Meow Meow Star Acres MOD APK 2.0.1 (Unlimited Money)

Meow Meow Star Acres MOD APK 2.0.1 (Unlimited Money)

August 6, 2021


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Get ready to engage yourself in this amazing game of island simulation in Meow Meow Star Acres, in which Android gamers are allowed to have fun with their unique feline residents. Enjoy building your perfect island where all the Meow Meow citizens can live happily and peacefully. Have fun designing and constructing your own kingdom in your own ways. And start engaging yourself in many in-game experiences and enjoyable adventures.

Enjoy helping the adorable and hardworking cats to cultivate their islands and building their future, as you dive into many different management works. From building the farms to collect foods from crops and animals, constructing useful stores that help you produce important products, to exploring the massive in-game environments with lots of amazing content.

Learn more about this interesting game from COLOPL with our comprehensive reviews.


Here in Meow Meow Star Acres, Android gamers can enjoy playing the addictive gameplay of island simulation, in which they can start their own dream cat island with adorable creatures and beautiful constructions. Feel free to manage every aspect of the island from the designing, building, to its economy and the relations with the residents.

With multiple buildings and constructions, each having its own purposes and uses, Meow Meow Star Acres gamers can freely set up their islands and interact with its unique elements. Have the agriculture buildings and broad fields available so you can collect foods and resources for the residents. Enable the useful buildings to start producing important goods. And don’t forget to explore the massive in-game world with new lands to discover.

But most importantly, feel free to interact with each cat resident to make them happy and earn certain in-game rewards. There is something strangely calming and exciting when watching your adorable cat resident work and play freely and happily on the island.


Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

Simple touch controls for all gamers

To start with, Android gamers in Meow Meow Star Acres can quickly engage themselves in the intuitive game, thanks to its simple touch controls. Here, you can easily work on the game using the different touch actions and gestures. Drag your finger on the screen to comfortably navigate yourself through the different areas of the islands and to access the in-game menus. Make uses of the swipe gestures to enjoy collecting crops, products, taxes, and reward. And select any individual characters or buildings to enable their unique in-game features. All of which should allow you to quickly engage yourself in the awesome mobile title.

Meow Meow Star Acres screen 0

Intuitive and interactive island management gameplay

Here in Meow Meow Star Acres, Android gamers can enjoy working with the simple and interactive gameplay of simulation. By featuring the same intuitive elements of island management to Restaurant Paradise, the game lets you quickly control the residents and buildings quite effortlessly. All you need is to check on each of them every once in a while and respond to the action bubbles that may appear every once in a while. Use the simple mechanics to assign tasks, collect money, deal with requests, and more. Plus, with Meow Meow Star Acres, its intuitive and satisfying swiping actions will certainly make the mobile title a lot more enjoyable.

Multiple buildings to have on your islands

To support the livelihood of the citizens on your islands, gamers can now make uses of the multiple building options to start constructing their cat communities. Feel free to have the homes for the cats, farms to produce foods, and other buildings with useful features. Plus, you can build bridges to connect the different parts of the island together and unlock more building options.

Meow Meow Star Acres screen 1

Enjoy watching the cute animals with their unique interactions

With the pocket island available on your mobile devices, Android gamers can always have access to the cute animals whenever they want. Feel free to watch and interact with these adorable animals in their simulated life on the island. Let them work on the fields, enjoy cooking, have fun with each other, build new stuff, or even skip work and get angry. The dynamic aspects of the game will certainly impress many of you.

Addictive island lifestyle for casual gamers

Also, to make the game more enjoyable, Android gamers will have their chances to further engage themselves in the addictive island lifestyles. Have fun helping the cat farmers tilling the lands to grow new crops, take care of your fields, and collect the bountiful harvests. Dive into the works of livestock as you take care of the chickens and cows to collect many amazing farm products. And don’t forget to immerse yourself into the seasonal beauties of your islands, which will always change to impress you.

