LibriVox AudioBooks MOD APK 2.8.6 (Unlocked)

LibriVox AudioBooks MOD APK 2.8.6 (Unlocked)


For those of you who aren’t really interested in reading books and documents, but still want to build yourself a good habit of learning from these amazing source of knowledge, you’ll find yourself enjoying this awesome mobile app from YOBIMI GROUP quite a lot. And here, thanks to the exciting option of listening to your audiobooks instead of having to read and stress your eyes. This is extremely helpful if you know what you’re doing and just commit as little as 5 minutes per day to enjoy your books.

And over time, you can find yourself accumulating a huge amount of knowledge and understanding of the world in a variety of different aspects. Feel free to engage yourself in a huge collection of books, all have been converted into their intuitive and immersive audio experiences. Hence, you can easily enjoy your selected books without having too much of a trouble or challenge.

Find out more about the awesome mobile app from YOBIMI GROUP with our complete reviews.

What does it do?

The habit of reading is undoubtedly one of the most powerful and helpful activities that you can try to perform every day. Not only that it’ll improve your knowledge on various aspects of life and the world around you, but the habit is also extremely beneficial to your mental and physical health. That being the case, by allowing yourself to stay away from your digital devices for just a while, you can make sure that you stay comfortable and relaxed after your reading sessions. And at the same time, doing some reading before you go to sleep is also extremely helpful for getting you in the mood for sleeping.

The only problem with reading is that many people often find themselves intimidated by the amount of knowledge that they must pick up. Not to mention that if you’re not familiar with reading, you should find yourself getting bored relatively quick. However, with this interesting mobile application of LibriVox AudioBooks, should find yourself enjoying books a lot more. Here, the app offers its complete collection of audiobooks from a variety of different categories. As a result, you can find yourself enjoying the exciting knowledge without getting bored by the stressful reading experiences.


For those of you who’re interested in the exciting mobile app of LibriVox AudioBooks, you can easily have it installed on your mobile devices without having to pay anything. Here on the Google Play Store, thanks to the free application, you can easily pick it up and enjoy the app with many of its interesting features.

Moreover, make sure that you’re running the exciting mobile application of LibriVox AudioBooks on your Android devices with the latest firmware installed, preferably Android 4.4 and above. And at the same time, you’ll also need to give it the appropriate permissions, which are needed to enable complete functions and features in LibriVox AudioBooks.

Lastly, if you wish to enjoy your engaging and immersive audiobook experiences, you can use your high-quality headphones to enjoy the app. This would certainly improve the listening experiences and allow you to fully engage in the lessons.

Awesome features

Here are all the exciting features that the app has to offer:

Enjoy exciting audiobooks from varied categories

To start with, Android users in LibriVox AudioBooks will find themselves enjoying their exciting books with thousands of available audiobooks from varied categories. Feel free to select your fiction, romance, fantasy, adventures, sci-fi, and books from many other categories to enjoy. Choose between 3000 available books from the Gutenberg library and enjoy your favorite documents to the fullest. Now, you can quickly immerse yourself in the audible lessons whenever you want.

Have fun reading your favorite books

Along with the intuitive and accessible audible experiences with the selected documents, you can also attempt to read your favorite books using the included text content from LibriVox AudioBooks. And to make the entire experiences more engaging, you can combine both methods to make the most out of your learning efforts.

Download and enjoy your favorite books offline

And to make the app even more interesting, you can engage yourself in the exciting offline books, which can be easily downloaded from the in-app library. Feel free to pick up your favorite books and enjoy your listening or reading experiences whenever you’re ready. Get them all available on your mobile devices with ease.

Simple and accessible audiobook experiences

For those of you who’re interested in the exciting mobile application of LibriVox AudioBooks, you can now enjoy the simple and accessible audiobook experiences. With simple touch controls and accessible features, you can easily navigate between the in-app features, choose your favorite books, and enjoy your reading experiences to the fullest.

Powerful search engine with varied options

To allow Android users in LibriVox AudioBooks to quickly locate their favorite audible books, the app also features its powerful search engine, which you can make full uses of whenever you need it. All it takes is for you to browse the in-app library with the selected genres or categories to find the suited documents. Or type the names of the books, artists, and other related information into the search box to quickly locate your desired content.

Add text and the audible version of your documents

To make the audiobooks more engaging and exciting, you can now customize the text version of your selected documents and allow the mobile app to read it for you. Feel free to engage yourself in the exciting in-app experiences and have fun with LibriVox AudioBooks however you like, especially with those interesting documents of yours.

Set your sleep timer to easily fall into sleep

If you plan on using the app before you go to bed as a quick way to lure you into your sleep, then LibriVox AudioBooks does offer its amazing sleep timer, which you can make uses of to let the app to automatically pause when needed. This will allow you to enjoy your exciting books to the fullest without getting disturbed.

Get access to new audiobooks each month

Also, with LibriVox AudioBooks, you’ll also have access to new audiobooks each month, which will guarantee that you can enjoy your excellent text content whenever you need it. The free and accessible documents will certainly be able to impress you, especially when LibriVox AudioBooks only choose the best books to feature in their app.

Enjoy your favorite audiobooks at your preferred languages

And if you often find yourself not fully understanding all the knowledge being introduced in your selected books, due to the fact that English isn’t your native language, you can also enjoy the app in any of your preferred languages. Here, the app allows you to quickly access your in-app features and make uses of many available language options to immerse in your audiobook experiences.

Have fun with the unlocked app on our website

To make the exciting mobile app of LibriVox AudioBooks more interesting, we also offer our modified version of the app on our website, which you can easily get for free. Here, we’ve removed all the unnecessary in-app purchases as well as unwanted ads, which will allow you to access the fully-featured mobile app. All it takes is for you to download and install the LibriVox AudioBooks Mod APK on our website.

Final verdicts

If you’re interested in the exciting mobile app of Headway: Books’ Key Ideas and how it effectively captures the main ideas of each book, then you should certainly find LibriVox AudioBooks a great app to have since it’ll further improve your reading experiences. Now, you can make uses of the in-app features and enjoy the audible version of any books that you want. Thus, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in your reading experiences.

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