Don't Get Fired MOD APK 1.0.64 (Unlimited Money)

Don't Get Fired MOD APK 1.0.64 (Unlimited Money)

QuickTurtle Co. Ltd. Unlimited Money

Don’t Get Fired is a modern survival simulation mobile phone game. In the game, you need to play as a company employee who has no money. And then start your workplace life. The game screen is simple, and the operation is very simple because the plot content is more interesting. You should always pay attention to your living environment. It is a very fun simulation game. If you like it, please download and experience it on our website.

Don’t Get Fired is a workplace survival game developed by the Korean non-mainstream mobile game development team. The game is a fully armed workplace survival game. From a temporary clerk to the president, it is not a simple matter. This free game allows you to experience all kinds of resignation experiences of being fired by the company. Accumulate experience and see how many times you can become a president in the workplace.

General Information

Survival in the workplace is very cruel. Looking for a job, hand in your resume, and then being brushed. In this game, you will experience this process repeatedly, accumulate experience gradually, and finally join the proper company. However, it is just the beginning. In the office, you could not do your job well. You will be dismissed and not accept the job. Accidentally, the company closes, and the boss discovers your part-time job. You can only face strict reality.

This kind of suffering was moved into the game of Don’t Get Fired by Quick Turtle. However, they may have done much research, and the various probabilities of the game are almost close to the actual situation. We do not understand what kind of mentality the major characters have to make such a game.

How to Play Don’t Get Fired?

The content of the game is too real and heartache. On the loading page of the game, you can see that the developer said that although you do not believe in the promotion rate very much, the probability is accurate. From our perspectives, the game is not fake at all.

Why do we explain these things? It answers the beginning of the game. As a fresh graduate, it is impossible to find a job once you go to find your passion. You do not have to experience more than a dozen dismissals, and you cannot accumulate enough experience. It is impossible to join the company successfully.

Then, you will enter a company to work in a professional experience. During this period, you will encounter more life frustrations such as the time when your job application failures. There are all kinds of pets waiting for you such as the company closed down, cannot take the job, fail internship, sleep in the office, eat potato chips, and drink energy drinks. There are various reasons for dismissal that may occur in reality are waiting for you to step on them one by one.

Fortunately, these failed job search experiences can increase your success rate for promotion. And it is not a bad thing entirely, as long as you remember how to avoid these things when they happen. This game is like the real workplace, especially the heartbreaking part. Although the game is based on the workplace culture in proper life, it is a game. So, there is a lot of exaggerated content such as even if day and night alternate, there will never be an off-duty notice. If you press the exit button to get off work, they will fire you.

Your mom wants to buy a bag and needs 1W gold coins. If there is no money, it will reduce the promotion rate. Most of the reasons for expulsion are the president. So, is the president not working? There are also many nonsensical contents of complaints. In order not to be spoiled, we will not elaborate.

These things want and know that they will not appear in the actual world. But it is because of these nonsensical things that speed up the progress of the game itself, allowing players to compare proper life in terms of gameplay and content. Although they know that it is impossible to happen, they can instantly understand. This feeling is like a traditional cross talk. You know that they exaggerate some things in art, but when you put it in reality. You know that you are mentioning certain things in reality.

Overall Assessments

The sound effects in the office add to the authenticity of the game. If you have time and listen patiently, you can hear keyboard tapping, the sound of cars passing by, the sound of airplanes flying by, and the sound of things burning. It makes the game environment appear more real.

Also, the game uses some rhetoric common in the workplace. The game also makes the player see the text content. Players can feel the game is so real, and the failure is so heartbreaking.

For this game, there is a little missing because the entire game operation is just multiple-choice questions. And there is no need to keep clicking. However, you cannot leave yet. Because once you leave, if you do not respond in time to explain your work or chat with you, see the job fair. It is amazing to keep the game online in this way.

There are a few scenes in the game. Except for the constantly changing weather system, the only remaining scenes are the office and the entrance of the recruitment building. However, development is not without effort. If you look carefully enough, you find that everyone’s hairstyles and expressions are different. It probably implies that hair loss will be strong.

Then, there is the randomness system of the game. The game has multiple visible content built-in. But how to trigger depends entirely on the player’s luck. However, these things cannot be encountered by a little. Besides random triggers, some also require specific trigger points. Don’t Get Fired is a small game with many explorable contents.

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Final Words

It is difficult to define Don’t Get Fired MOD APK. You can say it is only about management except for a little of learning skills, everything else depends on luck. And you need not be specific, arrange the order, pick up the work, and complete the goal.

Don’t Get Fired MOD APK is a complicated game because the content of this game is a real work simulator. Although a little artistic exaggeration, it is basically in line with reality.

Just use this game as a gift to those who are still looking for a job, graduates are about to find a job, and friends are still at work. We wish you success in your work.

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