Meow Meow Star Acres screen 2

Have fun making foods with multiple recipes

With the collected goods from the farms, Meow Meow Star Acres will let you enjoy the addictive cooking game, in which gamers are allowed to utilize all the amazing farm products to make cheese, juices, bake cakes, and many other delicious recipes. Have the game leveled up and unlock new recipes so you can have more fun cooking in Meow Meow Star Acres.

Many daily quests and seasonal events to enjoy

And along with the casual gameplay of simulation, Meow Meow Star Acres also features many interesting quests for you to complete and collect special rewards. Feel free to engage yourself in any of these daily missions, complete the certain objectives and get your deserved prices. Return every day for more and enjoy your addictive in-game experiences.

Plus, thanks to the seasonal events, gamers will have more fun playing the game, as they explore new gameplay and collect special rewards. Not to mention that the entire island would look completely gorgeous during these time-limited events.

Feel free to decorate your islands

To make the game more enjoyable, Android gamers in Meow Meow Star Acres are allowed to freely decorate their islands in many ways. Feel free to engage yourself in the amazing mobile island simulation, as you creatively design the placements of buildings, enable all kinds of unique decorations for the town, and match them with your beautiful themes. This should certainly brighten up your islands and make the game more enjoyable.

Meow Meow Star Acres screen 3

Connect with friends and visits their islands

To make the game more enjoyable, Meow Meow Star Acres gamers can now connect with friends and online gamers, which would allow them to visit their islands at any time. Feel free to build the harbor and set sail to visit other cat islands. Discover their unique ways of designs and decorations to get inspired for your own islands. Plus, you can even collect many special rewards from their islands if you’re lucky enough.

Never lose your in-game progress

To make sure that you won’t lose your in-game progress, Android gamers can connect to their Google Play Accounts to sync the in-game progress. As a result, they won’t lose their data when changing phones or accidentally delete the game.

Feel free to enjoy the game while offline

At the same time, you don’t always need the Internet to enjoy the game, since they’re only required for certain features. As a result, Android gamers can now have fun playing the exciting gameplay of Meow Meow Star Acres on any of their mobile devices without having to connect to the Internet. This is absolutely convenient if you’re outside and don’t want to use your mobile data.

Free to play

For those of you who are interested, you can now enjoy the free game on the Google Play Store, no payment is required. Just keep in mind that it’s still a freemium app so ads and in-game purchases might bother you.

Enjoy the fully unlocked title with our mod

And speaking of which, to make sure that you can enjoy the awesome mobile title to the fullest, we also offer our modified version of Meow Meow Star Acres instead. Here, we have gotten rid of unwanted ads and provided you with unlimited in-game money. As a result, you can enjoy the game without any troubles. And all it takes is for you to download the Meow Meow Star Acres Mod APK, follow the given instructions, and you’re good to go.

Visual and sound quality


Here in Meow Meow Star Acres, Android gamers will definitely be impressed by the adorable and stunning visual elements it has to offer. With cute cat characters, adorable house designs, and many interactive animals, the game can easily calm you down with its brilliant arts. And at the same time, the undemanding visuals will also enable smooth and satisfying gameplay for all Android devices.

Sound & Music

Get ready to engage yourself in the awesome mobile title of Meow Meow Star Acres while enjoying its amazing soundtracks and sound effects. Here, the entire island can be captured with your eyes closed, thanks to its interactive audio elements from buildings, characters, and animals. Plus, the relaxing music will always keep you engaged in the experiences.

Final thoughts

With simple yet extremely enjoyable gameplay, Meow Meow Star Acres will make sure that Android gamers can always immerse themselves in the cat island simulation. Have fun exploring the interesting buildings, animals, and unique residents that would make the life on the island a lot more dynamic. Plus, you can now connect with friends to further enjoy the simulated life. And most importantly, our modified version of Meow Meow Star Acres will certainly give you the reasons to start playing the game.

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