PC Simulator MOD APK 1.7.1 (Unlimited money)

PC Simulator MOD APK 1.7.1 (Unlimited money)

June 14, 2022


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Does it interest you how a powerful machine such as the computer was created, and what are the different components that were used? Don’t you want to create your own ultimate computer and learn everything you want to know about its constructions and operations? Looking forward to putting your ultimate PC into the test and unleash their awesome powers in various benchmarks? And most importantly, you’re wanting to learn more about the machine and its functions?

Then you’ll certainly find PC Simulator a great mobile game to have on your mobile devices. Have fun engaging yourself in the exciting gameplay of simulation, as you attempt to breakdown the computer building tasks into each step. Make uses of the available in-game features and interactive experiences to fully immerse yourself in your own PC building gameplay.

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This game was purposely designed for Android gamers who’re interested in the art of PC building and would love to learn a little more about their favorite hobby. And at the same time, since everything in here isn’t real, you can freely toy with the available PC parts, treat them with the least respects that you want, and experience awesome experiments with the available parts on your office. Have fun playing with any of those things without worrying about the consequences.

Here, you’ll find yourself playing as a computer power user, who works in his office and have access to some of the most engaging PC building experiences. Simply select the parts and devices online, purchase and have them delivered at your office, and make uses of the available in-game features as you start to create your own ultimate PCs.

Feel free to test them out to show their powers and capabilities. Enjoy mining your rigs to collect online bitcoins. Make uses of the available in-game features to freely interact with the PC. Make any changes as you want to further power it up. Or have fun smashing the hell out of it.

The exciting gameplay of PC Simulator should prove to be both entertaining and educational for any of you mobile gamers.



Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

An educational gameplay for PC enthusiasts

To start with, Android gamers in PC Simulator can immediately engage themselves in the educational gameplay for PC enthusiasts. Here, you’ll learn everything you need to know about computers, how they work, the way they operate as well as understanding each and every component inside the machine.

Feel free to engage yourself in the exciting gameplay of PC builder and get introduced to all the common PC parts on your machine. Explore the operations inside the computer with interactive experiences of actual PC building, which you’ll learn how to actually assemble a complete machine with working components. And throughout the gameplay and challenges, you’ll find your skills getting improved more and more over time. Thus, making PC Simulator a great game to educate mobile gamers.

PC Simulator screen 2

Intuitive and interactive in-game touch controls

And to assist Android gamers in their quests to create the most powerful PC, PC Simulator now offers its intuitive and interactive in-game touch controls, which you can freely make uses of to interact with the PC parts and components. Also, feel free to explore the office with the first-person view, unlock the in-game experiences, and select whichever ways that you want to interact with the machine. Enjoy the interactive gameplay by simply pick up and put down every object inside the office. Learn to actually place certain parts of the computer into their suited position and how you can connect all of them into one single unit.

PC Simulator screen 1

Create your own unique PC using the provided parts

And as you dive into the exciting gameplay of PC Simulator, the game also offers a variety of different PC building experiences for you to fully engage in. Here, you can freely select the right parts for your different rigs. If you’re building it for games, then you should focus on the graphic cards while maintaining RAM and CPU at the right levels. Or if you’re creating a mining computer, then a seriously powerful hardware with capable CPU, multiple VGAs, and a decent power supply is always needed. Feel free to customize the building experiences and produce unique rigs for your certain purposes.

PC Simulator screen 3


Browse the online store and have access to multiple PC parts

Here in PC Simulator, PC enthusiasts will find themselves having access to a huge collection of PC parts, which you can easily pick up online and have them delivered at your door. Simply browse between hundreds of different options from the online store as you explore the powerful components from varied categories.

Get your processors, RAMs, Coolers, Graphics Cards, Power Supplies, Motherboards, PC cases, Storages, Monitors, UPSs, and many other computer parts from the game. All of which will be properly updated with the newest databases, allowing you to access the most recent PC components from varied brands and companies.

Start the computer and make uses of its powerful setup

Once you’ve finished setting up the PC by putting the right parts into the right places, you can start the computer and attempt to run them with many available PC apps and operations. Feel free to test out your computer’s strength by running multiple benchmarks. Attempt to get the best scores with your limited setups to further enhance your PC knowledge. Have fun playing virtual games to test out the rig. Or have fun using your PC to mine bitcoins and unlock some additional income. Everything you want will be available on your virtual PC.

Have fun smashing the computer and play with the customizations

Also, to further enhance your in-game experiences, PC Simulator now offers its interesting gameplay of PC simulation, as it allows you to do things that you can never dream of doing in real life. Here, you can simply grab your precious PC parts and neglect them however you want. Or make uses of your giant hammers to smash the PC as you wish. The available winter setups will also make the game a lot more fun and interesting. Feel free to check out many interesting customizations and interactive smashing experiences throughout the game.

Enjoy the offline gameplay of PC Simulator

Moreover, with the offline gameplay of PC Simulator now being available, you can have fun with the exciting simulation gameplay whenever and wherever you want. There is no need to use your mobile data or look for Wi-Fi connections, as you can freely enjoy PC Simulator with only your smartphone.

Free to play

And despite all the exciting features that the game has to offer, it’s still free for Android gamers to freely enjoy on the Google Play Store. Here, you can simply pick it up and have it downloaded to your mobile devices, no payment is required.

Enjoy the unlocked gameplay on our website

To make the game more interesting, Android gamers in PC Simulator can now engage themselves in the fullest gameplay of simulation with our mod. Here, you can simply download the PC Simulator Mod APK on our website, follow the provided instructions, and you can have the game ready to enjoy. Make uses of unlimited money to buy whichever part that you want, enjoy the consistent gameplay with ad-free experiences, and more. Feel free to have fun with the unlocked version of the game on our website however you wanted.

Visual and sound quality


For those of you who’re interested in the exciting features of PC Simulator, you can further immerse yourself to the realistic 3D visuals, with authentic PC parts and components. And at the same time, the intuitive and immersive in-game physics will also make the entire PC building experiences a lot more realistic and enjoyable. And finally, thanks to the undemanding gameplay and low poly graphics, you can find yourself enjoying smooth and satisfying gameplay of PC Simulator whenever you want.

Sound & Music

Together with the exciting in-game visuals, PC Simulator now offers its engaging sound effects and authentic audio recreations, which will make the entire PC building experiences a lot more fun and enjoyable. Feel free to connect to the game and enjoy the simulation experiences to the fullest.

Final thoughts

Fans of the famous PC Creator will now find themselves enjoying the exciting gameplay of PC buildings with PC Simulator. Here, you can freely engage yourself in the authentic gameplay with real experiences. Thus, allowing you to fully hook to the game for hours on end. Plus, thanks to the free and unlocked version of the game on our website, you can always enjoy the game to the fullest.

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