Jelly Shift MOD APK 1.8.32 (Unlimited Gems)

Jelly Shift MOD APK 1.8.32 (Unlimited Gems)

April 29, 2023


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Unlimited Gems

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Jelly Shift is a simple game in endless-run style but divided into many levels, almost like games like SpeedBall or Borderline. At each level, you will see a red marble standing on a road. The front is a lot of different obstacles. Thanks to its ingenious resilience and shape-shifting, the stone can go through all obstacles, with your ingenious help.

The player’s task is simple. You need to swipe your finger up or down to change the shape of the stone. Make sure it is at the right height so you can get through the obstacles ahead without getting stuck.

The first few levels are easy for you to get used to the gameplay as the jelly drifts. Later, the difficulty level increases, so the speed of the jelly moves faster. The obstacles also change shape more unpredictably, forcing the player to concentrate. You must use your fast hands to go to the end of the road safely. Invite your friends to play and see who will be the first to conquer all levels.

General Information

Jelly Shift is a fun, endless-run game with simple one-touch gameplay. Your task in Jelly Shift is to swipe to turn the stone shape and how to let them pass through obstacles that are not trapped in any door. Jelly Shift sets the task for the player. Swipe your finger up or down to make the stone transform its shape, so it has the right height and length to pass through obstacles and not get stuck. The resilient stone combined with the help of the player will overcome all obstacles.

Jelly Shift has a lot of levels of play and is only easy at the early levels, helping you get used to the gameplay and the way the stone moves. As you progress to the next level, the movement speed of the jelly becomes faster and the obstacles are more diverse. They force players to have skills to move with concentration to reach the finish line.

If you love the idle game genre, Jelly Shift will be an enjoyable experience for you with an attractive role-playing game to cultivate your powerful knights. Jelly Shift does not require you to manipulate too much.

How to Play Jelly Shift?

Jelly Shift is a fun game designed with cute character designs. Your task is to transform the marshmallow into many shapes, helping them overcome all obstacles on the way. We believe it will be a game that gives you significant moments.

You will start with a marshmallow with a rectangular shape. The marshmallow’s favorite foods are trying to run away from them. You need to help the marshmallow block overcome the obstacles along the way and catch the food. The control mechanism is quite simple, you just need to touch and slide up or down to turn this candy into many shapes long, wide, high, and low to match the obstacles on the road.

If you go through the obstacles easily, you will gain Fever points. When this point reaches the maximum level, it will put your marshmallows into an unstoppable state with extremely fast speed and sweep the obstacles on the way.

If by accident the size of the marshmallow does not fit in the obstacle. We will push it back and damage obstructions. It will not affect the outcome of the game, but it will cause you to lose the Fever points you tried earlier and the marshmallow’s food will run away. In the special levels, you can collect more diamonds. They will appear in the marshmallow’s path.

Besides, if you collect enough three foods for the marshmallow block, you will receive an additional 100 diamonds. Then use diamonds to unlock marshmallows with many shapes from cute cats to mighty warrior characters. Besides, at the end of the road, there will appear a gold coin. When a player collects three coins, he or she will be led to the ball spin. Here, you can rotate most of the diamonds. If you are lucky, you can get the legendary marshmallow shapes.

Besides, after four levels, the player will receive a chest of gold. To open it, you need to watch a small advertisement from the publisher and will receive another marshmallow. With a simple 2D graphic platform, you can create cute and funny marshmallows has increased the appeal of the game.

With many fresh colors and a friendly interface for everyone, the effect of the marshmallow block-breaking the obstacles looks eye-catching. A soft, melodious soundtrack very suitable for this game creates a sense of comfort for players like never. Along with that, when the marshmallow block overcomes the obstacles, the headline sound is heard happily, making the player feel happier and more excited.

If you are looking for a light entertainment 2D game, you cannot miss Sky Roller. This game is highly entertaining with simple gameplay, but extremely attractive. Join cute characters to overcome many obstacles on a treacherous runway with their skating shoes.

Your mission in this game is to overcome all obstacles on the way and to the finish line. You can make your skating shoes open or close with just a few simple controls such as touch and slide left or right to control it.

With each level there will be different difficulties, the higher the level, the more difficult it will become. The runways in the game are quite diverse, always changing so it does not bore the player. After four levels, it will renew the runway.

In these four levels, there will be two last stages that are always the key and diamond appearance. Specifically, players are in level 4 or level 3, they will be the place where the key appears for you. And so counting up, for example, at level 8 or below, it will be level 7 and 8.

Also, level 4 is very simple. Players do not need to overcome any obstacles, just collect diamonds on the way and return to the destination. After each level of play, besides the diamond reward, sometimes you can also receive a gift box. The gifts in the chest can be diamonds, common, and uncommon characters. In this game, the character system is quite diverse, including Common, Uncommon, Heroes, and Legendary. Each group of characters will have different ways of receiving.

Specifically, the Common and Uncommon groups will receive by using diamonds to unlock random characters. You need a minimum of 150 diamonds to unlock in the Common, and Uncommon groups are 350. But each time unlocked, the number of diamonds used for the next wave also increases.

For the group of Heroes characters, it is quite special that the player must collect all three keys in the third level of each map. After that, you take to a room with lots of gold chests and you will unlock Heroes characters here.

Final Words

Jelly Shift is a highly entertaining game with lovely marshmallow blocks. The game is straightforward to play and suitable for everyone. Help the marshmallows overcome many tough challenges and catch their favorite food. Enter the colorful world of Jelly and experience it today.

Jelly Shift has a simple, elegant design, soothing music, so it can relieve stress very well. This game is very suitable for killing time in your spare time, while on the train or waiting for the bus, even when you only have a few minutes of abrupt break. Download Jelly Shift for free to iPhone iPad and enjoy!

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