Miami Crime Vice Town MOD APK 3.2.6 (Unlimited Money)

Miami Crime Vice Town MOD APK 3.2.6 (Unlimited Money)

May 3, 2024


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Unlimited Money

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Miami Crime Vice Town poster

Are you ready to take the whole Miami for yourself and then become one of the most notorious crime gangs get? It’s time to do it now by joining Miami Crime Vice Town, a crime game genre that offers you the dangerous job of chasing and arresting all the criminals till they’re behind the bars! Does it sound exciting to be a part of it? Just download it and experience yourself.

It seems that Miami has turned into a threatening city, so the Miami Department must make new plans to save it. No doubt, this is the best crime game you can play on the Android platform, not including its smooth graphics and brilliant gameplay as well as badass characters that can get you more addicted to it. Well, all cool-looking weapons and vehicles are waiting to get explored. So grasp this chance to try it now.

General Information

If you’re one of those who fall head over heels in love with the opportunity of driving a  helicopter and tank, then we recommend you to download Miami Crime Vice Town as soon as possible. With nice content and interesting gameplay, you would choose to play it so many times, especially when you get to visit different places during the task.

These include clothing stores, gun shops, airports, railway, and you’re even led to go inside the houses or buildings just like any PUGB. But we’re sure that this game is more exciting than expected. Miami Vice Town is a common role-playing simulation game enabling the players to commit crimes nearly around the Florida City of the same name.

In other words, you’ll be able to become a crime kingpin in this game. Apart from that, once playing it for the first time, it’s easy to spot some elements from the hit 80s television show set in Miami. And one more great thing about it is the presence of parachute thing, more guns, and relevant stuff that makes the game 100% awesome.

But in our opinion, we wish the developers can add more people to this game. Despite this thing, shooting civilians is pretty nice since it’s kind of like how you play GTA. Also, the game will teach anyone who really wants to know what life was like for a dangerous criminal. Go to download and play it to find out the answer for yourself. It has several challenges as well to test your skills and patience.

Miami Crime Vice Town screen 0

These difficulties are occasionally basic and simple, but you probably encounter some other tough and interesting times. While you’re playing the game, it’s necessary to keep an eye on the meters appearing at the top of the screen. Among them is the so-called health meter showing the players exactly how much health they have left. It’s so good to have such an element.

By knowing it, you will know whether it’s essential to take a rest to keep your health up or not. Besides, the players can take frequent breaks before the characters suddenly die in the game. During the play, there’s an icon popping up each time that you commit a crime, and it displays how much money you have earned and how much you’ve got in total at that time.

What most players are contented about it is the police, one of the largest additions to Miami Crime Vice Town. For this reason, always watch out who you’re going to shoot, where you plan to shoot somebody else and steal the car, or whatever crime you can think of. The cops are no pushovers at all, so be prepared anytime you action.

Miami Crime Vice Town screen 1

Overall assessments

People surely love the game, but some others claim that the old version is much better. If so, then what are the main reasons for that? According to them, Miami Crime Vice Town doesn’t have too many tasks so it makes the game a little bit dull, not to mention the citizens do not seem so powerful. They desire more hardcore challenges and obstacles throughout the game.

Aside from this, this is a good game overall. In our opinions, the developers should update for larger maps and set up some realistic animals as well as make the general graphics better after this. One more frustrating thing about it is that the game lags a bit, especially when there are more people in the game. Even the vehicles get stuck in certain places.

As some players said, killing people is super hard, and they have some issues with the controls as well. If these problems can’t get fixed soon, it surely ruins the whole gameplay. Except for all the bad things we mentioned here, you get to enjoy the pro-level graphics and nice-looking characters as well as more fascinating adventures, so don’t rush to delete it on your device.

Miami Crime Vice Town screen 2


If you’ve ever played Vegas Crime Simulator, a cool crime game packed with unique tasks and fun gaming mechanics, you definitely love Miami Crime Vice Town. Throughout the game, it’s easy to find different points of interest and tricks you must perform as a gangster. Let’s commit crimes and dodge the police at the same time.

Remember to get as much money as possible whenever you throw the objects through the windows or rob the store owners as well as when you’re stealing the cars. Once a cop gets a bit too close, let’s throw somebody from a car and steal its car to run away. As a result of it, the police officers would call for back up and more of them will chase after you.

While you’re playing the game, you will notice a map on the left side of the game screen. It helps you view your location at any given point at the right moment. Also, there’s a greenish arrow showing up in the middle of the map to let you know where you are currently. Meanwhile, the white outlines display the players the exact places where the crimes you can commit.

Pay attention to the red lights on the map so that you will get informed where the cops are and how close they are to you. Feel free to use it as a good way to dodge being arrested and ensure to avoid the cops as well.

Miami Crime Vice Town screen 3


Everyone likes a game packed with smooth graphics and addictive gameplay along with cool-looking characters. And Miami Crime Vice Town doesn’t disappoint you at all. It also has badass weapons, cars, helicopters, tanks, etc. Although some people still have some problems with this game, the recent updates have already fixed some of them.

Better than expected, the developers also brought new tasks and enlarged the entire map to offer the players more challenging things to do.

Final words

Have you thought of becoming one of the most dangerous gangsters? Miami Crime Vice Town will make your dream come true. This gangster world is ruled by injustice and lawlessness, so it’s up to you to decide which side you would be on. Go to move around the big city, get into the most protected places where the cops are watching you all the time, and commit crimes.

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