Life is Strange MOD APK 1.00.310 (Full Unlocked)

Life is Strange MOD APK 1.00.310 (Full Unlocked)

July 27, 2021


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What do you care the most when playing a game? It really depends, right? And the answers are often related to what you would like to experience with each of your games. It could be the simple and casual fun that you can have with the intuitive and accessible Android games on your portable devices. The excitements and adrenaline rush whenever you dive into awesome action experiences, especially with fighting games. Or the feeling of being truly immersed in the stories that lie behind the in-game events and experiences.

Either of which, you would still find most of your games enjoyable and interesting to a certain extent as they usually offer what you need. But what about an exceptional title that comes with all of these awesome experiences? Usually, these kinds of games will only exist on other paid and premium gaming platforms, such as the PlayStation, Xbox, or PC. However, with this amazing game of Life Is Strange from SQUARE ENIX LTD, Android gamers will have their chances to experience true console-graded gameplay on their mobile devices.

Dive into the amazing gameplay with brilliant graphics and images that were beautifully created and meticulously crafted. Enjoy the amazing scenes that were brilliantly captured as well as the captivating stories that revolve around the different events. And at the same time, experience incredible actions and character progressions as you dive into the awesome gameplay in Life is Strange. Have fun with the absolutely magnificent worlds with amazing graphics, polished sound and audio, and most importantly, the in-depth and addictive story-driven gameplay that would hook you to the awesome gameplay for hours on end.

Find out more about Google Play Store’s best Android game of 2018 with our complete reviews of Life is Strange.


At the start, the game introduces Android gamers to a simple setup with an average town and your character is also an average teenage girl like everybody else. However, as the game progress and Max Caulfield discovered her incredible powers which can alter and bend the time zones. Thus allowing to travel through time, into the past or future as she would.

It all starts when Max tried to save her friend Chloe Price from a vital accident. And the incident has led to a series of escalating events and stories as the two friends find themselves investigating the mysterious disappearance of their fellow student Rachel Amber as well as the strange events that are happening around the town. Are there any connections behind these and Max’s new powers? Will the pair be able to uncover the secrets about the dark side of their old town, Arcadia Bay?

Life is Strange is a story-driven game that offers captivating stories and addictive adventures that would allow Android gamers to fully immersed in their in-game experiences. And along the way, Android gamers will find themselves having access to multiple gameplay with unique experiences, from diving into the puzzle-solving challenges to enjoying the awesome actions, you can enjoy the awesome gameplay to the fullest.

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Here are all the amazing features that the game has to offer:

A beautiful storyline that were brilliantly written

Right from our introduction, you can rest assured that you’ll find yourself having access to one of the most captivating storylines on mobile games with Life is Strange. Here in the game, gamers will find themselves exploring a seemingly normal town, but underneath, there are lots of secrets that were hidden from a passer’s eyes.

And with the unique and paranormal events that are happening all around the town, along with the newly discovered power from our main character, lots and lots of interesting developments can and will happen to the people of the town. Either them being good or bad, your choices and personal experiences of the game will play an important role.

That’s said, the amazing in-game stories that were written by the best screenwriter from the famous SQUARE ENIX will surely deliver you beautiful and captivating in-game moments. Feel free to have fun discovering the awesome story-driven gameplay as you explore Life is Strange.

Intuitive touch controls to guide you through the stories

And to guide you through its exciting stories and in-game developments, Life is Strange also introduces gamers to the convenient and accessible touch control options throughout their gameplay. Here, you can find yourself fully immerse into the actions and events as you play through the different scenes. Have fun exploring the awesome stories as you find yourself completely hooked to the in-game experiences and effortlessly explore the awesome gameplay.

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Explore the unique in-game mechanics with time controls

In addition, you’ll also find the awesome game from Square Enix being completely different from any other story-based titles on your mobile devices. That being said, the game offers exciting in-game experiences and progression with the unique time control mechanics. Here in Life is Strange, Android gamers will find themselves easily bend the flow of time and change the courses of the different events. However, will this cause any disturbance to the timeline and how severe will it be to your future? Experience the awesome gameplay as you slowly unveil the hidden secrets and captivating stories.

Experiences the unique adventures with multiple endings

And like other story-based adventures, gamers in Life is Strange will also find themselves having access to a variety of different dilemmas that need your choice. With each of your choices, the stories will follow a completely different course. And unless you want to change the paths by correcting in your future choices, you’ll be going toward a certain ending. Feel free to discover unique and interesting endings throughout your awesome adventures in Life is Strange.

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Make uses of the camera mode to create amazing cinematic footages

For those of you who’re interested, Life is Strange offers exciting in-game stories, in which gamers are allowed to capture amazing moments with the camera mod. Feel free to create awesome cinematic footage as you explore the awesome gameplay of Life is Strange. Join the online community and share your awesome images of Life is Strange.

Free to play

And despite all those amazing features, gamers in Life is Strange can still have fun with their favorite mobile gaming experiences for absolutely free. That being said, you can easily download and install the game from the Google Play Store without having to pay anything.

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Have access to the complete story with our mod

However, since it’s still a freemium title, Android gamers in Life is Strange can only enjoy a certain portion of the entire story. Hence, if you decide to have access to the entire gameplay, the game will require payments. That being said, you might want to go for our unlocked gameplay of Life is Strange, which is completely free to enjoy. Just download the Life is Strange Mod APK on our website, follow the provided instructions, and you’ll be good to go.

Visual and sound quality


For the first time in a long time, Android gamers will find themselves having access to a brilliant mobile game with this amazing level of visuals. That being said, throughout the courses of the stories, you’ll be enjoying the striking and powerful hand-painted images. Feel free to find yourself completely hooked to the in-game experiences with immersive visuals whenever you want. The only downside is that the game does require a lot from your devices’ hardware to properly process the gameplay. Hence, you can experience some difficulties while playing the game on your low-end phones.


Along with the beautiful in-game visuals, Android gamers in Life is Strange will also have their chances to have fun with awesome audio experiences. Find yourself fully hooked to the in-game experiences with amazing soundtracks from the famous Alt-J, Foals, Angus & Julia Stone, Jose Gonzales, and so on. On the other hand, also enjoy immersive stories with detailed and in-depth sound effects throughout the in-game developments.

Final thoughts

For those of you who’re interested in the story-based gameplay, there is only a great title that could rival Sky: Children of the Light, which is Life is Strange. That being said, the game offers incredible in-game visuals, stunning audio, captivating stories, and amazing in-game mechanics that would hook you to the experiences. And of course, you can always have access to the unlocked gameplay with our mod.

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