JOOX Music MOD APK 7.24.8 (K-Plus Subscription Unlocked)

JOOX Music MOD APK 7.24.8 (K-Plus Subscription Unlocked)

Tencent Mobility Limited K-Plus Subscription Unlocked

JOOX Music is a music platform operated by Tencent’s subsidiaries in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, and South Africa. It divides its users into free users and Purchase VIP paid users. Purchase VIP is priced differently in various regions. When purchasing VIP, you will have many special functions such as listening to Hi-Fi format music and offline listening. According to the survey of CAMIA Data Weekly, JOOX Music ranks 6th in the number of downloads in Google Play Thailand and second to Spotify. JOOX Music MOD APK is Also known as the Southeast Asia version of QQ Music.

JOOX Music is a new application that provides free music services. You can listen to any radio on demand, quickly search for popular charts, play any recommended songs randomly, add favorite songs, and enjoy other excellent services. JOOX Music is a good starting point for your musical journey.

You can listen to the songs in the playlist during long-distance commuting, parties, or work. Whether you are on the road or at home, JOOX Music can provide music for everyone. Listen to your favorite local and international pop charts, hip-hop, R&B, pop, dance, EDM songs, and albums, anytime, anywhere you want to listen.

General Information

JOOX Music is a free online music player, providing users with the best sound quality from an Android device. JOOX Music has a professional user interface, with advanced controls for playback audio. JOOX Music is an exclusive and free music app with over one million songs that helps to give users the best music experience.

JOOX collects new and most popular songs and albums every day. Besides. there are tailored radio themes, and a featured playlist to keep you on top of the latest music trends. JOOX Music helps users to enjoy songs specially selected for your musical taste from a library of millions of songs. Listen to high-quality music for a better experience. Or you can download free mixes for offline listening without having to incur any network charges.

In particular, JOOX Music knows what you like to play new tracks. Mark up for your favorite song and the app will learn more about what you’re interested in. While discovering the latest, greatest, intelligently tailored to the user’s musical taste. You can also listen to your favorite old music.

Background Story

Launched in 2015, JOOX Music is an international version of Tencent Music’s leading music streaming service. It is a counterattack of Tencent against foreign competitors like Spotify.

JOOX Music has a presence in Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, and South Africa. They rank the app first in the list of music streaming services alongside YouTube Music and Spotify in Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand. During this period, karaoke usage time increased from 30% to 50% depending on the country, said Poshu Yeung, Tencent’s vice president of International Business, Tencent. Many users stay at home and listen to music killing time.

The karaoke feature on JOOX Music allows users to sing with friends and receive online gifts purchased with virtual currency in the app. The model that Tencent uses shows the correctness of it. While most of Tencent Music’s users use music streaming services, the biggest source of revenue is community entertainment services like karaoke. In the fourth quarter of 2019, Tencent Music achieved unexpected revenue in part thanks to such paid services.

Some users in Southeast Asia will pay when they account for a small percentage of the total number of subscribers. For driving traffic and paid users, JOOX Music has added additional features, such as using coins to rank VIPs, sending gifts to friends.

Taking advantage of the boom in demand for tools like remote video conferencing, Tencent last month launched its VooV Meeting cloud conference service in over 100 countries and territories. As more people move to work from home, Tencent predicts that there will be more cloud solutions in the long term.

Overall Assessments

Because Tencent has signed cooperation agreements with copyright agencies such as Sony Music and Warner Music, JOOX Music provides users with over one million songs including Cantonese, Chinese, Japan, Korea, Europe, and the United States. On JOOX Music, general users can listen to music, create or share playlists, and favorite songs. After paying a certain fee and becoming a member of JOOX Music, users can not only enjoy higher-quality lossless music but also have the privileges of offline download and exemption of advertisements.

JOOX Music mainly targets Hong Kong and Southeast Asia countries. Because in mainland China, Tencent has a similar QQ Music to provide users with streaming music services. And from the perspective of the design of the application itself, JOOX Music is also very different from QQ Music. To a certain extent, JOOX Music is more similar to foreign streaming music applications such as Spotify and Pandora. Therefore, JOOX Music can be viewed as a new attempt by Tencent Music to expand overseas.

However, whether it is Spotify or JOOX Music, streaming music applications still have a long way to go in terms of user payment and copyright awareness training. Taking Spotify as an example, it also provides high-quality, massive music free services, with membership paid subscription as the revenue model. As of January 2016, Spotify has attracted nearly 100 million users, but the actual paid subscribers are only three points. One is about 30 million people.

But from a longer-term perspective, music copyright will wait for greater respect and protection by governments of various countries, and streaming music may become the mainstream of music services. Therefore, as an overseas attempt by Tencent’s music service, JOOX Music’s topping of the App Store list in Hong Kong, Thailand, and other places is only the first step in its growth.

Recommended Alternative


Musixmatch is an iOS application capable of automatically detecting the music you are playing on your iPhone, iPad, iPod to match the lyrics. You can view the lyrics in the Musixmatch app or from the widget in the notification area. Users like the display of songs in the widget because it will run in proper time wherever the music comes. Also, the lyrics appear like karaoke.

You can watch the video below to learn more about how Musixmatch works. They provide this software free, please download it for a trial. Note that Musixmatch works mainly with English music. If you try some local songs, the app could not find the lyrics.


Spotify is one of the most popular music player applications in many countries. It attracts a huge number of users thanks to its interesting features. Here’s what you need to know when using the Spotify app.

First, we can understand that Spotify is a music player application similar to JOOX Music or Musixmatch. This app is also available on both Android and iOS platforms. Spotify is popular in most countries around the world and is increasingly used by international users.

The Spotify application contains a huge music store. However, its quality far exceeds that of other music player applications. Users have two choices of using Spotify: Free plan and Premium plan.

Final Words

JOOX Music MOD APK is a free music player application with lyrics. All local music lovers can stream or download the latest songs, millions of other local and international tracks. You can discover new music through the exclusive music playlist provided by our editors. They can choose the song that best suits your taste and mood anytime and anywhere.

Additional Information

Old versions

JOOX Music 7.4.0


JOOX Music 6.3.0



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