Faily Brakes 2 MOD APK v6.11 (Free Purchases)

Faily Brakes 2 MOD APK v6.11 (Free Purchases)

June 1, 2024


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Faily Brakes 2 poster

If you are driving the car on the road and it loses control, what will you do? There is a game that will reproduce this situation and you will be a person that solve it. That is Faily Brakes 2. In the game, a player will control the car that loses control. They have to avoid the different cars to not hurt themselves. Let’s experience this interesting feeling now.

Colorful 3D graphic and vivid sound

Faily Brakes 2 is the arcade game that has been built and offered by Casual Azur Games. They are a developer in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Faily Brakes 2 is available on both Google Play and App Store. So you can install the game on mobile devices that run on Android and iOS Operating Systems. You also can play on tablets. Faily Brakes 2 is free to download.

In Faily Brakes 2, you will control the car on many different roads. Streets with many trees, a tunnel, a bridge, the roads that two sides of the roads are hills, or a cave, … Besides, 3D graphic is colorful and smooth. It has simulated a driver’ s activities and the movement of the cars. The image of the driver and the cars also looks so life – like. In addition, sound is very vivid. You can hear the cars passing on the roads. The honk of the cars or the sound of crashes. Soundtrack is so exciting and always turn on during the game. These things have helped Faily Brakes 2 to attract many players. And you still can turn off the sound in Setting of the game.

Faily Brakes 2 screen 1

Start to control the car that loses the control

Start the game, your character is Phil Faily. He is driving the car on the highway. But his car’s accelerator pedal is stuck to the floor and he is speeding out of control with his vehicle. The car runs faster and faster. So you will help him to control the car. There are two important arrows in Faily Brakes 2 that you need to notice. The first arrow is on the right side of the car. It will help the car to move to the right. Tap on the right arrow to move. If you want the car to move to the left, you just need to tap on the arrow that is on the left side. That is also the second arrow. Let’s remember how to move to control the car better.

Faily Brakes 2 screen 3

Like the real life, there are always a lot of traffic on the roads. Faily Brakes 2 is the same. The player will meet many vehicles on the roads such as the cars, lorries, police cars and so on. You need to avoid them unless your car will be broken and you have to finish the game although you don’t want. In addition to the vehicles, you also need to avoid to the trees, large rocks, fences around the roads. They also can damage your car. When the car is damage badly, you can still repair it. But if you don’t want to repair the car, the game will finish. Besides, sometimes some slopes will appear around the roads. You also need to evade the cops riding your tail for speeding. Moreover, you can drive up the slopes and look for spanners. The spanners will help you to repair the car. The spanners also can appear on the roads. So don’t worry too much when your car is broken.

Especially, time in Faily Brakes 2 will change with a cycle. There are 4 times of a day that the player will control the car. Those are Morning, Midday, Afternoon, Night. The space around your character and car also will change. The sun will shine everywhere in the daytime. But the darkness will gather and there are many stars on the sky at night. If you notice, you can see the rays of the sun. This makes Faily Brakes 2 become more realistic.

Faily Brakes 2 screen 2

Special features of Faily Brakes 2

In Faily Brakes 2, you can create many different cars. The game has provided many paints for the players. You can change the color of the car that you like. For example, pink, blue, red, yellow, white and so on. Besides, you can also change your car’s wheels, antenna and even your license plate. Especially, effect of the car is very diverse. Rainbow effect will make the car shimmer. They will help you create the cars for yourself. Explore parts of the car to create the special cars. In addition, the publisher has provided two characters for the player (one male and one female). Those are Phil and Anita. Your characters also have many clothes to change. You will receive them when you have overcome a level.

Moreover, the publisher has developed Faily Brakes 2 very realistically. You can see the doors swing open and the bonnet of the car fly off. The destructible vehicles are on the roads. You can receive daily reward if you have completed three missions that the game has provided.

Faily Brakes 2 screen 4

The interesting driving game

With simple gameplay, the player just need to move their car to the left or the right. Faily Brakes 2 has attracted many players off all ages, from children to adult. Vast reimagined Faily World, where Phil and Anita can decide to take different turns, the tunnels, the caves, fields and more. Besides, you can play the game whenever you want. Because the game doesn’t require the Internet connecting. Faily Brakes 2 will help you relax after a long day at work.

In addition, a huge range of car customizations allows you to create the unique and beautiful cars for yourself. The obstacles and the cars make the road become more difficult. Plenty of hills, the tunnels, traffic intersections as well as the police. This is also a challenge for the players. Because of the above things, Faily Brakes 2 has become the interesting driving game. Let’s install Faily Brakes 2 and experience the attractive things.

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