Vegas Crime Simulator 2 MOD APK v3.1.2 (Unlimied Money)

Vegas Crime Simulator 2 MOD APK v3.1.2 (Unlimied Money)

February 3, 2024


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Fans of the classic Vegas Crime Simulator will now have their chances to enjoy yet another great gameplay of gangster actions. Join our main character from the previous game in his new adventure in this city of gangsters, as he looks to reaffirm his domination over the criminal clans around the city. Protect your businesses and improve your influences across the city while experiencing the classic gameplay of gangster actions with new stories.

And at the same time, the game also features the simple and liberated gameplay, which allow Android gamers to freely discover the great city of Vegas. Have fun roaming around the city with your gangster boss and wreck havocs as you wish. Dive into epic fist fights, gun battles, supercar races, interesting casino experiences, the list goes on.

Find out more about this awesome game from Naxeex with our in-depth reviews of Vegas Crime Simulator 2.


In this game, Android gamers will find themselves rejoining their favorite gangster from the first installment, as he now faces betrayals and threats from in and out of his organization. After wasting so much time climbing the mob hierarchy, you must now solidify your position as the absolute boss of the city’s criminal world.

Follow the engaging story mode and have fun with many interesting and captivating story progressions. Freely explore the awesome world of gangster filled with thrilling actions and adventures. Build your criminal network across the city through heavy bloodsheds with the other gangs and even the authorities.

Level up your characters to earn better stats and unlock new attributes, which will make them more powerful. Unlock incredible vehicles, which will allow you to roam the streets and join other gangsters in epic street races. Explore the wide variety of weapons that the game features, as they enable you to have absolute chaotic fights with the enemies.

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Here are all the exciting features that the game has to offer:

A massive 3D open-world city to explore

To start with, Android gamers in Vegas Crime Simulator 2 will find themselves absolutely thrilled to be able to discover the awesome in-game worlds. With the massive 3D open-world city available for you to explore, the game will make sure that you can freely discover the gangster world and have unlimited fun with your creative playstyles. Feel free to take on multiple missions that will take you through the captivating story. Discover different locations across the city with lots and lots of interesting adventures. And throughout the game, you won’t find yourself being forced to do anything, the choices are yours and the consequences are also of your choosing.

Complete important tasks to follow the story

Here in Vegas Crime Simulator 2, Android gamers will have their chances to take on variety of different missions and quests, which take them through the captivating and engaging storyline. And with varied challenges, the provided tasks will introduce you to many unique and exciting pieces of gangster actions. Find yourself facing the entire army within the military base during your weapon heist missions. Challenge other gangsters from the neighborhood as you find yourself finishing on top of them. And also have fun with many other silly and hilarious missions while discovering the city.

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Dive into the game every day to get your rewards

Throughout the experiences, you can always find yourself getting great rewards from the game, even when you’re not here to play. Simply log into the game daily to get your quick rewards and get them stacked up throughout the weeks. At the same time, the game also features many special rewards that lay hidden across the city, which you can freely pick up when you found them. Have access to many bountiful and helpful loots that will make your gangster adventures more enjoyable.

Level up your characters and unlock new powers

Get ready to dive into the awesome world of gangster and enjoy epic gangster actions in Vegas Crime Simulator 2. And to make the game more exciting, you can now level up your characters to improve many available stats, which will certainly improve your in-game actions. Upgrade your dexterity, stamina, possession of weapons, the list goes on.

Interesting achievements to complete

Along with the main gameplay and story-bounded missions, Vegas Crime Simulator 2 also features many interesting achievements for Android gamers to complete and unlock interesting rewards. Get ready to unlock many available achievements, each offering its own unique attributions to your gameplay. From stealing cars with your Car Thief rewards, to becoming a normal taxi driver and earn your payments.

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Unlock many superpowers to make the game more interesting

Along with the available level ups and achievements, the game also offers many special superpowers, which you can give to your character. Feel free to turn him into a superhero with many special powers, which are always available at the in-game store. Unlock your super kick so you can freely send your opponents miles away with one single thrash. Create an epic powerful explosion whenever you land on your feet, thanks to the Super Landing boost. All you need is the power boost to become the absolute menace in the city.

Multiple weapons to have fun with

Here in Vegas Crime Simulator 2, Android gamers will have their chances to have fun working with lots and lots of different weapons, each offering its own exciting uses. Feel free to spray your machine guns toward the enemies or blow them up with your incredible cannons. Don’t hesitate to pick up your assault rifle or shotgun to confront the enemies head on. And at the same time, the game also features many interesting melee weapons, which you can simply grab and smash against the enemies. Have fun trying out many available options and enjoy their unique mechanics.

Freely customize your gangster hero

And for those of you who are interested, you can now freely customize your in-game gangster hero using many available items. Have fun dressing up your characters with clothes, accessories, and costumes for multiple occasions. And with many collectible items, you can always upgrade your looks and make yourself more interesting every day.

Vegas Crime Simulator 2 screen 4

Awesome vehicles to roam the streets

To make the game more interesting, Android users are also introduced to the massive car collection in Vegas Crime Simulator 2, from which you can freely choose your favorites and ride on. Try the extreme sports cars which will allow you to ride with absolute comfort. Have fun getting on the giant monster truck and roam the city like a boss. Get on the sci-fi motorcycle and get ready to pull off some amazing tricks. Unlock the incredible chopper and make the entire city yours. And there should always be new and interesting vehicles for you to purchase in the store.

Free to play

And despite all the exciting features, the game is still free on the Google Play Store for Android gamers to enjoy. Hence, you shouldn’t have any trouble enjoying it. But if you want to make the most of your experiences, there will be ads and in-app purchases that require you to pay with real money.

Enjoy the modded game on our website

And speaking of which, unless you want to spend your hard-earned money on the game, it’s always a better option to go for our modded version of Vegas Crime Simulator 2. Here, we provided the completely unlocked gameplay with unlimited in-game features, removed advertisements, and many interesting content. All it takes is for you to download and install the Vegas Crime Simulator 2 Mod APK on our website. Follow the provided instructions to have the game ready on your devices.

Visual and sound quality


With engaging 3D graphics and the massive open-world map, the game allows Android gamers to truly find themselves immersed in the epic world of Vegas Crime Simulator 2. And with modern graphical elements, including improved lighting, realistic visual effects, and interesting animations, you will find yourself truly engaged in the awesome gangster adventures. Plus, with many available settings and customizable interfaces, you can easily set up the game to better suit your personal experiences.

Sound & Music

To make the in-game actions and adventures more engaging and enjoyable, Vegas Crime Simulator 2 also provides many exciting soundtracks that keep you hooked to the experiences. And the added sound effects will make sure that each scene and action is completely accurate.

Final thoughts

With simple gameplay, vast in-game world, and many discoverable elements, Vegas Crime Simulator 2 allows Android gamers to have absolute fun playing as a gangster in his unlocked city. Feel free to do whatever you want whenever you like and enjoy your gangster actions with no consequences. And with the free and unlocked game on our website, you’ll find the entire experiences even more enjoyable.

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