MMA Manager MOD APK 0.35.0 (Always Win)

MMA Manager MOD APK 0.35.0 (Always Win)

August 18, 2021


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MMA Manager is a management game. In this game, do things like hire punches and coaches, take care of their health, sign up for tournaments, and figure out a strategy to defeat the opponents. You will face some problems that arise during practice and competition. The game has simple graphics often found in management games. If you are tired of managing a football team, try going to a boxing team instead. The game delivers the real-life brutality of the cage right away.

MMA Manager is a cool and exciting rock punch management game. It is the perfect game for MMA fans. Experience life as a manager running your team and lead the boxers to international glory in the cage. Fight your way season after season across multiple leagues with over 100 teams. Then, take part in knockout events around the world to test your management. The game incorporates a feature-packed 3D combat engine. It includes AI dynamic decisions and up to 100 motion-captured animations.

General Information

MMA Manager is the latest game product developed and released by Prey Studios on mobile platforms. As a simulation and management game, MMA Manager will take players into the world of professional boxers with intense and bloody battles. You will be the manager of these professional boxers.

MMA Manager reimagines the world’s second-largest mixed martial arts tournament with professional fighters from many countries. Each athlete is a master of martial art. And their primary goal is to use your martial arts ability to fight and win against your opponent while trying to get the highest ranking. For the victory, they need to have talented coaches and a manager to arrange a schedule properly. So, you are the one to do it.

The gameplay of MMA Manager is simple, but it also takes up a lot of your brainpower. Although most of the matches in the game are automated, the role of the manager is to design a perfect strategy. Tap into your opponent’s strengths and exploit weaknesses. If you can do that, then your team will become champions, eventually.

MMA Manager gives players many exciting game modes. You can join tournaments, stick to the storyline, or compete with other players. The more matches you win, the more valuable experience you will receive. Use them to improve the stats for the boxers who you have recruited. They design the graphics of the game in a cartoon style under a beautiful 3D platform, giving people the action full of eyes.

MMA Manager is currently in the Early Access phase on the Google Play store for Android users to experience first and gives suggestions to help the game more complete when officially released. Readers can access the address below to download and try the game if you are interested.r

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How to Play MMA Manager?

For those who love gym and wrestling, MMA Manager is an ideal choice. However, because of being a new game released in the pastime, MMA Manager will be something new. It causes players to raise a lot of questions regarding the gameplay. To answer all the questions related to MMA Manager, refer to the guide for beginners in the section below.

MMA Manager is a free mobile game developed by Prey Studios for Android and iOS devices that were released on January 15, 2020. They have updated MMA Manager several times, fixing some bugs and issues. They updated the most recent version on April 10, 2020.

MMA Manager is a management game. In the game, manage your boxers, build your squad, and then teach them to level up to make money for you. They put your boxers on the skill and fitness test to defeat the opponent. For excellent results, you will be the trainer and strategize for them to play. First, let’s find out about items in the MMA Manager game.

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Items game MMA Manager:

  • Credits and Bucks: They are money. You will need it when buying equipment, recruiting boxers, and coaches for your gym. You will also get them by playing matches, watching advertisements, or buying them in the currency store.
  • Member: Count the number of members in your gym.
  • Prestige: The more members the gym has, the greater the reputation. Red icons denote reputation, so collect them whenever you see them. Reputation helps you a lot in building and upgrading your gym.
  • Equipment: You will use the money to buy equipment. These devices will support you very well in the gladiator training process.
  • Facilities: These are your gym facilities.

There will be two types of staff, namely gym coaches and competition training coaches. Gym coaches will train your boxers to practice skills to increase strength, agility, and fitness. Meanwhile, the competition training coach will practice the techniques for your fighter to perform well.

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Overall Assessments

As a game in the genre of simulation and management, MMA Manager will take players into the role of a trainer of powerful boxers with bloody battles. Set in the world’s second-largest synthetic tournament with a series of professional boxers with a full range of martial arts, MMA Manager allows players to recruit and train their team of boxers to make their team the champion of the tournament.

The gameplay of the MMA Manager is simple. Most of the matches in the game will take place automatically. And gamers only need to find out the opponent’s weaknesses to defeat. However, the game also requires players to build up tactics to attack to optimize the character’s strength and defeat opponents as quickly as possible.

Besides the plot mode, MMA Manager also gives players many other game modes, such as PVP competitions with other players to support valuable rewards and win high rankings on the leaderboards. The game owns a 3D platform in cartoon style.

MMA Manager screen 4

In Bid Wars, you will take part in auctions to test your luck and instincts. Make big bets, pay higher prices for competitors, and make a profit by placing valuable buybacks in your pawnshop.

Bid Wars players will profit from small transactions, unlock new buildings in the city to grow their business, and earn more money. Enjoy moments of stress and drama every time you weigh, analyze, and bid faster than anyone else in auctions around the world.

As the operator of their pawn shop, players who download Bid Wars will make rare and valuable acquisitions. Make sure customers from all over the world pour money into your business and make you rich. You live in a fascinating story with interesting characters, perform quests, and turn your family business into an influential business empire across the city.

Final Words

If you are new to playing MMA Manager MOD APK, note the following points. Before starting any match, check out his opponent and weaknesses. Adjust the fighter’s stats in the game plan to hit that weakness.

For gym matches, choose your strongest fighter so you can earn points quickly to end the game. Train boxers well to improve their competition skills. Then upgrade the practice room to train and level up boxers. To upgrade the list of boxers, you need to pay attention to your reputation scores and buy a new gym.

They are unlocked by reputation points. Before buying training staff, pay attention to what staff will train your fighter. If you do not have the right equipment for training, you should not buy that stuff.

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