Mansion Blast MOD APK 2.35.680a64 (Unlimited Money)

Mansion Blast MOD APK 2.35.680a64 (Unlimited Money)

March 30, 2021


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4Enjoy Game
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Unlimited Money

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Mansion Blast poster

Match-3 blast game genre has always gained popularity nowadays. Mansion Blast requires you to combine boosters to blast the cubes of the same color but watch the time closely since your number of moves will be limited. You get to solve the most challenging puzzles and mix different bombs to create the strongest explosions as well as beat more levels.

Your task is to create the most powerful combos to give the whole mansion a makeover. Let’s do this by unlocking new chapters together with your most charming home decor and adorable pet in the game. Sure enough, Mansion Blast is one of the best decorating games you’ve ever tried. But be careful since Match-3 games are usually harder than other games you usually play.

General Information

With the same gameplay as Matchington Mansion, a fun adventure packed with fascinating puzzles that are waiting to be solved, Mansion Blast allows the player to use his or her interior design skills. You will be able to unlock new rooms and renovate all of them little by little after beating more levels. At the same time, you probably meet more furry friends like cute cats and love dogs while completing the mission.

It’s time to give the old family mansion a full makeover, and here comes a chance to express your style. Display your style and great creativity by decorating all the rooms, including the garden, kitchen, bedroom, library, hall, and several rooms in the game. Don’t worry because there are hundreds of amazing interior options that are certain to satisfy your most sophisticated tastes. Now come to explore various home decor and create your best atmosphere.

Also, never miss taking good care of the pets by feeding all of them while expressing your decoration skills. So are you feeling more adventurous now? Don’t forget to discover more new skins and adorable clothes for those little friends as well. All you need to do is decorate your mansion by matching and swapping colorful cubes. Besides, try to put all the hidden objects together and be a part of the fascinating adventure.

Mansion Blast screen 1

With addictive gameplay that requires you to win match-3 blast levels, restore, and furnish your granny and grandpa’s home. All secrets, rewards, and an attractive narrative would wait for you to explore. Trust me, Mansion Blast is an intriguing and challenging game genre you would play day and night. You would be just like us, which means playing for hours and thinking that minutes went by.

It’s such a super cute game packed with the most likable characters, and trust me, you would love the storyline. You need to read carefully what’s coming up next right after you win the level. Bear in mind that levels are quite different, ranging from the easy to challenging mode. Sure enough, they provide tons of free hours to play so it’s more facile to level up.

Unideniably, the game is pretty nice, but some people would get irritated at the fact that they must waste a lot of stars on playing or feeding several pets in the game. In this case, they don’t like to spend so many stars for feeding or playing pets since it’s not essential for a mansion decoration game. Also, this is the initial match-3 design game where you can watch the ad and then regain a life.

For example, after running out of your 5 lives in Mansion Blast, you can freely watch 5 brief ads to regain all of your lives. Plus, every 30 minutes passes, the players can view a short ad and then gain a power-up. At times, you will become a little bit impatient when the game needs you to spend too many coins for boosters and bombs, and you even can’t pass a level without them.

Mansion Blast screen 2

Overall assessments

Mansion Blast is both entertaining and well-animated without a doubt. However, according to one player, there’s no restroom for him to use in the game even he plays level 782. And no work is given to him after the kitchen job, which is probably a minor problem in the game. Besides, some players had trouble loading and playing the game, so if these issues get fixed, things will get better.

It’s still a wonderful game to keep in mind, since the house model is super realistic, even the interior design. The designers seem to do an excellent job to make the game more attractive than ever. And we must say that it’s one of our favorite games to play because it’s not too easy or too hard. But luckily, you don’t have to spend any real money if you don’t want to.

For sure, there’s no way to reject such a game, especially when it’s so fun to purchase stuff and decorate the mansion. You just love to keep playing and playing to see what will happen next. Mansion Blast is highly enjoyable and super addictive. However, it’s not lucky that the game has not been perfect. Rooms are still open but cannot get renovated.

The game is just decent, overall. You would like this one better than other remodel home games since it’s easy to get through the puzzles so that you can get new pieces of furniture.

Mansion Blast screen 4


It’s so simple to play Mansion Blast sine you only need to make lines from multicolored blocks to blast them all as well as achieve certain objects. These are necessary items for you to fix an old mansion. Your mission here is to recover an old family house on your Android platform. Let’s solve all puzzles and blast each line created by the same colored blocks.

Note that different rooms in the house will have unique gameplay, brilliant animations, and a fascinating storyline. Download it to find out yourself. What you will love about it is how the home decorations enable you to show off your style, and the ability to join a big community of friends, whom you can ask for help and send more lives.

Don’t miss your rewards for each completed task, fix various chambers of the mansion, and deal with the interior design. Take good care of your cute little friends, kitten and,  puppy. More awesome than expected, you have a chance to change clothes for these furry buddies. At the same time, you will be able to encounter the most interesting characters and explore more family secrets.

Aside from those things, a few players would complain about the ads. Well, it’s not a big deal after all when you can grasp more rewards for every round by simply watching ads.

Mansion Blast screen 5


People are satisfied with the graphics and animation of the game. They look cool, not to mention the storyline that is just appealing to follow. Also, Mansion Blase offers you a lot of chances to win levels. Once you have no longer lives, come to watch five commercial ads to take all those lives back instantly.

Final words

Mansion Blast would excite you more when letting you open new areas after passing each level. Every time you succeed, it’s time to gain more handy stuff to rebuild your old mansion for your beloved granny and grandpa. We’re sure that it’s what you’re going for!

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