Love is in small things MOD APK 1.0.73 (Unlocked)

Love is in small things MOD APK 1.0.73 (Unlocked)


Love is in Small Things is a love-themed word puzzle game with over 50 levels, challenging players to find hidden words in beautifully designed scenes.


An amazingly tranquil and heartful experience of Love is in small things is now available on mobile devices for you to enjoy.

Dive into the stress-free and relaxing illustrations in the game, as well as it amazing audio elements, which will deliver a whole-hearted romance experience on the go. Watch how the brilliant artists convey emotions and messages into their gameplay, as you unfold each chapter of the stories.


Simple and relaxing gameplay

Have no trouble entering the game and immediately enjoy its tranquility and lovely experiences. The game itself was complete and intuitive story-telling piece of work that anyone can enjoy. Enter the game and enjoy its simple gameplay and easy mechanics, which offer intuitive touch navigations and interactions. You can easily play and navigate the stories with just two fingers.

Beautiful arts and mesmerizing music

Enjoy the most amazing pieces of arts in the game both with the brilliant visuals and audio elements. Have access to hundreds of beautiful art pieces that capture different moments and tell various stories in the most comprehensive ways. Always find your heart overwhelmed with warmth and joy as you scroll through pictures and really feel what’s hidden inside. And at the same time, the beautiful and sweet melodies will keep you engaged throughout the experiences.

Amazing pieces of arts that created with styles and animated with hearts and souls. High-quality OST with original music from the great artists. Everything in Love is in small things is well-crated and well-executed, so you would find the experiences absolutely beautiful.

Play and enjoy the game with complete peace of mind

Have no troubles entering the game and enjoying its stress-free experiences. Have yourself the most healing and relaxing pieces of arts and music available throughout the game. Feel free to enter and play the game whenever or wherever you want, thanks to the undemanding mechanics. Find yourself completely in love with the beautiful arts and songs. Certainly, a quick remedy if you ever find yourself being stressed.

Find out what love truly is

If you’re wondering what love really is, this game might give you an answer. Here, you’ll find that love is in small things, but oftentimes, they’re hidden from us. With a way with the arts and words, the game lets you naturally get hooked to the journeys. And slowly, you’ll find that love is hidden in small things around you. Who would have known that hidden objects could hide such beautiful memories.

Enjoy your journey to discover these beautiful emotions and embrace your own memories in Love is in small things. All the while finding your heart and soul ascended thanks to the beautiful arts and audio.

Captivating stories and enriching episodes

Always have access to the most captivating and exciting love stories in Love is in small things. With more than 30 chapters and 300 levels to complete, the game offers an amazing journey of emotions and beautiful interactions for everyone. Enrich your hearts and souls with beautiful stories and emotional experiences. Find love in small things and enjoy life as it is. One thing is for sure, after experiencing the journeys between these two main characters, you’ll find yourself fixed.

Have access to our modded app

If you’re interested in the free gameplay, then the unlocked version if always a great option. And if you don’t want to spend money, we also offer the modded version of Love is in small things on our website instead. Simply pick up the modded version on our website and start having fun without the game without paying.


Enjoy a beautiful story that was well-articulated inside this incredible game of Love is in small things. Heal yourself and learn the power of love in this very simple yet profound mobile game.

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