Life is a Game MOD APK 2.4.26 (Unlimited Money)

Life is a Game MOD APK 2.4.26 (Unlimited Money)

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Life is a Game gives you a variety of emotions when you experience the game. Because all the content is inspired by the saying “life is a marathon.” The game is a combination of running games, and realistic simulations of each person’s life. The game will bring a lot of emotions through each touching story in 2D pixel art graphics. You can hear small children’s laughter, adult footsteps. Your life and appearance changes based on the number of coins, and buttons selected. Your task is simply to run, jump, make a lot of money and make a decision on your life.

About Gameplay

Life is a Game developed by DAERISOFT. The game fully recreates the development of a human. Players will start from choosing the gender of the character, then orienting the character in life choices such as hobbies, friends, work, buying a house, buying a car, getting married – having children. , … You will meet again the turning point events in each person’s life. The life of the game begins as a child. You will do many tasks to grow, and go through countless events in your life until you die. The game is fully simulated, and realistic about life, so players will have a deeper insight into human events.

Life is a Game tries to reproduce in detail the development of a child – adult – old – death. The game offers a variety of choices in each stage of character development. Each action, each direction contributes to the final end of the game. Surely your life will be miserable without hobbies, friends or family. The game will develop the character according to each character’s selection. For example, if you draw paintings as a child, your character will develop into an art-loving teenager, and show off your talent for painting. If you play an instrument, then more likely your character will develop into a singer or musician. Later, you will face more complex issues, such as your own well-being, and relationships with others. The game offers a multitude of ending scenes, background scenes. Everything is constantly changing according to all the decisions you make. You will feel a lot of differences between the newborn, the young, the teenager, the adult, and the elderly. You can optionally buy some items from the store, or wait for the item to appear in certain situations.

Life is a Game with extremely simple gameplay. The character will automatically move forward, and the player will only have to control the jumping operation for the character. You will encounter important moments on the “life” track, and players will need to make the right choices to decide on life. In each life stage, players will collect objects that appear along the way such as money, food, cigarettes, … – objects representing needs in each person’s life. Players will need to be selective and pick up the necessary things. But everything will be realistic, for example if you pick up too much food, you will gain weight; If you smoke too much, the chance of death increases. In each stage of your life, you will encounter different items. You will run through a lot of interesting things throughout your life. Of course if you don’t have the unlucky problems like overeating, or smoking too much, you will reach the end of your life and die of old age. The character’s final decision will depend on the actions the player has done throughout his life. You can create a flawed or perfect person, cool quiet or cheerful sociable, … The game recreates all the important elements of life, and the player will write everything.

Life is a Game divides a character’s life into four main phases. The first stage is when young, players mainly gather basic knowledge, develop characters as well as shape talents. The “going to school” stage is attached to the basic things of the character including: Hobbies, friends, relationships. The period of “going to school” will shape the friendship relationship as well as personal interests. The “going to work” stage brings about many important events for the character. Players will be faced with many decisions such as: work, getting married, buying a house, buying a private car. Even players will have the opportunity to become parents, and nurture children. You will also face many problems such as choosing to live a family life or your passion or work. The final stage is “old age”. In “Old Age”, the character will have less agility, health, and will gradually go through the events of old age, as well as ending with death.

Life is a Game offers a vast store of fashion, and a variety of supporting items. Therefore, players can own unique outfits to change the character’s appearance. You will find a lot of games, furniture, tools, … The game really brings a unique and exciting experience through life’s journey. The game has more than a dozen different endings, and it all depends on your decisions for the rest of your life. Great 2D pixel graphics for a great sense of nostalgia.


Life is a Game with relatively simple controls. In the lower part of the screen you have all the action buttons. With the two buttons on the right, you can make the right decision, or hit the items. On the left side of the screen, you have three other buttons to activate the result of your selection. Anyone can easily get acquainted and experience it. In addition, you use the preferences, friends and family buttons on the bottom left to stay happy, healthy, and your relationship.

Graphics and sound

Life is a Game has pixel-style 2D graphics with simple horizontal viewing angle. Therefore, players have an objective view of each human life stage. Overall, the game uses pretty eye-catching colors and effects. The game has interesting background music, moderate rhythm, and creates a vibrant atmosphere for the game. The sound effects of the game bring joy and lightness. Different manipulations will have different sound effects. The 2D graphics are designed in the classic pixel format, so the characters that appear are very cute. Game overview is designed simply but very interesting, very attractive. The visual effects make the game more complete and attractive.

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Life is a Game is an interesting option in the 2D RPG genre. The game gives an overview of the human life journey. The game fully describes each stage of life, as well as important events that anyone will face. Players feel more about the importance of life through each action, ending in the game. If you love role-playing, simulation, and adventure games, the game is really worth the experience.

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