game to be ranked first in the US rankings. Also, this game uses a 3D model and a new 45-degree overhead view. Everyone recalled seven months ago, especially the placement products, mostly 2D designs. And the new perspective design of this product will give players a great impact.

Ultra-casual idle games have a very strong capacity to absorb volume. Many people think that idle products have a bottleneck. But they are not familiar with this product. It is the material used in the purchase of Idle Human, which gives players a powerful sense of visual impact and satisfaction.

Other games have relatively high repetitiveness in the production of materials, which differs somewhat from the satisfaction that idle games give players. We will also tell players in the materials we use that they always have something new to discover in the game. After they unlock one part of their body, they can also unlock other parts, including in other games. The basic principles will also exist. This discoverable content not only gives players curiosity but also very loyal to this game, they will not leave this game easily.

Many designs can also be added to the idle game. In Idle Human, we use human bodies, aliens, and robots. We can apply all these materials to our purchase video for different target groups. It carries out the corresponding delivery.

Human Evolution Clicker Game is a game clicker (tap continuously on the touch screen) interesting. You will experience the evolution of all life on earth, from a single-celled organism to a living organism in modern times.

Experiment with different combinations and learn about the evolutionary origins of humankind. Unlike other clicker games, the Human Evolution Clicker Game is not a crossbreeding of creatures that are not real. Your mission is to create cyborgs, intelligent robots by going through all the evolutionary stages of bacteria, crabs, lizards, seals, dogs, monkeys, prehistoric humans, and ancient humans.

You will learn about the comprehensive evolution of cats, dogs, birds, and humans. It is a game about the development of life on earth. They design Human Evolution Clicker Game with stunning graphics, eye-catching graphics.

Final Words

If you are a loyal placement game player, then you want to have one app that can deepen the understanding of the relationship between various parts of the human body. So, please do not miss this Idle Human game.

At present, Idle Human MOD APK is ranked 10th in the Google Play Store’s official Google application rankings, with over one million installations, 9,800 reviews, and a rating of 4.2. Idle Human MOD APK is free to download and enjoy. Play the game and explore now!

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