Scribd MOD APK 14.8.1 (Pro Unlocked)

Scribd MOD APK 14.8.1 (Pro Unlocked)

June 15, 2024

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Surely, every book lover knows Scribd, a giant document sharing site for everyone. According to statistics, over 60 million people read each month, and every day, up to 50,000 documents are uploaded from users in over 90 different languages. It can show that the credibility that users give to Scribd is immense.

Scribd is the most famous reader with millions of books in its library. At the time of registration, you will receive a 30-day demo account that allows you to read all the books you like for free. It is one way to engage book lovers.

Other features of Scribd are the ability to upload multiple files from a URL, divided by categories, groups, labels, or fixed folders. Finally, Scribd features traffic analysis for free, so you can see how many people have displayed, downloaded, or any other information related to the proprietary material.

General Information

Scribd is free for the first 30 days and after that, you will have to pay $8.99 or cancel your subscription whenever you want. One tip is that you can subscribe every month or cancel your membership.

With Scribd, a person receives three reading books and one audiobook a month, depending on their choice. Customizable suggestions are available with trending themes to explore and editorial suggestions. You will have unlimited access to many major magazines, books, and learning resources. Scribd’s iPaper Document Reader supports a wide range of popular document file formats.

The point that makes us feel Scribd is superior to other reading apps is only $8.99 each month, but you can read a variety of books. Besides regular books, there are also comics, audiobooks, articles, and scientific research. You can upload my materials here. Scribd almost always has both regular and audiobooks. You can use Scribd to read books on your phone, iPad, and laptop.

How to Use Scribd?

In the past, people often knew the DocuFarm website as the best place for you to view your documents online. However, DocuFarm still has many limitations, such as support for too few file formats, only viewing a single document at a time, no zooming options when viewing, no support for printing to paper are not available for download. And because of those flaws, Scribd was born and quickly became the best text viewed on the internet with over 6.8 million users and archives with dozens of million document files.

To use Scribd, go to and click the Sign-Up link in the right corner to register for an account. First, enter your email address to receive account information. Then enter the password to protect your account on Scribd. In the Username box, enter your username on Scribd. Finally, click the Sign-Up button to register to create an account.

After you have registered an account, go to and click on the Log In link, then fill in the registration information to use Scribd. Scribd is a huge document library with tens of millions of original works written in all languages ​​of the world that you can view, use, or download for free. To do so, first, click on the Explorer button, a list of documents will appear divided into groups of topics, including manuals, cookbooks, scriptures, and job application.

If you want to choose documents in any subject group, click on the corresponding item in the left-hand pane. Now, you can actively find documents in a language you want by hovering your mouse over the English section. Then, the advertisement appears and lists the document languages ​​in that group. In the Any Length section, you can sort a document by its size. And within here, you can find documents from tiny or bulky to over 100 pages. The special feature of Scribd is that you can also search for documents by file type. Hover over All File Types and then a list of document file formats will appear and you choose the format for documents I want to find.

Key Features

Scribd pricing

Scribd is a service that cannot be defined as free because in its free version it allows you to read only three contents among those available for free per month. To have access to all its features and read all the contents, it is, therefore, necessary to pay a monthly fee.

By subscribing to a subscription for $8 per month, it is possible to have unlimited access to an archive with millions of documents, magazines, books, and audiobooks. You can choose four contents (three books and one audiobook) from the paid ones per month and take advantage of all features such as download for offline reading, print function, and much more.

If you are a new Scribd user, you can activate a 30-day trial that allows you to try the service for free for one month and with no restrictions. Also, it will be useful to know that you can invite your friends to join Scribd and allow them to take advantage of two months of free membership. For the user who sent the invitations, there is one month of free subscription for each friend made to subscribe to the service.

Deactivate subscription

By activating the free trial, you have also activated the automatic renewal of the subscription. If you do not want to incur unwanted charges, you can deactivate your Scribd subscription and with no obligation.

Then, access your account settings by pressing the little man icon at the top right and click on Account settings. Scroll down the page and locate the Membership & Payment Details section. Now, click on the Cancel Membership option. On the new page, press the Continue cancellation button at the bottom. Disabling automatic renewal will allow you to take advantage of the remaining trial or subscription days with no limitations.

Main Functions

  • Overview: it is the main page of Scribd where you can see the recently read titles, related contents, and suggested ones.
  • Books: the section dedicated to books, divided into the categories Bestselling Books, New in Technology, Learn to code, and many others.
  • Audiobooks: to choose and listen to one of the many audiobooks available on the service.
  • Magazines: section dedicated to magazines. You can choose one of the available categories such as Politics & Current Affairs, Science & Technology, Career & Money, and many others.
  • News: the section to stay updated on world news. It allows you to read articles of all kinds for free, taken from famous newspapers such as the Financial Times, The Guardian, or The New York Times.
  • Documents: the section dedicated to documents of all kinds, from business models to academic documents. It is available for free.

LibriVox AudioBooks allows users to access unlimited over 15,000 original books, read online, or download to your computer for offline reading. Particularly, US users can purchase additional books from the collection of 50,000 other specialized books. With this application, you can search for any topic of interest, from best-selling books, specialized books, and magazines quickly.

Final Words

Scribd MOD APK is a service for sharing documents that present itself as an online library. Users can access thousands of books, audiobooks, documents, and music scores. You can also upload your work such as research, presentations, books, and homework. By subscribing to a monthly subscription, you can access thousands of contents, browse magazines and read the news, with the ability to download documents and read books even without an Internet connection.

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