Videoder MOD APK 14.4.3 (Ad-Free Unlocked)

Videoder MOD APK 14.4.3 (Ad-Free Unlocked)

January 24, 2023


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Ad-Free Unlocked

Have you ever watched a video online and wanted to download and save it to your device? Now you can do that with Videoder Premium.

Videoder is a free program, allowing you to download 4K videos and convert MP3 format. It helps you download content from various websites, including Video, Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, and Vimeo. It means you can find and save the best content on the Internet for viewing whenever you want, even when offline.

The app is available on Videoder’s website for both Android and Mac operating systems. The download and installation are rapid and easy. It only takes a few minutes, and you are ready to download videos and more.

When you open the application, you can use the search engine to find things you like. The process will move on to the most significant sites, such as Vimeo and Facebook, along with some lesser-known. In case you already know the video you want to download, just enter the link.

Once you’ve found what you want to download, then downloading it is easy. You can choose the file format and adjust the quality to suit your needs. Once you have saved the file to your device, you can watch or listen comfortably.

General Information

With the healthy development and the need for online entertainment on today’s smartphones, it is not too difficult for users to find themselves a video download taken from the app store. However, most of them have a terrible design or insert many ads that cause discomfort during use.

Therefore, in this article, we would like to share with you Videoder Premium, which has a neat design. It allows downloading high-quality videos and automatically converts them to MP3 files from YouTube, Facebook, or other social networks.

The first difference we quickly notice is that Videoder’s interface design style is stunning. Every detail is meticulously cared for and built systematically to give users the best experience. Many users praise that the appearance of Videoder Premium gives an intimate look.

However, not only possessing a smooth and eye-catching appearance, Videoder is equipped with quite a few tools to assist users in downloading videos from popular social networking or sharing services. We can list sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, Vimeo, SoundCloud, 123movies, Twitter, Vine, Ted, etc. and even some foreign websites.

The developer also integrates some other utilities such as music players and mini video players. You can also convert videos directly to MP3 or M4A format or provide playlists Featured songs and bookmarks.

Here are some outstanding highlights of the app:

  • Free to use without an account.
  • Supports multiple platforms (Android, Windows, Mac, and web browsers)
  • Support downloading videos, music, pictures over 1000 websites, and saving to devices.
  • Supports many languages
  • Browser support for surfing the web, including the ability to block ads, incognito tabs.
  • Support floating windows when watching YouTube videos, you can surf the web while watching videos.

You can download and experience the Videoder via this link.

Background Story

After the shutdown of YouTube-MP3 and the absolute explosion of streaming music with a lot of services available in more or less free form, the record majors thought they had given music piracy a big hit. According to a report by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry, more than a third of digital music listeners continue to resort to illegal methods.

The most common form of copyright infringement is the so-called ‘stream-ripping’ (32%), which is the use of simple online software to record the audio of videos such as YouTube. In second place are the mobile apps, used by 23% of those who break the law, while in third place is the acquisition of files found through search engines.

For everyone, the motivation is the same: to listen to songs offline without paying for premium services. From Napster onwards, through Snaptube, VidMate, and, more recently, KickassTorrents or Torrent, the battle against piracy has been fierce, to where it has become increasingly difficult to find illegal movies or music on the net.

But piracy has also countered blow by blow, resorting to complex strategies. The latest found halfway between legality and illegality is Videoder, an app available for Android, Windows 10, and Mac that lets you download videos or record music from over a thousand sites, including YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram.

The app was born in India and soon reached its popularity worldwide, with over 40 million downloads. Officially, the application prompts users to use the service only for non-copyrighted materials, but, given its nature, it is logical to infer that all its users are not so compliant with the rules. Google has not admitted it in the Play Store as because of some terms and conditions by Google that prohibits downloading from YouTube. But Android users can download it from the official website of the application through an APK file to be installed on a smartphone or tablet.

How to Use Videoder?

Videoder is very easy to use. In the section, we will introduce how to use it on all three platforms.


Videoder is not available on the Play Store, so you must visit the service homepage at this link. Click Download for Android to download the installation file (APK).

Then, click on the downloaded file to install it onto your Android device. If the installation fails, you need to check if the device has turned on the function that allows the installation of apps from external sources.

Watch and download YouTube videos.

In Videoder, it will take you a right into the primary interface YouTube with the category items arranged at the top. When you click on the video, Videoder will automatically extract the download links. When downloading videos on Videoder, you can:

  • Download each video separately: First, click on the desired file format in the viewing interface. Then give it a name, choose where to save or leave it as default. After that, click Start Download in the pop-up that appears. You can track the progress of your download by clicking the down button on the top right corner. It will keep the file saved by default in the internal memory in the Videoder directory.
  • Download multiple videos simultaneously: You need to click the white dot at the top of each video to select. Each chosen video will display a number in the lower right corner with a blue circle. Then, click to open the downloaded setup interface for the selected videos. You can choose general download in one format, quality, or in each quality or custom format.

