Drive and Park MOD APK 1.0.30 (Unlimited Money)

Drive and Park MOD APK 1.0.30 (Unlimited Money)

December 20, 2023


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Drive and Park is a unique mobile parking game. In Drive and Park, you will drive along a busy street. When you see a space on the side of the road, you need to park your car immediately. The rules of the Drive and Park are straightforward: you will park your car in a space, do not jostle, and push the position of the vehicle on the map. Your goal in the game is to park a certain number of cars to unlock additional levels.

Drive and Park takes players to busy, crowded cities. Here, you can hardly find an empty parking space for your car, because it covers the two sides of the road. Drive and Park is a non-stop running game when you have to park your automobile endlessly.

General Information

Drive and Park is a game to practice driving and parking in a realistic 3D environment. Control the car skillfully from a top-down perspective, park your car at the right place, and you will receive the rewarding amount. Use this money to collect more alternative models and repeat this exciting quest. To win with an impressive score in Drive and Park, you will practice drifting as much as possible, park quickly, and it will reward you. Speed, agility, and assertiveness are the keys to success in this game.

The top-down view of Drive and Park makes it easy to cover the entire gaming environment. With quite colorful and cute graphics, you will drive, park the car according to the direction arrows in the shortest amount of time. Not as professional as Dr. Parking Mania – Asphalt Racing, but Drive and Park still have its charm. It is an opportunity to adventure around the world and collect vehicles in each of the locations you visit.

Complete levels from easy to hard to unlock new tracks, skins, and racing cars. Increasing difficulty levels help you upgrade your skills and will become the top racer in the world. Drive and Park are suitable for everyone, including children and the elderly. As noted above, fast parking is the key to success, but concentration, carefulness, and thoroughness are also essential for achieving your goals correctly. Just a little negligence, like crashing with another vehicle, hitting obstacles, and parking the car will lose points. On busy streets with lots of parking and traffic, can you complete your assigned tasks?

Installation and Gameplay

  • Step 1: From the primary screen of the Android phone, we will access the app CH Play or Google Play Store as shown below and click on Search. As for iPhone and iPad devices, you will need to search and press the App Store item and select this Search item.
  • Step 2: To download Drive and Park on your phone, we will enter the keyword Drive and Park. And then, click on the corresponding application icon, confirm Install this app from the information.
  • Step 3: Download and install Drive and Park will take place completely automatically. And when the process is complete, we can click Open to launch this exciting game experience.
  • Step 4: Start the game Drive and Park that has been downloaded and installed above on your device.
  • Step 5: Next, we will press the option Allow for this app to access the device memory, and tap the screen again to explore this parking battle game.
  • Step 6: The gameplay of Drive and Park is straightforward. The player will press and hold the screen on each segment and can park as shown below. For every car we park successfully, we will receive an amount of money. And in contrast to the cars parked incorrectly, we will immediately be walked over by the Police and the game is over.
  • Step 7: Next, when you have reached the required amount of money in the right-hand corner of the screen, we will end the level and receive the reward before proceeding to explore the next requirement in the next level.

So, we have just come together to learn and discover how to download and play Drive and Park on Android and iPhone. It is a fascinating street-themed game for you to choose to play and experience.

Tips and Tricks to Play Drive and Park

Drive and Park have a very simple theme around parallel parking in urban areas. To complete the game screen on schedule, you must achieve the required number of points by parking exactly ten cars parallel and away from the appearance of police cars. Here are the issues you should pay attention to if you want to do everything perfectly.

A little different from actual life, parallel parking in Drive and Park allows you to drift into the parking spaces quickly. At early levels, you will always be guided by a given arrow that aids in capturing the moment of starting the slides to releasing your hand once the car has entered the yard. The ability to capture and control these 180-degree turns is key, saving you a lot of time and avoiding unwanted trouble with police cars.

If you drift too early, you can completely lose control of the moving car and cause it to crash into other cars, even crash into surrounding objects and flip the car. Do not be subjective because such accidents will mean the appearance of the police, and of course then the game will be over for you. Besides, the error in estimating the width of the parking lot compared to the car is also one reason players lose.

Each car has a difference, especially speed. So, the way of controlling and braking to create the drift phase should also be studied and considered very carefully. For example, when a car starts until the drift, it requires you to brake beforehand with the distance of one car. Then, another car with double, or even triple, performance will have to be done earlier. If you, unfortunately, start drifting a little eventually, releasing your hands is not a bad idea. Although it will make it difficult for the car to drift well, it helps you avoid overturning the car. Play again from the beginning.

Making enough money from ten cars is easy, depending on the type of vehicle there will be a certain amount of money to be paid for an exact entry. The cars with increasing levels will gradually appear in the latter part of the game, giving you a significant source of revenue along with significant challenges. Choosing the best cars and accepting challenges is the easiest way to make money and improve your skills and score during the game.

When playing Smashy Road: Wanted on Android or iOS, the first thing that the player realizes is like going through a suspenseful chase with too simple gameplay. The driver of the car only turns left and right. But from the beginning, you will take part in the police who wanted to escape in the game. The only two buttons left and right glided smoothly without feeling slow and uncomfortable.

Final Words

We always appreciate the mobile games this year for diversity, especially when escaping from the shadow of the survival trend. With Drive and Park MOD APK, you will become a professional cross-country driver. The only task that you have to do in the game is to drive and park your car properly. Sounds simple like that, but Drive and Park is very addictive to the player.

The way to play Drive and Park are simple but addictive. At the high levels that we experienced, it also brought a lot of surprises, not just driving and parking. Of course, we will keep it a secret and let the readers discover the above game for themselves.

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