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OG YouTube

March 11, 2020


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For most smartphone users, the Official YouTube application for Android devices is not the best convenient app out there. Fortunately, if you are an Android user, your life you get much better with OG YouTube, which is a third-party app for Android users to watch YouTube videos more comfortably. In this post, we’ll be taking a good look over this app and see why many Android users prefer it over the official app. Find out everything you need to know about this amazing Android app with our reviews.

What does it do?

The OG YouTube is essentially an Android app that was made based on the stock YouTube app. However, it comes with a lot of additional features that would ensure you a better experience over. Players can enjoy their videos more with convenient controls, thanks to the improved features on OG YouTube.

The app also works well on most devices and can run relatively smooth if you’re having a good Internet connection. Which is why it has become so popular.


To start enjoying OG YouTube on your devices, you will only need a low-end Android device that can properly run the official version of YouTube. That’s it, there is no root required and you can start enjoying the awesome features that the app provide right now. Download and install it right away to start watching YouTube videos in style.

Awesome features

Here you’ll find some of the best features that the app offers:

Smooth like the official version

Among all the different YouTube apps that are currently available, we find the OG YouTube as one of the smoothest and most convenient apps for your YouTube video. You can install it and watch YouTube videos on your devices without any problem. The experiences will be just like using the stock app, if not better.

Has all the existing features of the official app

In addition, OG YouTube also features all the existing features of the official YouTube app. Which means that you can now enjoy all the new features of your YouTube app on OG YouTube. And at the same time, there also dozens of additional options that you can play with.

Download videos in multiple resolutions on your devices

For most smartphone users, not having the download features available in their YouTube app is probably the most unsatisfying thing. Although they’ve allowed users to download videos onto their YouTube app so that they can rewatch later, it’s only available if you’re using the YouTube app. Otherwise, you still can’t watch videos offline on your devices.

That being said, OG YouTube allows users to download any YouTube videos on their devices by tapping on the offline download button. Here you can adjust the quality of the videos as well as download multiple videos at once, which is quite convenient. And with your videos downloaded, you can then enjoy them using your Android video players like other normal videos.

Convert music videos into mp3 files

For those who often use their YouTube app to listen to music, you can easily convert your music videos into the familiar mp3 definition. Then you can download the audio file onto your devices and listen to it while you stay offline or have your phone screen turned off.

Convenient video player interface

To allow Android users to have the most satisfying experiences, the developers of OG YouTube also enable the convenient video player interface on this app. That being said, while you’re in the watching interface, you can easily adjust the volume and brightness using hand gestures on the sides of your screens. It’s like what you usually experience with normal video players such as MX Player. On top of that, you can also quickly fast-forward or rewind the videos should you feel that it’s getting bored.

Watch videos in the background

And this is probably the most important feature on OG YouTube that makes this app such a sensation. You can use and watch your favorite YouTube videos while browsing other app thanks to the floating YouTube feature that OG YouTube provides.

And what’s best is that even with a small floating video window, you can still gain access to all the exciting feature that the app offers, including fast-forward, rewind, playback, next, adjusting the volume or brightness, and so on.

You can also choose to play on the audio if you’re listening to music, allowing for the most satisfying experiences on your Android devices.

Download subtitles for videos

For those who often watch foreign videos, subtitles have become a part of your life. Without them, you can never understand what the speakers are talking. Well, unless you do speak the language. Anyway, with OG YouTube, you can even download the subtitles on your devices so that you can watch your offline videos with them. This makes watching YouTube videos on OG YouTube even more satisfying and convenient.

Watch videos even with your scene turned off

And last but not least, the app allows users to watch their favorite videos with their screen completely turned off. This is extremely useful if you only want to listen to your favorite list of songs without having to turn on the screen.

Reduce battery consumption

And of course, with all these exciting features, OG YouTube is the best app that you can choose in term of battery saving. By having your smartphone screen turned off most of the time while you’re listening to music, you can save a significant amount of your battery power. This allows you to have longer active time on your smartphone.


No update at any time soon

However, despite all the interesting features, the fact that this app has encountered some conflict with Google’s Terms of Services, you won’t likely to see any updates for it soon. It’s also stated by the developers that they can’t support the app at the near futures.

However, you can still use all the exciting features that are currently available on the app, which we think are more than enough to satisfy any normal users. And if you’re eager for more updates in the future, you can choose to donate the developers and motivate them to start working on their app.

Install MicroG!

You need to install MicroG to login. Without it, add account button won’t do anything.

Download OG YouTube latest 12.10.60-3.5U Android APK

Nonetheless, OG YouTube is still one, if not the best YouTube app for Android users if you’re looking for a convenient and fun YouTube experience.

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