LEGO Cube: Create your dream world with LEGO

LEGO Cube: Create your dream world with LEGO

February 16, 2020


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Find yourself enjoying the latest LEGO adventures on the mobile platform as we take a look at the future of LEGO games. Explore the massive world where you could be free to do anything you want, from foraging the surrounding, looking for resources, crafting items, engaging epic combats, and so on.

Enjoy yourself in this massive multiplayer game where you can have your LEGO hobby satisfied. Build and craft anything you want using your LEGO Cube and other resources that you’ve collected. Create almost anything to make your life much better from a bike, hammer, crafting table, and so on.

Find out more about this amazing game from Tencent with our reviews.


The game takes place in a huge digital world where gamers could have their characters roaming around, looking for resources, creating items, fight monsters, encounter other players, make friends, join the party, and so on.

If you like Minecraft Mobile, this should definitely be the next mobile game for you to enjoy. Experience the in-depth gameplay with tons of unlockable features. Have your characters traveling to multiple locations and look for new adventures.

Take part in many exciting missions on your own or with your friends. Find yourself playing in an interesting team and never feel bored in LEGO Cube.

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Here you’ll find all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple yet addictive gameplay

Find yourself getting used to the game pretty quick with the simple and optimized touch controls. In addition, the interfaces are also much more intuitive if you’ve been playing other games from Tencent. And most importantly, you’ll find yourself having access to an in-depth gameplay with tons of discoverable features.

Feel free to customize your characters

To start with, gamers will be introduced to the character customization panel. Here, you can choose to create your character with multiple available traits. Start with genders, body types, facial expression, eyes, nose, mouth, and even some tattoos or cars.

In addition, you’re also allowed to put on some clothes on your characters before hitting the enter button. Since you can get these clothes for free, make sure you spend some time picking them to get the most suitable ones. Have your characters properly customized and ready to go.

Dress them up with awesome clothes and equipment

Along with the default traits that you get at the beginning of the game, players can also choose to add some customizations on their characters after that, if they wish to make some changes. And most importantly, you can pick up different costumes that fit in new themes. Also, you can put on new equipment that’ll show on your character.

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Explore the massive world with endless possibilities

Like your favorite Minecraft game, LEGO Cube introduces gamers to a whole new world with massive lands and endless possibilities. Here, you’ll find yourself traveling on different locations from snow mountains, plain field, to the ocean. In each place, there will be tons of different things for you to explore, which makes the game incredibly diverse. Here you can explore the lands and collect multiple resources that’ll be quite useful later on.

Make uses of the crafting features and create almost anything

And with the collected resources, you can start building things, start with your very hideout. Create awesome bases with multiple styles from a hidden cave, castle, to mansion. In addition, you can make uses of the crafting features to create multiple objects that serve varied purposes.

Make your weapons so you might deal with the monsters and demons that would attack you on sight. Create items like hammer, axe, and likewise to assist you in your daily lives.

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Take on epic monsters

And speaking of fights, you couldn’t neglect the fun of slaying epic monsters, right? That being said, LEGO Cube features dozens of different monsters and other beings that will appear on the map when you start your journey. In addition, with different locations, there will be different monsters that feature unique abilities and powers. It’s recommended that you use the right weapons for the job. And the hunting tasks can be done in multiple ways as long as you’re creative enough to perform them.

Enjoy the adventures with interesting gamers from all over the world

To make the game even more exciting, LEGO Cube also features the exciting online gameplay that you can participate in and enjoy with millions of online gamers. Find yourself completing epic quests together, work toward a same goal, take down epic monsters, create epic constructions, and so on.

Here, you can meet up with the most interesting gamers from all over the world. Find yourself making good friends in LEGO Cube and have them assist you in your adventures.

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Rewarding gameplay with bountiful loots

In addition, gamers in LEGO Cube will also find themselves in for many treats thanks to the rewarding gameplay. That being said, you can collect awesome prizes without having to pay for any in-app purchase by simply completing different in-game tasks. There are also some juicy rewards for completing in-game challenges and achievements. So, as long as you spend your time in LEGO Cube, you can easily catch up with the paid gamers.

Free to play

The game is currently free to play will continue so for as long as it’s active. That being said, you can have the game installed on your mobile devices without having to pay anything. Just download it whenever you want from Google Play Store and start enjoying the gameplay.

Visual and sound quality


The game features beautiful and well-polished graphics that make the game looks as if it was a console version. Here you’ll find your characters well-designed and working properly with the in-game physics. On top of that, the massive LEGO maps that auto generate anytime you appear will be extremely exciting to discover.


By featuring the immersive sound effects, LEGO Cube will make gamers to feel like they’re actually caught in the scenes. Find yourself completely hooked to the majestic and exciting worlds in the game. Spend hours on end discovering its amazing features.

Download LEGO Cube latest 0.6.21 Android APK

Fans of the LEGO franchise will certainly find this new LEGO game exciting as it provides all the essential features that gamers would want. A massive map to explore, beautiful graphics, in-depth gameplay, simple and intuitive controls, and so on. What more could you ever expect?

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