Match Frenzy: ASMR Puzzle MOD APK 1.0.26 (Ads Removed)

Match Frenzy: ASMR Puzzle MOD APK 1.0.26 (Ads Removed)

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Match Frenzy is a captivating puzzle game that combines colorful shapes with soothing ASMR sounds, providing hours of entertainment.


Dive into the interesting worlds of pimples, blackheads, and many other cringy items that you will surely find satisfaction when popping them!

Enjoy the classic matching gameplay in a whole new setting that you’ll never be able to think of. Engage in epic journeys of transformations, as you help the characters get rid of their annoying blackheads, pimples, freckles, and so on, with satisfying popping actions.


Disgusting yet absolutely addictive gameplay

Yes, in this game, you’ll be popping pimples, clearing blackheads, extracting earwax, cleaning eye boogers, and many other disgusting items on the body. But instead of finding yourself getting offended by the disturbing images, you can have fun with the unique puzzle-matching mechanics. Enjoy popping up the items by matching them together and have yourself a clean platform after each level. Soon, you’ll find yourself completely hooked on this ASMR puzzle game.

Simple gameplay and mechanics

Have no trouble getting comfortable with the gameplay, thanks to its simple controls and mechanics. Simply touch and select certain items and their quantities. You can eliminate three or more items at the same time and watch them getting removed with satisfying visuals. The only thing you need to worry about is the certain time limits on each level. Make sure to be quick with your hands and unlock your puzzles as fast as you can. Collect stars as you pop pimples and earn amazing rewards.

Powerful graphics and audio to keep you engaged

Explore the most disturbing and exotic pieces of graphics in the game, with pimples, boogers, and other disgusting items on the faces being featured in stunning 3D art. Plus, the incredible animations will make the game look and feel exotic. Enjoy your matching puzzles with power graphics that will leave incredible impressions. Plus, the many audio elements will also greatly enhance your overall experience.

Interesting props with unique uses

Have access to a series of interesting props, each with its own unique uses and features. Enjoy popping up puzzles with your unique tools and powerups. Make good use of them so you can get past difficult and disgusting levels.

Never find yourself getting bored

To keep you interested, the game provides multiple activities for mobile gamers to simply dive in and have fun with. Enjoy a series of activities along with the main game, each with unique gameplay and rewards of its own. Not to mention that the evolving and escalating challenges will make sure you’re never gonna get bored.

Compete with friends and online gamers

And for those of you who are interested, you can now have the most fun with the online gameplay of Match Frenzy: ASMR Puzzle. Here, feel free to join friends in exciting puzzle challenges and earn your highest scores in each level. Create teams and compete with other gamers all over the world, as you strive for the highest rankings and amazing rewards.

Have access to our modded app

Last but not least, if you’re interested in the game but can’t seems to stand the limited lives option, then it’s time to go with our modded version of the app. Here, we offer the modified gameplay of Match Frenzy: ASMR Puzzle, where you can enjoy unlimited lives and make the most of your in-game interactions.


Have the most fun with the addictive match frenzy puzzles and disgusting but addictive mechanics. Spending hours popping pimples and cleaning boogers can be surprisingly satisfying.

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