Idle Transformation MOD APK 3.6 (Unlimited Diamonds)

Idle Transformation MOD APK 3.6 (Unlimited Diamonds)

May 4, 2023


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Unlimited Diamonds

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If you need an idle game with a unique & novel theme, you should download “Idle Transformation” The game has exciting content, and you will have great entertainment moments.

Idle Transformation features unique gameplay and emphasis on evolutionary simulation. You can choose individual parts to create strange shapes. You can create a special hero and share your uniqueness with friends around the world.

An exciting game about human transformation

Idle Transformation is an exciting game by MOONEE PUBLISHING LTD. The game belongs to the simulation genre and is about human transformation. You can create a unique character, and it is different from all living things on earth. You can even create extinct creatures.

Idle Transformation introduces some familiar creatures such as monkeys, apes, werewolves… You can transform your character into any animal. You have to make the right transformation in each round. You have to successfully convert from human to the next evolutionary option like Werewolf, Yeti, Alien, Mummy. You can even create fictional and legendary creatures.

Idle Transformation has a lot of exciting challenges. In the first challenge, you have to turn the body of a white man into a powerful werewolf.

Simple and idle gameplay

Idle Transformation emphasizes entertainment, so gameplay is sluggish and straightforward. You make money through the icons on the right side of the screen. You click on the coin icon to get the money, and you don’t need to do anything else. Gameplay is pretty easy, and you need patience.

Idle Transformation provides some support to boost monetization. Experience is key. If you click on the coin icon, then the experience points will increase. The faster you click the coin icon, the more experience points you gain. Also, if you level up the character, you will get a large amount of money from the game. You can get triple the default bonus if you watch an ad or pay three rubies.

Idle Transformation also increases the number of coins if you upgrade more character parts. Therefore, you should not accumulate money but use the funds for upgrade activities. The more things you upgrade, the more money you collect.

Experience the evolution of the human body

Idle Transformation brings exciting evolution of the human body. The transition does not take place on the entire human body. Players upgrade each part such as left/right arm, left/right leg, body, head, and other factors. You have to upgrade to the maximum for each part, and you have to upgrade the whole body. If you have a completely transformed body, then you are up to the challenge.

Idle Transformation offers different upgrade levels for each part. Therefore, you will have to tab many times to earn money. Of course, it takes you a long time to upgrade your body parts if you only accumulate cash. The game offers an exciting experience of the transformation of an ordinary person. You can see many fascinating, detailed, and quite realistic pictures of each different part.

For example, if the character develops into a werewolf, then the body will grow hair on the back and chest. The body becomes toned and large. The arm will appear claws. If the character turns into a woman, everything on her body will be noticeably more minor, but her breasts will grow larger. All the transformations in the game are beautiful and very realistic.

Use support items

Idle Transformation has support items. You can watch ads to support the developer and get many benefits in the game. You can access the supporting symbols to get significant payouts. The game has an exciting spin system, and you get three spins per day for a vast amount of money or a secret gift. You can visit the store to purchase additional items.

Use offline income

Idle Transformation also has offline income. If you don’t run the game, the amount of money and experience will still increase by a certain percentage. You will receive the total amount of cash and offline experience if you log back into the game. The amount of the reward is proportional to your offline time. The offline income mechanism is Timeline. You can get a default reward of 25% of the current value for 1 hour. But you can upgrade to increase the giant income figure. The initial investment is expensive, but you will receive many valuable rewards in the future.

In addition, Idle Transformation provides a Booster Machine feature. This function helps increase the income of the character. If your character’s current level gives you 100k gold coins/second, you can get 200% or 500% of the original amount, thanks to the Booster Machine feature.

You download “Idle Human” to explore and create interesting human parts. You start from the first cell, and you develop your body in a beautiful sequence. You can learn more about the man through the first bones, nerves, muscles, and a complete body.

Let’s create the unique character

In short, Idle Transformation is an excellent simulation game about evolution. The game is fast-paced. Everything is not complicated. Gameplay is simple, so players feel comfortable in their free time. The game is suitable for those who are busy or love evolution.

The game doesn’t emphasize extreme action elements, and the 3D graphics are high quality. Also, remember to share your favorite character image with everyone.

Download “Idle Transformation” to discover a unique progression and create a legendary character!

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