Vieoder still supports normal video viewing when pressing the play icon to play. One thing we like is that Videoder omits the comment section, leaving only the information and suggested video.

On the playback frame, you can adjust the quality and playback speed of the video. You can press the back button to zoom out and switch the video to a floating window. Unfortunately, Videoder does not support background playback.

When watching YouTube videos from Videoder, you can also:

  • Manage your channel, YouTube account profile, and make like/dislike videos, or subscribe to new channels. Press the menu button and then click to Sign In.
  • Anti-fatigue eyes when using the night mode interface. You do this on the menu.
  • Change local content area (US default), where to save, reset apps, etc. in Settings.

Surf the web and download music videos on other websites:

At the home page, click View all pages. Videoder’s web browsing interface will appear with bookmarks that are popular websites. You can add or hide it by clicking the Add site.

Videoder’s browser is simple, but it supports two essential features: ad blocking and incognito mode. You press the menu button three dots to turn on and use. Videoder’s address bar is also a search function for many search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and Baidu)

When you open and play web content with audio-video, you will see the download button appear on the left side. Click to set a name and choose where to save before downloading. If you want to return to the home page (YouTube), press the home button.

Computer’s Desktop

Videoder desktop version has more limited features than Android. It only allows watching and downloading YouTube videos, no browser to surf the web. But in return, the computer version is more comfortable to use with a spacious and more intuitive interface.

The interface includes three functional items:


It is the layout of the home page with content on YouTube. You can watch and download videos normally. To download videos, you have two ways:

  • Click on the video and select the desired file format in the pop-up.
  • Paste the URL of the video in the search box above. Then click download and select the downloaded file.

Then click yes to confirm the download. To track your download progress, go to the Downloads section below.


You can display all download progress on Videoder, such as downloading, completed, and downloading errors. You can also perform reload if error, delete from list or computer, and download a new file with different resolution in the file’s three-dot button.


You can change the interface language, where audio, video, and image files are saved.

Web Browsers

The web version only supports viewing and downloading YouTube videos. You need to go to the first homepage here, enter keywords of the video into the Search, or join the YouTube link to search or put the URL to go directly to the video. A new interface will appear, you can play videos by YouTube playback frame or download files (video or audio) with quality and custom formats.

Special Features

Download videos from over 50 sites in the term of 4Kvideo

One of the best features is creating the best collection of 4k videos with this fantastic app and enjoying them on TV 4k with no buffers or ads.

Download up to 10 times faster with batch download

Create a collection of music and videos while searching and downloading at one time. It is a unique feature of the multi-task download mode. You can download hundreds of songs with one tap.

Download playlists in one go with a fast-loading tool.

With Videoder, you can download YouTube playlists with one touch. You can select all videos or drag and choose how many you want and download them at once.

Videoder for PC makes it easier than ever to create your collection of movies, the music you listen to, and videos you watch. It is an excellent tool to help you broadcast on a bad network connection. It is an attractive plus.

Fast loading tool is a great function to save time. Videoder is a convenient tool when you have to download a bunch of videos, but you are in a hurry. No more waiting for the links to load, just two simple steps, and the download is complete.

Also, the night mode will make it easy to use the app in the evening. We especially recommend this mode on AMOLED displays.

Browser rebuild with an ad blocker.

In the browser application, it is straightforward to download videos from unique sources, recognize the video or audio file, and display it in the download window. It helps you to search the web with no interruptions.


Videoder Premium has several advantages that make it one of the most popular video download services. For example, we can download it from over 50 websites. Most services focus heavily on the Vimeo site, but you can use Videoder to download almost any file on the Internet.

Some many similar apps or websites are full of advertisements. Particularly, Videoder has an internal browser that blocks ads. Other benefits include up to 10-time faster download speeds, the ability to download entire playlists, and even download 4K video.

Perhaps the most convenient feature of Videoder is the group downloads. It will allow you to surf the web and create a collection of your favorite content. Then, when you see it all, you just need to use one download, and you’re done.

If you are the person who wants the best videos and music ready to listen, you must try Videoder. The app is free so you can try it out with peace of mind. After using it, you will probably hate knowing it too late.

Final Words

The smartphone is indispensable for over 95% of young people today. And many smart applications on the phone are born more to meet the needs.

Google or some apps always hide ways to download videos directly from their sites. You can only archive temporarily if the application allows it. And the downloading video is a lot easier with the Videoder.

Many other applications support this task, such as Snaptube or VidMate. But according to my experience, Videoder Premium APK is still the best and easiest to use with a good deal of information technology applications.

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